Magnocraft: a silent starship propelled by magnetic field
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7 March 2014

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Let us imagine a space vehicle that is propelled by a pulsating magnetic field. The shape of it resembles a saucer that is reversed upside down. It is constructed from a transparent material with the regulated level of transparency and light reflection. Therefore in the presence of the solar light, it is going to reflect the rays of sun like a mirror that shines a metallic, silver colour of new pewter. In turn, during flights at nights it will be completely transparent. It will be able to thrust silently in space with unimaginable speed, and also when necessary it will be able to hover motionlessly in a single spot like a present balloon. It will be capable to fly in the vacuum of free space, in air, in water, in hot gases and magma, and even in solid matter such as rocks or buildings - in which it will evaporate glossy tunnels. It is able to make itself completely invisible to human eyes and to our cameras. It is also indestructible for present human weapon, as powerful electric currents that it can induce at any moment required, are able to explosively evaporate the entire material of this weapon. It will lift people to stars. It will advance our civilisation to the interstellar status. Because of it, our planet stops to be our prison for us, and remains to be mainly our provider. This web page presents the basic information about this extraordinary starship.
       I am the inventor of just the above starship. I published first descriptions of it in 1980. I named it the "Magnocraft". The principle of its operation was "hinted" to me much earlier, because in 1972, through my discovery from that time, that inventions of the Earth's propelling devices are arranged in a kind of table very similar to the famous "Periodic Table of Elements" (this table discovered then I named the "Cyclic Table for Earth's Propulsion Systems", while a brief description of it I provided in item #A2 below on this web page). Even more interestingly, from that Cyclic Table stems also that after the construction of the first generation of my Magnocrafts described here, the humanity is to build another two even more advanced generations of these starships. The second of them, means the "Magnocrafts of the second generation", I named the "Telekinetic Vehicles". Their brief description is presented in item #I2 below on this web page. The third and the most perfect generation of my Magnocrafts I named "Time Vehicles", while their brief description I provided in item #I3 from this web page (their full description is presented on the entire web page devoted to them and named immortality.htm). My Time Vehicles will be able to move people NOT only in space, but also in time. Hence, they will open for the humanity an access to immortality, because they will make possible that any person after reaching an old age could be repeatedly shifted back in time again to the years of its youth. The principle of operation of Time Vehicles utilise my discovery, that in contrast to minerals, rocks and fossils (including bones of dinosaurs and coal), which age under the elapse of the natural time of the universe, the life and ageing of human beings and other living creatures is ruled now by a completely different kind of time which also prevails on Earth, which has been artificially pre-programmed by God, about which the Bible informs us that this time in which people are living and ageing elapses around 365 thousands of times slower than the natural time of the universe in which lives our God, which elapses occur in short jumps (the existence of jumps of this artificial time is demonstrated to everyone by a simple experiment described in item #D1 from my abovementioned web page named immortality.htm), and which is reversible - thus which can be controlled and shifted back e.g. with my Time Vehicles built on Earth. A more detailed description of this other (peoples) unnatural time, about 365,000 times slower than the natural time of the universe, on attributes of which is based the principle of operation of Time Vehicles of my invention, the reader can find, for example, in the introduction and in items #C4.1 and #A1 from the abovementioned web page named immortality.htm.
       My Magnocrafts are technically the most advanced vehicles, the building of which humanity is to ever tackle. As such, it is impossible to build them like in past people used to do it with first aircrafts - means somewhere in a garage, or even in the corner of bedroom. For their completion is needed a solid financing, large prototyping power, and an access to well-equipped research laboratory and measuring equipment. I practically by most of my life have done everything humanly possible to get access to the conditions and resources that would allow me to build these starships. Summary of my ongoing efforts is presented in items #J1 to #J3 from this web page. Unfortunately, in spite of officially approaching in this matter all research and development institutions and all universities in the world, about which I read that they have what is required, the only thing that was obtained in response was either a ridicule or a complete ignoring. This is pity, as I personally believe that if I had received the required assistance, for example since 1985 - when I discovered the principle of time work and invented (as well as worked out) the design of Time Vehicles, then even if I worked alone on the completion of my Time Vehicles, while the assistance obtained was limited to only the financing and construction of the subsequent prototypes, research stations, laboratories, testing equipment, etc., then still I would manage to build these vehicles a long time ago - as about those wasted chances I am reporting in item #J3 from this web page. After all, since 1985 it have elapsed a few decades, while God has blessed me abundantly with excellent technical education, knowledge, intelligence, creative abilities, experience, diligence, efficiency of work and with everything else that would then be required. So in case of providing me with the necessary assistance by any of these multitude of institutions or universities to which I turned for support, the humanity would long ago have overcome death, and by now each one of us would have an access to immortality and could live forever. In turn, the earth's industry and economy would benefit from unlimited resources of space already for a long time.

Part #A: Introductory information of this web page:


#A1. What are goals of this web page:

       The main goal of this web page is to make available to interested readers a general description of the Magnocraft - explained in a simple language.
       This description summarises the most vital information about the Magnocraft. Originally it is available in volume 3 of my newest monograph [1/5] entitled "Advanced Magnetic Devices". The primary outcome that I would like to accomplish through the presentation of this summary, is to realize to others, that there exists a new kind of starship fully worked out and thoroughly described in numerous publications, and that this new starships is begging for tens of years to be researched and developed. This starship is incomparably better from primitive rocket technology which is pursued so stubbornly by present space explorers. Also, the completion of the Magnocraft is going to cost much less than the development of present space rockets, while the flights of the Magnocraft are going to be much less destructive to the natural environment. In addition, this starship can be completed already at the present level of science and technology on the Earth. Furthermore, this starship can be build by a small country or even by a larger industrial corporation. In turn these people who are going to give a birth to this starship, will redraw maps of not only our planet, but also that of the entire universe. In addition, the completion of the so-called Oscillatory Chamber required for the Magnocraft's propulsion system, is going to open the possibility of completing a whole range of other extraordinary and highly useful devices that utilise this chamber, including into this number pollution-free cars, free-energy devices, and even time vehicles (described, amongst others, on the web page "immortality.htm"). (Such "time vehicles" are to allow the infinitive extending the length of human lives through shifting people's time back to years of their youth each time after someone reaches an old age.)
       In addition, this web page complements and extends two other web pages with the related topic area. The first of these two related web pages is named propulsion.htm. It describes the so-called "Periodic Table of Propulsion Systems" from which emerged the possibility of building my "Magnocrafts" on the Earth. (This "Periodic Table of Propulsion Systems" is a kind of equivalent to the "periodic table of the chemical elements" - also called the "Mendeleyev Table". Only that instead of the chemical elements the Periodic Table of Propulsion Systems is describing propulsion systems. On the basis of information about propulsion systems which already were constructed on the Earth, the Periodic Table of Propulsion Systems indicates further propulsion systems which people are going to build in the future.) Second one amongst these related web pages is called oscillatory_chamber.htm. It describes the design and operation of a propelling device for the Magnocraft, means the device called the "Oscillatory Chamber".

#A2. What is this Magnocraft:

       When God created our physical world, in His infinitive wisdom He coded into it a whole array of different regularities. For example, in our world everything is governed by appropriate laws, everything is symmetrical, everything is created in pairs, etc., etc. This is why, when we talk about men, we know that there are also women, when we talk of body, we can be sure that souls also do exist, when we talk of a particle, we know that it has an antiparticle, when we talk of a phenomenon, we know that it has its own antiphenomenon, similarly every plus have a corresponding minus, every question has an answer, every problem has a solution, etc., etc.
       This God's principle, that everything has a corresponding pair, is also fulfilled by the propelling devices. The so-called "Periodic Table of Propulsion Systems" described briefly in item #B1 from the separate web page named propulsion.htm, while comprehensively explained in chapter B from volume 2 of my newest monograph [1/5], reveals to us an iron regularity the action of which began to be visible to me already in 1972, when I completed a historic analysis of inventions of the propelling devices already existing on Earth. In most simple words, this regularity could be expressed with following words, that: for every "motor" a corresponding "propulsor" can be build. According to this regularity, for example "motors" called "windmills" already have corresponding "propulsors" in the form of "sails". "Motors" called "turbines" already have corresponding "propulsors" in form of "propellers". The motor called "combustion engine" already has a "propulsor" called "rocket outlet" (i.e. an outlet in a typical rocket represents a cylinder from a combustion engine from which a piston was removed). Etc., etc. So if still there remains a "motor" for which a corresponding "propulsor" was NOT build yet, then from the above regularity we can be sure that such a "propulsor" can be constructed. What even more, by analysing historic dates from the "Periodic Table of Propulsion Systems" which describe a time elapse between building a "motor" and building a corresponding "propulsor", we can foretell when exactly this non-existing "propulsor" will be build.
       We all know a "motor" which still does NOT have a corresponding "propulsor". This "motor" is a common "magnetic motor" known to everyone - which, because of the kind of energy which it consumes, in everyday life is called an "electric motor". Since this "magnetic motor" (popularly called "electric motor") does NOT have yet the corresponding "magnetic propulsor", we all can be sure that with the elapse of time such "magnetic propulsor" is going to be build by someone. The "Periodic Table of Propulsion Systems" discussed here reveals even how such "magnetic propulsor" is going to work. The vehicle which is going to be propelled by it, was already designed by me and is disseminated throughout the world under the name of "Magnocraft". This web page describes it.
       On basis of the above deductions we are already able to define what "Magnocraft" described here actually is. This definition states as follows. The name "Magnocraft" is assigned to a silent space vehicle which for flight utilises the principle of operation that represents a propulsor's equivalent to "magnetic motors". (Such "magnetic motors" are actually known under a popular name of "electric motors"). In other words, the "Magnocraft" is simply a silently working spaceship which flies close to speeds of light, and which displays an array of unusual capabilities listed in the introduction to this web page, because it utilises for the propulsion purposes the same magnetic force interactions and the same phenomena induced by pulsating magnetic fields, which at present are already utilised in so-called "asynchronous electric motors".
* * *
       The heart of the Magnocraft will be a propelling device of a cubical shape, which is named the "Oscillatory Chamber". This chamber is simply like a future version of present electromagnets. It is described comprehensively in volume 2 of my newest monograph [1/5] "Advanced Magnetic Devices", available free of charge via this web page. This chamber is to perform in the Magnocraft a function very similar to the one performed by a so-called "jet engine" in present aeroplanes. The "Oscillatory Chamber" is also worth of our attention. This is because it represents a device of a completely new design, which not only generates a super-powerful magnetic field, and which strictly controls all parameters of the field which it produces, but which is also able to store unlimited amounts of energy. Therefore, this chamber is going to allow to build NOT only the Magnocrafts described on this web page, but also a whole array of other extraordinary technical devices - including "time vehicles" described, amongst others, on the web page "immortality.htm".
* * *
       I started to follow the trail of Magnocraft's principles of operation that emerged from the "Periodic Principle" (i.e. from the "Periodic Table of Propulsion Systems") already in 1972. But it took me until 1980 to fully work out and to publish these principles. Thus only since 1980 a stream of publications was widely disseminated, which thoroughly described this starship. From the very beginning of my involvement into the development and promotion of the Magnocraft's principles, I continually searched for an institution which would sponsor the official research and construction of working prototypes of this interstellar vehicle. But in spite of repetitive approaching of hundreds of institutions on our planet, including the famous NASA and the European Space Agency, so-far I have not found such an institution. I am beginning to suspect that it probably still does not exist on Earth, and must firstly be organised. So what is so special about this Magnocraft and its Oscillatory Chamber, that obliges us to urgently undertake the research and practical development of these devices. Well, have a look at this web page to find it out!

#A3. How this Magnocraft looks like:

       The appearance of the Magnocraft is strictly dependent on the magnetic principle on which this interstellar spaceship flies. In turn this magnetic principle of flights causes that the appearance of the Magnocraft is precisely described by a series of mathematical equations which are presented in "Fig. F18" from item #E3 below. The most vital quantity in these equations is "n" - means "the number of side propulsors which a given type of Magnocraft has". "Fig. A1(b)" below shows the appearance of the smallest type of Magnocraft, which is called "K3" type. In this "K3" type, the number of side propulsors equals to n=8. Because of a low costs of building of this type, its handy character, and small dimensions, K3 type of Magnocraft can be considered to be the most popular, and thus also the most typical.
       Magnocraft type K3 looks like a kind of flying saucer in which the crew cabin is located in side walls, the main propulsor is assembled in the centre, while n=8 side propulsors is located in the horizontal flange that surrounds the concave floor of this vehicle.
* * *
       Notice that you can see the enlargement of each illustration from this web site, simply by clicking on this illustration. Most of the Internet browsers that you may use, including the popular "Internet Explorer", allow also to download each illustration to your own computer, and then look at it, reduce or enlarge the size of it, or print it, with your own graphical software.
* * *
       All the illustrations which are shown or referred on this web page are intentionally provided with exactly the same numbers which these illustrations have in volume 3 of my free monographs marked with symbols [1/5] and [1/4]. Thus, readers can also review these illustrations, as well as illustrations related to them, via web pages that offer my free monographs [1/5] and [1/4]. These web pages are listed below in item #A4 as well as in "Menu 1" and "Menu 2".
* * *
Fig. A1(b) in [1/5]

Fig. C1 (b) in [1/5]: Appearance of the Magnocraft when viewed from a side direction.
       The above drawing is actually a reproduction of Figure C1 "b" (and G1 "a") from my newest monograph [1/5]. It presents the side appearance of a smallest type of discoidal Magnocrafts, called the "K3" type. The general shape and outlines of this vehicle are strictly defined by the set of mathematical equations derived from the design and operational conditions (these equations are listed in Figure G18 below, which also originates from monograph [1/5]). Dimensions of Magnocrafts are defined by these equations as well. The vehicle's shell is made of a mirror-like and transparent material, whose degree of transparency and light reflectiveness can be strictly controlled. Thus, when the crew makes this shell transparent, elements of the internal structure (e.g. propulsors, compartments, crew sits, separatory walls, etc.) can be seen by an outside observer. In the above illustration seven spherical side propulsors (out of a total number of n=8 of side propulsors used by this vehicle) placed in the horizontal, lens-shaped flange, are visible. Each of these propulsors contains inside a cubical twin-chamber capsule composed of two Oscillatory Chambers. The eight vertical partitions divide the vehicle's flange into eight separate chambers, each housing one side propulsor. The horizontal separatory ring placed at the top-half of the flange separates both magnetic poles (i.e. N and S) in each of these side propulsors, thus forcing the magnetic field which is produced by them to circulate through the environment. On the upper part of the flange three lamps of the SUB system (i.e. equivalent to the position lamps in aeroplanes) are indicated - see also Figure G30 in monograph [1/5]. In the centre of the vehicle the single main propulsor and its twin-chamber capsule are shown. Within the ring-shaped crew cabin, which surrounds this main propulsor, a pilot's seat is visible. (Typical crew of the K3 type Magnocraft includes 3 people, namely: a pilot, a navigator, and an engineer.)

#A4. Gratis offer of monographs with scientific descriptions of the Magnocraft:

       This web page present only general summary of the most vital information about the Magnocraft. But if the reader becomes interested in this space vehicle, then there is nothing stopping him or her from extending the information learned here by additional downloading and reading the free monograph offered in the internet with more precise, because scientific, descriptions of this space vehicle. These well illustrated descriptions are already available in the safe format PDF (to which, as we know, computer viruses are unable to stick) and can be downloaded in the form ready to read from the screen, or ready to print. The Magnocraft is presented in volumes 3 of two different monographs, which are marked with the symbols [1/5] and [1/4]. These gratis monographs can be downloaded from the internet, e.g. after clicking on the following green links monograph [1/5] or monograph [1/4]. (These links shift the reader to separate web pages from which everyone can download free volumes 3 with the scientific descriptions of the Magnocraft.)

Part #B: Let us learn the design and operation of the Magnocraft:


#B1. Principles of Magnocraft's operation:

       The main principle of Magnocraft's operation is based on a well-known empirical observation that every two magnets of similar magnetic size must mutually repel themselves - if they are appropriately orientated towards each other. Thus, when one of these two magnets is our Earth, and the other one is a powerful, human made magnet called a "magnetic propulsor", a suitable repulsive force must be produced. (Especially when "effective lengths", or magnetic sizes, of these two magnets are comparable.) So let us summarise this principle: the Magnocraft flies, because powerful "magnetic propulsors" which are embedded into the structure of this vehicle are repelling themselves from natural magnetic fields that surround Earth, Sun, Galaxy, etc.
       Of course, the repelling force is used by Magnocraft just to ascend. But when it wishes to descend, the same magnetic propulsors begin to generate forces of magnetic attraction, which pull it toward the ground. The vehicle is also able to generate horizontal thrust, simply by slanting its propulsors or by generating a magnetic equivalent of the Magnus Effect.
       One magnetic propulsor alone would not be able to provide adequate flight and manoeuvrability for the Magnocraft, just as a single wheel is not sufficient to construct a motor car. Therefore in the flight of this spaceship a number of such propulsors strictly cooperating with one another must be utilized. The optimal configuration of propulsors, which is able to fulfil all the requirements of flight and manoeuvrability, is called here the "magnetic propulsion unit". Such a propulsion unit used in the Magnocraft is shown in Figure G3 to the right (in order to simplify the explanations that follow, this unit is illustrated above the Earth's north magnetic pole).
       The configuration of this "magnetic propulsion unit" is based on the shape of a bell. In turn a bell is the most self-stabilising form out of all simple shapes known to physics. The basing of this configuration on the shape of a bell results from the fact, that in such propulsion unit the distribution of lifting and stabilizing forces resemble a bell-shape, with a single holding point located at the centre, and a ring of stabilizing weights suspended below this point at even distances. (It is well-known from mechanics, that bells represent the physical form that is considered able to provide optimal self-stability in space, while after being put out of balance it always returns on its own to the previous position of stability.)
       Let us now analyse main components and operation of the "magnetic propulsion unit". It consists of two different kinds of propulsors, i.e. a single main propulsor (marked "M" in Figure G3 from [1/5] shown on to the right) located in the centre of the vehicle, and a number of side propulsors (marked "U, V, W, X" in this Figure G3) distributed evenly around a lowered ring. According to the condition explained in subsection G4.2 of monograph [1/5], the total number "n" of side propulsors must always be a multiple of four. The main propulsor is usually oriented so as to be repelled by the Earth's magnetic field. (The introductory part to subsection G1 in monograph [1/5] explained that on the north magnetic pole of Earth, such a repulsive orientation of propulsors can be obtained when their north "N" pole is pointed downwards.) The all "n" side propulsors are usually oriented so that they are attracted by the field of the Earth.
       By increasing the flux produced by the main propulsor (M) oriented in such a repulsive manner, an increase in the repulsion force "R" is achieved. At the moment when the repulsion force overcomes the gravitational pull, the propulsor "M" begins to ascend, lifting up the entire propulsion unit attached to it. If the main propulsor would operate alone, then its flight would be disturbed by the magnetic torque which would tend to turn around the propulsor's magnetic orientation so that attraction would replace repulsion. Thus, to compensate for the effects of the environmental magnetic torque trying to turn the main propulsor around, additional stabilizing side propulsors "U, V, W, X" are necessary. Their magnetic orientation opposes that of the main propulsor "M", i.e. when the main propulsor is to be repelled, side propulsors are to be attracted by the environmental magnetic field. A possible configuration of such side propulsors is illustrated in Figure G3. These side propulsors give flight stability to the whole propulsion unit. By appropriate adjustment of the produced fluxes, the side propulsors can enforce the balanced orientation of a craft in whatever attitude and position the crew requires.
       The propulsion unit described above can operate equally effective in two positions called an "upright position" (see Figure G4 in [1/5]) as well as in an "inverted position". The previous description relates to the upright position. In the inverted position the function of both kinds of propulsors is reversed, i.e. the main propulsor serves as a single stabilizer, and the side propulsors as lifting devices. During horizontal flights in such an inverted position above the Earth's surface, the gravitational pull "G" acts as an additional stabilizer. Therefore, this position combines better stability with less power involved in the magnetic field produced by the vehicle. For this reason, it can be used when the area of flight should be less disturbed magnetically (but for the crew this position is probably less comfortable).

#B2. The magnetic propulsion unit:

       Let us summarise principles of operation of the Magnocraft. A main propulsor marked "M" on Figure F3 below, is oriented as to be repelled by Earth's natural magnetic field. In order to illustrate better this repulsive force "R", this "M" propulsor is shown on Figure G3 below as if it hovers above the North "N" magnetic pole of Earth, pointing its "N" pole downwards. But in reality, at any point of Earth such repulsive force can be created, even above the Earth's equator - as this is illustrated on the next Figure G21 below. Of course, if the main propulsor "M" works alone, then immediately it would flip in the air and fall down to Earth. Therefore, it is surrounded by 8 side propulsors attached to it, which in Figure G3 below are marked as "U", "V", "W", and "X". These side propulsors are so oriented that they are attracted by the Earth's magnetic field. Thus they work as magnetic stabilisers.

Fig. G3

Fig. G3 in [1/5]: The magnetic propulsion unit of the Magnocraft.
       Illustrated are: the single main propulsor (M) involved in a repulsive interaction with the Earth's magnetic field; eight side propulsors (U, V, W, X) situated so as to attract the environmental magnetic field (e.g. the field of Earth). Each of these 9 propulsors of the Magnocraft consists of a twin-chamber capsule (formed from one inner and one outer Oscillatory Chamber) located inside a spherical casing. Through an appropriate synchronization of the field pulsations in the side propulsors, a whirling magnetic field can be produced by this propulsion unit.
       Symbols: N - north magnetic pole, S - south magnetic pole, 1 - frame which joins the propulsors together; d - the maximal distance between the centres of any two side propulsors located diagonally opposite from each other in the unit (this distance "d" represents the "nominal diameter" of rings burned by side propulsors during landings of the Magnocraft); h - the height of the centre of the main propulsor above the bases of the side propulsors; R - the force of magnetic repulsion.
* * *
       If the magnetic propulsion unit described above is built into a protective shell, which also contains a hermetic crew cabin and the craft's equipment, the final construction of the Magnocraft is obtained. The general appearance of this construction is shown in the first Figure (C1 "b" or G1 "b") from this web page. (Notice that the numbering of Figures from this web page is aligned to the numbering of Figures in scientific monograph [1/5] from which all these Figures originate.) In turn the description of components and characteristics of the Magnocraft's shell is the aim of subsection G2 from monograph [1/5].

#B3. Magnocraft's flights above the equator:

       Magnocraft is able to generate a sufficient propelling forces practically at every point of Earth, not just only above Earth's magnetic poles. How it is accomplished it is illustrated in Figure G21 below. The general principle of generating a repulsive magnetic force "R" above a given area of Earth, is to align the main magnetic propulsor "M" of the Magnocraft into an orientation that is an exact opposite of the natural orientation that this propulsor would take all by itself - if it is allowed to rotate freely like a huge magnetic needle.

Fig. G21

Fig. G21 in [1/5]: The formation of force of magnetic buoyancy above the Earth's equator.
       This orientation of the Magnocraft optimises the vehicle's interactions with the force lines of the environmental magnetic field. Therefore a solo flying vehicle favours turning its base perpendicularly to the local course of the environmental magnetic field (i.e. the field of the Earth, Sun or Galaxy). While flying above the Earth's equator, the main propulsor of the Magnocraft has its magnetic axis positioned tangentially to the Earth's magnetic field, and the magnetic poles of this propulsor are directed towards the like poles of Earth (i.e. N of the propulsor to the N of Earth, and S to S). Thus, this main propulsor forms significant repulsive forces "RN" and "RS" which lift the spacecraft. The extremely large "effective length" of the magnetic bubble produced by the vehicle's propulsors is appreciable even when compared with the diameter of Earth (see subsection G5.3 in monograph [1/5]). Therefore, in spite of the small physical size of the Magnocraft, its magnetic dimensions can be illustrated by the proportions from the above diagram.

Część #C: Why present scientists are so hostile towards the idea of the Magnocraft:


#C1. Problems that some may have with recognising the feasibility of Magnocrafts:

       The operation of the Magnocraft involves a number of issues concerning the magnetic field of this vehicle. Some of them are very important and sensitive. Examples of the most sensitive such issues involve:
       #1. The so-called "effective length" of Magnocraft's propulsors, as it is confronted with the so-called uniform character of the Earth's magnetic field.
       #2. The non-attracting of ferromagnetic objects by a flying Magnocraft.
       All such major issues connected with the Magnocraft's propulsion are already solved and published in chapter G from volume 3 of monograph [1/5]. Unfortunately, many people first raise their objections, before they had a look at theory behind this space vehicle. Therefore solution for e.g. the issue of the "effective length" of the Magnocraft's propulsors is usually overlooked by the majority of those raising critical comments that refer to the "uniform character" of the Earth's magnetic field. Similarly happens with people concerned about the non-attracting of ferromagnetic objects by Magnocraft's field. Thus, if people who put forward such critical comments become familiar with explanations provided here and in monograph [1/5], before they formulate their objections, most of the criticism to-date directed towards the Magnocraft would be avoided. For this reason, the issues mentioned above needed to be addressed here, to give readers a complete understanding of scientific foundations behind this vehicle. Such an understanding would also enable readers to defend this spaceship from unjustified attacks by various sceptics who do not bother to learn the details of the Magnocraft's theory, but who are nevertheless quite eager to attack it. Unfortunately, the major issues concerning the magnetic field of this vehicle are rather difficult to understand, and also their comprehension seems to require some background in science or technology. Therefore some readers may find next items #C2 and #C3 quite difficult. To minimize the gaps when someone omits the material on the Magnocraft's magnetic field, I have arranged this web page so that skipping through items #C2 and #C3 that address these technical issues should not disadvantage their comprehension of the entire material. But for those readers who are able to work through items #C2 and #C3, I highly recommend that they do so. After all, the Magnocraft opens hope for a brighter future to human race, thus it is worth to be known to the full extend.

#C2. How "effective" beats "uniform":

       The magnetic size of every magnet is defined by its so-called "effective length" (i.e. a length of space in which the magnetic field from this magnet prevails). Therefore, in order to repel itself from the Earth's magnetic field, the magnetic propulsor must have its effective length comparable to the diameter of our planet. The effective length of a magnetic propulsor depends in turn on the value of flux that it generates. (To illustrate this dependence, magnetic flux can be compared to the gas pumped into an easily stretched rubber balloon, i.e. the more gas that is pumped, the greater the length of space that this balloon stretches into.) If this flux is greater than the so-called "starting flux", the magnetic size of the propulsor becomes comparable to the size of the Earth. Thus it easily overcomes a so-called "uniform character of the Earth's field" to generate a significant net repulsive force. For more details on the subject of "effective length" of Magnocraft's propulsors see subsection G5.3 from volume 3 of monograph [1/5].
       Each propulsor in Magnocraft produces magnetic field of an enormous "effective length". At some stage I carried out appropriate calculations of this length. (I published these calculations in subsection G5.3 of monograph [1/5].) I determined, that for example magnetic field from a propulsor that has a physical length of 1 meter, actually extends its effective length so much, that even in the most difficult conditions it exceeds the value of 1000 kilometres. This practically means, that a propulsor that has a physical length of 1 meter, actually is going to behave like a magnet that is long for around 1000 kilometres. Thus, the magnetic field from such a propulsor is able to overcome the so-called "uniform" character of the Earth's magnetic field, and to produce a significant "net" magnetic lifting force. In turn this "net magnetic lifting force" is going to propel Magnocraft in the direction defined by its control computer.

#C3. Non-attracting of ferromagnetic objects:

       The pulsating magnetic field generated by Oscillatory Chambers from propulsors of this vehicle have an extraordinary property. Namely, normally Magnocraft's magnetic field does NOT attract ferromagnetic objects. So in spite of using a magnetic propulsion system, the field of this vehicle behaves more like a hypothetical "antigravity field" than as a magnetic one. Principles causing such an extraordinary behaviour of Magnocraft's field are explained comprehensively in subsection F7.3 of monograph [1/5], and also are summarised briefly in item #E2 of the web page named oscillatory_chamber.htm - about the "Oscillatory Chamber". Perhaps it is worth to have a look at these explanations.

Part #D: The propelling device for the Magnocraft also is already invented:


#D1. Oscillatory Chambers from Magnocraft's propulsors:

       A heart of the Magnocraft is a device called the "Oscillatory Chamber". In Magnocraft this device is actually used as a "magnetic propulsor", means to perform all propelling and energy storage functions. So the Oscillatory Chamber is an equivalent for "engines" and for "fuel tanks" from present helicopters. The propelling function is accomplished due to repulsive and attractive forces that this device produces during interactions with the natural magnetic field of Earth, Sun, or Galaxy. In turn for the "fuel" this device uses the energy bound in magnetic field that it produces. As we know from present magnets, the energy content of powerful magnetic field can be enormous. For example simple calculations published in subsection G5.5 from volume 3 of monograph [1/5] indicate that magnetic field from a smallest Magnocraft is to contain an energy equivalent to around 2 month of energy consumption by an entire country like New Zealand.
       An "Oscillatory Chamber" is a device of my own invention. Originally it was invented for the generation of extremely powerful magnetic fields. But later it turned out that it can perform numerous other functions as well. It would be appropriate to state, that the Oscillatory Chamber is a kind of a super-powerful, controllable "magnet" (i.e. the magnet so powerful, that such a chamber on its own is capable to repel itself from the Earth's magnetic field and to ascend in space, simply due to a repulsive interaction with the Earth's magnetic field). The operation of this chamber is based on a completely new principle, previously unknown on Earth, in details described in chapter F of the newest monograph [1/5], and also in older English monographs [1e] and [2e]. This chamber usually takes the shape of a transparent cubical box, empty inside. Along side walls of this box oscillatory electrical sparks are maintained, which force the streams of sparks to rotate along peripherals of a square. The square rotation of these electrical sparks forms a powerful magnetic field. Thus a single oscillatory chamber is a kind of extremely powerful magnet, that is able to lift itself (together with a heavy structure of a space vehicle attached to it) exclusively due to the repulsion from the magnetic field of Earth, Planets, Sun, or Galaxy. In order for this lifting to be possible, the magnetic output from the oscillatory chamber must exceed the value, that is expressed through a magnetic constant called the "starting flux". This starting flux is defined as "the smallest output from any source of magnetic field, related to the unit of weight of this source, which after being oriented repulsively towards Earth's magnetic field, causes the overcoming of gravity pull and the ascend of this source of field into space". The value of the starting flux is calculated in subsection G5.1 of monograph [1/5]. For the area of Poland it amounts to Fs=3.45 [Wb/kg].
       Here is how cubical Oscillatory Chambers approximately look like:

Fig. S6 (left)

Fig. S6 (left) in [1/5]: The Oscillatory Chamber.
       This is Figure S6 (left part) and also Figure F3 "a" from monograph [1/5]. It presents the general appearance of a unique device called the Oscillatory Chamber. This device looks like a transparent cube. It reveals to the observer the processes occurring in the interior of it, e.g. the jumps of electric sparks, the density of energy, the operation of control devices, etc. Therefore the casual observer of the chamber in operation would have an impression that is looking at a typical "crystal" lying in front of him/her. It would appear as a shiny transparent cube nicely cut from a glassy material. Along the inner surfaces of the plain side walls of this crystal cube, bright gold shimmering sparks will flash. Although these sparks will flicker, they will appear to be frozen in the same positions. From time to time they will make rapid movements like tumbleweed of sleeping fiery snakes. Their paths will closely follow the inner surface of the side walls, because of the electromagnetic containment forces pushing the sparks against the sides of the chamber (these forces are described in item #C1 from web page on the Oscillatory Chamber). The inside of the cube will be filled with a dielectric gas and an extremely concentrated magnetic field. This field, when observed from the direction perpendicular to its force lines, will be impenetrable to light, looking like dense black smoke which fills the interior of this transparent crystal.
* * *
       The Oscillatory Chamber is so vital and unique device, and it has so many different applications, that in order to describe it comprehensively, a separate web page was created. You can visit this another web page by clicking Oscillatory Chamber in "Menu 4".

#D2. Configurations of Oscillatory Chambers:

       The output from a single Oscillatory Chamber would be quite difficult to control. Therefore, for the purpose of better controllability, the Magnocraft uses special arrangements of Oscillatory Chambers, called "twin-chamber capsules" (such a capsule is shown in part (c) of Figure C1 shown below, while described in subsection F7.1 of monograph [1/5]). Such a capsule is composed of a larger outer (O) Oscillatory Chamber, inside of which a smaller inner (I) Oscillatory Chamber is freely floating. Magnetic poles N/S of the inner chamber (I) are reversed in relation to magnetic poles of the outer chamber (O), so that outputs from both these chambers mutually subtract from each other. In the result, the part of the output (C) from the chamber with the larger output, is bend back and circulated as input directly to the smaller chamber, thus forming the so-called "circulating flux" (C) that never leaves the interior of the twin-chamber capsule. Only the excess of the output from the chamber with larger yield is forwarded to the environment, thus forming the so-called "resultant flux" (R) that represents the useful output from this capsule. The division of the magnetic energy contained in such a capsule into the "resultant flux" (R), and the "circulating flux" (C), allows the extremely fast and effective control over the output from such a capsule, without the need to change the amount of magnetic energy contained in such a capsule. This control depends on the simple change of mutual proportions between the flux (C) that is circulated inside of such a capsule, and the flux (R) that is directed to the environment from this capsule. Thus, there is a possibility to control the operation of this capsule, so that to the outside is directed no output at all (this happens when the entire magnetic field produced by both chambers of such a capsule is trapped in the "circulating flux"), or to cause that the entire magnetic energy of the capsule is directed outside. It is also possible to accomplish fluently any state between these two extremes. In turn this effective control over the output from such a capsule, allows to precisely control the flight of the vehicle that is propelled by the "resultant magnetic" flux (R) directed by this capsule to the environment.

Fig. C1(c).

Fig. C1 (c) in [1/5]: A configuration of two Oscillatory Chambers called the "twin-chamber capsule".
       Because of the unique operation of this device, it fulfils simultaneously two different functions, namely of a propelling device and of an energy storage. This actually is a device, which in Magnocraft represents the main component of every "magnetic propulsor". It generates a powerful pulsating magnetic field used by Magnocraft to propel themselves. In Magnocraft of the first generation this device is composed of two cubical "Oscillatory Chambers", one bigger and one smaller, each one of them working like a powerful "electromagnet" which utilises electric sparks to generate pulsating magnetic field. Both Oscillatory Chambers are then combined together thus forming a device called the "twin-chamber capsule" which is the major component of every Magnocraft's propulsor. (A magnetic propulsor is basically a twin chamber capsule enclosed in a spherical casing and supplied with steering devices which point the magnetic field into a required direction.) Such a twin-chamber capsule contains two oppositely oriented Oscillatory Chambers placed one inside of the other. Because of the need for free floating of the inner (I) chamber suspended inside of the outer (O) one, the side edges "a" of both Oscillatory Chambers fulfil the equation (F9) from monograph [1/5]. The resultant magnetic flux (R) yield to the environment from such a capsule is obtained as a difference between outputs from both its chambers having opposite orientation of poles. The twin-chamber capsule allows full control over all the attributes of the produced magnetic field. Symbols: O - outer chamber, I - inner chamber, C - circulating magnetic flux trapped inside the capsule, R - resultant magnetic flux yield from the capsule to the environment.
* * *
       Apart from the configuration named the "twin-chamber capsule" that was explained above, Oscillatory Chambers can also be arranged into a different configuration called a "spider configuration". A comprehensive description of spider configuration is contained on a separate web page named Oscillatory Chamber and available via the "Menu 4".

#D3. Magnetic propulsors:

       In the design of the Magnocraft, all "twin-chamber capsules" are assembled into spherical casings, and furnished with appropriate control devices that allow crew to strictly control the direction and the amount of the magnetic output (and thus also the magnetic thrust force). Such individual propelling modules of the Magnocraft, which include a twin-chamber capsule (or a spider configuration), together with the control devices and with the spherical casing that hosts them, are called "magnetic propulsors".
       Each Magnocraft has a single main propulsor (M) located in the centre of this vehicle, and as many as "n" side propulsors (U, V, W, X) assembled around vehicle's peripherals in a special horizontal flange.

#D4. Theoretically unlimited energy capacitance of Magnocraft's propulsors:

       "Oscillatory Chambers" employ a very unique principles of operation, which is described in chapter F from volume 2 of monograph [1/5]. These principles allow it to accomplish an attribute which presently may seem to be almost impossible, namely it is able to store unlimited amounts of energy inside. This unlimited energy capacitance causes, that Oscillatory Chambers used in Magnocraft are able to perform not only propelling functions, but also energy storage functions. Thus they function not only like propellers from present helicopters, magnetically lifting the Magnocraft up, but also like petrol tanks in these helicopters, containing inside all energy that they need for completing their flights. So apart from these Oscillatory Chambers, the Magnocraft does NOT have any other propelling or energy storing devices.
       The huge capacity for energy, which is displayed by the Oscillatory Chambers, has several other consequences as well. One of these is that Oscillatory Chambers can also be used in many other applications as perfect accumulators of energy - this is elaborated in more details, amongst others in item #D2 of a separate web page eco_cars.htm.

Part #E: Shapes and types of completed Magnocrafts:


#E1. Internal design and main components of the Magnocraft:

       Here is a drawing that illustrates how the Magnocraft looks like, if the aerodynamic cover of side propulsors is cut-away in front part of the vehicle:

Fig. C1(a).

Fig. C1 (a): A cut-away view of the smallest Magnocraft type K3.
       It illustrates the internal design and main components of this space vehicle. On this diagram, the front shell of a horizontal flange was removed to illustrate the location of side propulsors. The vehicle is shown as if approaching a landing on flat ground. The edges of the walls made of a material impenetrable by a magnetic field are indicated by a broken line. The cuttings through the walls from a material penetrable to a magnetic field are shown with a wavy line. Symbols: M - the spherical main propulsor whose repulsion "R" from the environmental magnetic field produces a lifting force (note a cubical twin-chamber capsule visible inside); U - one of the eight side propulsors whose attraction "A" towards the environmental magnetic field stabilizes the vehicle; N, S - north and south magnetic poles; I - inclination angle of the environmental magnetic field; 1 - the crew cabin in the shape of a parallel-piped ring; 2 - one of the four telescopic legs extended at the moment of landing.
* * *
       Magnocraft consists of two kinds of propulsors, namely "main" (M) and "side" (U) - see part (a) of Figure C1. The single main propulsor (M) is suspended in the centre of the vehicle. The magnetic poles of this propulsor are oriented so as to repel the environmental magnetic field (which could be the field of the Earth, a planet, the Sun, or a Galaxy). By this means, (M) produces a lifting force which supports the craft (in part "a" of Figure C1 this lifting force is shown as "R" - from "repulsion"). The magnetic axis of (M) propulsor, is usually kept tangential to the force lines of the environmental magnetic field existing in the craft's area of operation. Therefore the most effective orientation of the Magnocraft during flight is while its base is perpendicular to the local direction of the Earth's magnetic field. Sometimes, however, this orientation must be slightly altered to enable it to manoeuvre or to land.
       The Magnocraft also consists of a number "n" of side propulsors (U), placed in equal distances on the peripherals of this vehicle. Their magnetic poles are oriented so as to attract the environmental field. Therefore side propulsors produce "n" number of attraction forces (A), which stabilize the craft and fix its orientation in space (in part "a" of Figure C1 these forces are shown as "A" - from "attraction"). To increase the vehicle's stability, the side propulsors are located below the main propulsor, together forming a kind of "bell configuration", which in physics is known for its greatest stability. All these "n" side propulsors are located at regular intervals in the horizontal flange surrounding the base of the spacecraft. This flange, together with side propulsors contained in it, is covered with a lens-like aerodynamic hulk made of a material that is penetrable by magnetic field.

#E2. The complete structure of the Magnocraft:

       In Magnocraft crew cabins (1) are located between the main (M) and side (U) propulsors - see (1) in part (a) of Figure C1 "a" to the left. These cabins have the shape of a parallel-piped ring. They look similar to side walls of an inverted saucer. The hulk of these cabins is covered by a material which is impenetrable by the magnetic flux. (Thus this material displays a property that is called "magnetoreflectiveness" - means it reflects magnetic field in a manner similar like a mirror reflects light - see descriptions provided in subsection G2.2 of monograph [1/5]. Along the interior (slanted) wall of the crew cabin lie the telescopic legs (2) of the craft. These legs are extended only at the moment of landing.
       The hulk of the Magnocraft is a kind of mechanically robust protective shell, made of a "magnetoreflective" material, which protects people inside from the action of this powerful magnetic field, and which holds together all devices of the vehicle, and also which separates the interior of the vehicle from the surrounding space. It is made of a transparent material, which has a smoothly controlled degree of transparency and light reflection. Therefore at nights, and deeply in space, it can be controlled into being completely transparent, thus allowing to see everything around the Magnocraft. In turn during daylight, and close to suns, it can be switched into reflecting light like a silver mirror, thus protecting crew inside from a powerful light. Through this hulk the casual observer can see internal components of the Magnocraft (i.e. propulsors, cabins, levels, crew sits, etc.) - as this is shown in Figure C1 (b). Through this transparent hulk also magnetic circuits which are formed by the vehicle's propulsors can be seen. Actually, when viewed from the centre of the Magnocraft, these circuits look like a huge "tree of life", as they separate into many branches at the top part of the spaceship, and they also separate into many roots underneath of the Magnocraft. Note that there are entire monographs already published, which describe Magnocraft in great details - as an example see the recent monograph [1/5], or older monographs [2e] and [1e].
       The final structure of Magnocraft includes its hulk, propulsion system (propulsors), crew cabin, log computer, life support system, and other vital devices and components. The general appearance of this final structure is shown in Figure C1 (b) at the beginning of this web page.
* * *
       The appearance of a discoidal Magnocraft of the first generation, presented in a side view, is shown in the first illustration from this web page (means in part (b) of Figure C1 from monograph [1/5]). In turn the general design of this vehicle is illustrated above in part (a) of the same Figure C1. The external shape of this vehicle resembles a disk, or an inverted saucer.
       The propulsion system of Magnocraft is composed of devices called the "Oscillatory Chamber" assembled inside of spherical "propulsors" (in Figure C1 these oscillatory chambers are illustrated as transparent cubes assembled inside of spherical casings of propulsors). Magnocraft has a single main propulsor and "n" side propulsors. The number "n" of side propulsors in a give type of Magnocraft is strictly defined by the design conditions described in subsection G4.2 of monograph [1/5], and is described by the equation: n = 4(K-1). This number characterizes a particular type of Magnocraft.

#E3. Equations that describe the shape of Magnocraft:

       The Magnocraft is a very refined vehicle. For example, the physical structure of this vehicle must fulfil a number of very strict conditions, which result from principles employed for the operation of it, from phenomena that it induces, from properties of magnetic fields, etc. A good example of such conditions is the requirement that magnetic forces that propulsors of this vehicle produce, much mutually balance each other. (As one may realise, the "main" propulsor "M" of Magnocraft attracts to itself each "side" propulsor, thus forming a series of "inward" forces which compress this vehicle. In turn each "side" propulsor repels all other "side" propulsors, thus creating a series of "outward" forces which tense this vehicle. So it is necessary to design the structure of the Magnocraft in such a manner, that this "inward" compression remains in equilibrium with the "outward" tension, thus in total the vehicle is neither compressed nor tensed.) As it is defined by quantitative deductions published in subsection G4.3 from monograph [1/5], Magnocraft is in equilibrium when the ratio "K" of the diameter "D" to height "H" fulfils the equation: K = D/H = n/4 + 1 (where "n" is the total number of side propulsors). Therefore, all the Magnocraft-type vehicles must be build in such a manner, that their "flattening radio" (K = D/H) is equal to either an integer K=3, or K=4, ..., or K=10. This in turn means, that there can be 8 major types of Magnocraft, for which the "K" factor takes any of these integer values from K=3 to K=10. Of course, also all other Magnocraft's dimensions must fulfil a set of very strict equations. For example the outer diameter of this vehicle is described by the equation (G16): D = 0.5486*2**K meters (i.e. "D" is equal to 0.5486 multiplied by "2" to power "K"). Here is the list of these equations, together with graphical interpretation of dimensions that are used in them:

Fig. G18

Fig. G18 in [1/5]: A compendium of basic equations which combine the most important parameters describing the shape of the Magnocraft's shell.
       An interpretation of the dimensions involved is shown in an outline of the K10 type of this vehicle. Interpretation of the same symbols for Magnocraft of other types is shown also in Figures G15, G20, and G38 from [1/5]. Symbols: "H" is the height of the craft (base to top); "D" is the outer diameter of the vehicle (it is expressed by the equation D = 0.5486*2**K, thus for the Magnocraft type K10 it is equal to D = 561.75 metres); "DM" and "Ds" are the diameters of the spherical casings that cover the main and side propulsors; "K" represents the "Krotność" factor which in consecutive types of Magnocraft takes the integer values ranging from K=3 to K=10 (for the vehicle type K10 this factor takes the value K=10); "n" represents the number of side propulsors (for Magnocraft of K10 type this number equals to n = 36).

#E4. How to determine Magnocraft types:

       Because the design of subsequent types of Magnocraft must fulfil the series of strict equations listed in item #E3, these types can be easily identified by an outside observer. Here are basic methods of the identification of a type of observed Magnocraft-like vehicle:

Fig. G20

Fig. G20 in [1/5]: Compendium of easy to use methods of identifying the type of Magnocraft through determining its type factor "K".
       (Because all technical details of this spaceship are derived from "K", when this factor is known, the rest of the vehicle's dimensions and parameters can be learned from Table G1, or calculated from a set of appropriate equations listed in Figure G18 of [1/5].)
       #1. The method involving proportion of main dimensions. It allows for the direct determination of the vehicle's type factor "K", through measurement of the apparent height "H" of the observed spacecraft (base to top) and then determining how many times this height "H" is contained within the outer diameter "D" of the vehicle's flange (the result of the division K = D/H represents the value of "K" which must take one of the following "integer" numbers: K=3, K=4, K=5, K=6, K=7, K=8, K=9, or K=10). In the above example the apparent height "H" is contained three times in the vehicle's apparent diameter "D", thus the illustrated vehicle is type K3 (i.e. its type factor is equal to: K=3).
       #2. The method involving counting the number "n" of the vehicle's side propulsors. The "K" factor is then determined from the following equation (G9): K=1+n/4 (see also equations (G2) and (G6), and Figure G28 in [1/5]).
       #3. The method involving counting the number of the “SUB” lamps. The "K" factor is then determined from the following equation: K=(SUB)/2 + 1.
       #4. The method involving counting the number "f" of magnetic waves. The "K" factor is then calculated from the equation: K=1+f, where f=n/4 (see also subsection G7.2 and Figures P19D and P29 in [1/5]).
       #5. The method involving counting the number "cr" of the vehicle's crew members. The "K" factor is equal to this number: K=cr (see Table G1 in [1/5]).
       #6. The method involving measurement of the nominal diameter "d" of the circular marks scorched during landings on the ground by the vehicle's side propulsors. The relationship between this diameter and the “K” factor is: d = (0.5486/sqrt(2))*2**K metres (see equation G34). Thus knowing "d", the value of "K" can either be calculated from this equation or learned from Table G1 in [1/5].
       #7. The method involving identification of the vehicle's outlines by matching with the shapes of all eight types of Magnocraft listed in Figure G19 ("K" is determined through this identification).
       #8. The method involving identification of characteristic attributes of the vehicle's interior. Data for this method is discussed in subsection G2.5. In turn an example of its use is provided in subsection P6.1.

Part #F: Other related propulsion systems which utilise principles of Magnocrafts:


#F1. Other Magnocraft-based vehicles and propulsion systems:

       The basic design of discoidal Magnocraft described above can then be modified to obtain other propelling devices and vehicles. Two most useful out of such modifications are "magnetic personal propulsion" and "four-propulsor Magnocraft". The detailed description of their designs, principles of operation, and attributes, together with appropriate illustrations, is provided in chapters D and E of the newest monograph [1/5], and in chapters H and I of older monographs [2e] and [1e].
       Four-propulsor Magnocraft is received through attaching appropriate propulsors to four corners of a portable cabin. The propulsors of this vehicle use "spider configurations" of Oscillatory Chambers. As this is explained on the web page on Oscillatory Chambers such spider configurations are simple combinations of oscillatory chambers, that work as alternatives to twin-chamber capsules. In them, a single central Oscillatory Chamber is surrounded with four side chambers. Thus, the resultant configuration covered with an aerodynamic shell slightly resembles a barrel, while its operation imitates a miniature Magnocraft that has no crew cabin. When four such spider configurations are propelling a portable cabin attached to them, the effect resembles a "log cabin" that is lifted by corners with four miniature Magnocraft.
       Personal propulsion system is a kind of Magnocraft that is build into a form of suit that is wear by the user. In this suit two miniaturised main propulsors are assembled into soles of shoes, while eight miniaturised side propulsors are assembled in a special eight-segment belt. The propelling system received in this manner allows the user to fly silently in the air, to walk on water or on ceiling, or to jump on huge heights or lengths without the use of any visible vehicle.
* * *
       All propulsion systems described before, utilise for flights only forces of magnetic attraction and repulsion. But Oscillatory Chambers have also this ability, that they can generate more advanced magnetic phenomena, e.g. a phenomenon of telekinesis. Therefore, it is also possible to build further generations of the Magnocraft, which are going to fly on different principles, e.g. that of "telekinetic motion". These more advanced Magnocraft are called the Magnocraft of the second and third generation. Their comprehensive description is contained in chapters LC and M of monograph [1/5].

#F2. Four-propulsor Magnocraft:

       The four-propulsor vehicle is actually a kind of cubicle or cabin, that is carried in the air by four magnetic propulsors assembled at its four corners. Here is how this vehicle looks like:

Fig. D1 (a)

Fig. D1 (a) from [1/5]: The four-propulsors Magnocraft.
       It represents a next basic application of magnetic propulsors (another basic application of these propulsors is "Magnetic Personal Propulsion System" described below). Illustrated are: the appearance, components, and basic dimensions of this vehicle. Symbols: 1 - a gable roof; 2 - a cubical living compartment containing crew cabin; 3 - one of the four propulsors; 4 - a core of high density spinning magnetic field yield from the M chamber of the vehicle's propulsors (see "M" in Figure C1 "a"), 5 - a crust of spinning segments of magnetic field yield from the U, V, W and X chambers of each vehicle's propulsor; 6 - one of the four scorch marks left on the ground by a low hovering vehicle. Dimensions: H, Z, G, W - describe the size of a cubical-like crew cabin (i.e. total height, roof height, wall height, width); d, lw=lb=l - describe the span of the vehicle's magnetic axes; h - describe height of propulsors.

#F3. Magnetic personal propulsion system:

       Principles utilised for flights by "magnetic personal propulsion system" are almost identical to these utilised by the Magnocraft itself. Only that it uses magnetic propulsors assembled inside of an eight-segment belt, and inside of soles in shoes. Therefore users of this propulsion system can silently fly in the air without any visible vehicle. Because such magnetic personal propulsion system is explained comprehensively on different web pages devoted to the Oscillatory Chamber and magnetic propulsion systems (available via "Menu 4"), perhaps readers may wish to visit that pages to learn further details.

Part #G: Specifications and capabilities of Magnocrafts:


#G1. Attributes of the Magnocraft:

       The "Magnocraft" is the name given to a completely new type of space vehicle shown in Figure C1 (b), which is propelled by a pulsating magnetic field. I had the honour to invent this vehicle myself. The main goal to be achieved through the invention of this vehicle, is to obtain such a design and principle of operation for an interstellar spaceship, that would make it possible for it to be completed by a small country, or even by a large industrial corporation. How close we are to achieving this goal is demonstrated in the analysis of the attributes of the Magnocraft listed below:
       #1. Not a single moving part is necessary, either for the flight or the manoeuvring of this spacecraft. Theoretically speaking, the whole Magnocraft can be produced from only one part like a plastic balloon. In comparison, the new Boeing 747 - 400 "Jumbo Jet" constructed in 1988 contains about four million individual parts. Each single one of these multitude of parts must be produced separately, assembled, and tested. Also the majority of them may fail in the air causing a catastrophe of the entire aeroplane. In turn a car Mitsubishi constructed in 1990 is composed of around 2000 parts. Some versions of the Magnocraft (usually miniature, computer-operated probes) will in fact be built devoid of even a single moving part, and at the same time will perform all their required functions excellently. In the case of large, man-operated versions, moving parts, such as doors, will be included only for the convenience of the crew. How important a technological break-through this attribute of the Magnocraft is, can be realized when we think of the production of all these millions of cooperating parts contained in space vehicles to date, and consider the consequences of the failure to move any of these parts somewhere in space.
       #2. The energy resources within the Magnocraft are self-rechargeable - if it flies in the vacuum of free space. When this spaceship accelerates it consumes the energy contained in its magnetic field. But when it decelerates the energy is returned back to the field. The principles of such self-recharging are the same as those involved in the return of electricity to the aerial overhead powerline by an electric train decelerating its speed by turning its motors into generators. Therefore, if the Magnocraft returns from a round trip in free space (where the flight does not involve any friction) its energy resources will be the same as they were at the moment of the start of the voyage. The only energy consumption occurs when it flies through media that generate friction, e.g. in atmospheres, liquids, or through solid matter. In effect, magnetic propulsion will allow this vehicle to travel unlimited distances, because - contrary to our rockets - its material and energy resources will never be exhausted. The self-rechargeability of the Magnocraft means that all countries which don't have their own energy resources or whose energy resources are close to exhaustion should be vitally interested in obtaining access to this vehicle.
       #3. The specifications for this spacecraft are at such an advanced level that it cannot be compared with any other device that has been built to-date. For example, the Magnocraft is able to produce:
           #3a. A rotating "plasma saw" which is obtained from the surrounding medium by ionising and swirling it with the vehicle's powerful "magnetic whirl". This plasma saw makes possible flights through solid matter (e.g. rocks, buildings, bunkers). An effect of such flights through solid matter is the formation of glassy tunnels.
           #3b. A local "vacuum bubble" surrounding the surface of the vehicle. This bubble is formed by the centrifugal forces that act on each particle of a swirled environmental medium. It isolates the vehicle's shell from the action of a hot environmental medium, making possible noiseless flights within the melted rocks and blazing gases, and also flights in the atmosphere at speeds exceeding the heat barrier. The vacuum bubble allows this spaceship to achieve a speed of approximately 70,000 km per hour in the atmosphere, plus flights close to the speed of light in free space.
           #3c. An "inductive shield" formed from the vehicle's spinning magnetic field. The inductive power of this shield is sufficient to change every piece of metal found in the range of the field into an explosive material and blast it to pieces. This makes the Magnocraft indestructible for our present weapon systems.
           #3d. A kind of "magnetic framework" created from the system of reciprocally balanced magnetic forces produced by the vehicle's propulsors. This invisible framework reinforces the physical structure of the vehicle. It possesses the ability to withstand any high environmental pressure - not only that which prevails on the bottom of oceanic trenches, but also that which exists at the centre of the Earth and probably even in star nuclei.
           #3e. A kind of "magnetic lens" that makes this vehicle invisible to radar and to the naked eye. This lens is formed through the saturation of space with magnetic energy to such an extent that it is equivalent to a local increase of mass density (according to relativistic equivalence of energy and mass). In turn the higher density of mass changes the optical properties of the space surrounding the Magnocraft, shaping it into a type of lens. This is additionally reinforced by anizotropic properties of force lines of dense magnetic field, which work like strands of fibro-optic cables.
           #3f. A complete noiselessness during flights. Magnetic interactions are silent. Thus also flights of the Magnocraft will produce no noise at all.
       Such specifications will allow the Magnocraft to carry people to the stars, but also may turn this spacecraft into the most powerful weapon ever to be at someone's disposal.
* * *
       There are also further attributes of the Magnocraft which introduce an obvious difference between the theory of this spacecraft and other already existing speculations concerning the future of interstellar travel. They are:
       #4. The completion of the Magnocraft can be accomplished already at the present level of knowledge. All the principles and phenomena applied in the operation of the Magnocraft are based on our current level of knowledge, and no part of the theory of this spacecraft - including the device called an "Oscillatory Chamber" which the vehicle uses as its "engine" - requires the discovery of any new tenet of physics, new phenomenon, or new principle of operation.
       #5. In a theoretical way, solutions to all the main problems that hold back the completion of this spacecraft have been found and worked out. Therefore its technical realization can be initiated without delay. This means that in the event I succeed in finding this continually searched authoritative sponsor, and I actually receive appropriate support for this research, the first flying prototype of this extraordinary starship could be seen in our skies even before the end of the next decade.
       All the above attributes taken together make the Magnocraft one of the most attractive endeavours of our century.

#G2. Invisibility to naked human eyes:

       We are used to believe, that nothing can remain completely invisible to human eyes. However, usually we do not know, that a powerful magnetic field can create a lens that is almost identical to optical lenses. To be more interesting, such a magnetic lend does not have clearly defined surface that would reflect light as glass lenses do. Therefore Magnocraft wrapped into such magnetic lenses may remain completely invisible to human eyes. Similarly users of the magnetic personal propulsion systems described before can also make themselves completely invisible to humans. Therefore owners of such personal propulsion systems may act almost like ghosts or like ancient gods, means they may disappear from sight or appear to people at any wish. Here is the illustration which explains how the Magnetic lens is created (for more details see subsection G10.3 in monograph [1/5]):

Fig. G32

Fig. G32 in [1/5]: The explanation for a magnetic-lens effect produced by the central magnetic circuits of an ascending Magnocraft.
       This effect means that an observer who watches such an ascending Magnocraft from below sees only outlet from a twin-chamber capsule in the main propulsor, whereas the entire shell of the vehicle remains invisible to him/her (see also Figure F6 in [1/5]). This is because in the ascending Magnocraft, the power of the magnetic field involved in the central magnetic circuit exceeds many times the power involved in the main and side circuits. Thus force lines of the central magnetic circuit hermetically surround not only the entire body of the vehicle, but also its main and side magnetic circuits. The extremely concentrated magnetic field from this central circuit interferes with light reflected to the observer. This interference manifests itself in the following two ways: (1) paths of light which pass across the field force lines are bent (i.e. the light reflected from the vehicle's body is deflected so that it does not reach the eye of an observer), but (2) light which passes along the field force lines is unaffected (i.e. the light reflected from the twin-chamber capsule reaches the eye of an observer). Therefore the observer, who watches such an ascending Magnocraft from below, can easily see outlet from a twin-chamber capsule in the main propulsor, but he/she is unable to see all the other parts of the vehicle which are hermetically sealed in magnetic force lines (see also Figures F6, S5, and S4 in [1/5]). Symbols: 1 - path along which light is unable to pass through; 2 - unaffected path of light.
       The above illustration reveals that the Magnocraft wrapped into a magnetic lens can be seen only when the observer looks exactly from underneath, and only when the Magnocraft ascends. From other angles and during other manoeuvres such a Magnocraft may remain completely invisible to humans - if the crew of this vehicle wishes to stay unnoticed.

#G3. Evaporation of underground tunnels:

       One of the most extraordinary ability of the Magnocraft, is that it can fly through any solid matter and evaporate glossy tunnels in it. Visual effects that accompany evaporation of these tunnels are identical to these which we saw during the "collapse" of WTC buildings on September 11, 2001. Namely the solid matter melts like a heated butter, while a cloud of rock vapours is created, which is blown out of these tunnels and which settles down as rock powder in nearby areas. To be more extraordinary, during the evaporation of these tunnels the Magnocraft can remain completely invisible to humans, because it hides itself behind a magnetic lens. Here is the illustration of principles involved in evaporation of underground tunnels by a Magnocraft, and properties of tunnels that result from these principles:

Fig. G31

Fig. G31 in [1/5]: The formation and characteristic attributes of tunnels evaporated during underground flights of the Magnocraft.
       Details are illustrated as they would be observed if the ground were transparent and thus revealing the tunnel and the vehicle which evaporates it. The final shape of the tunnel is defined by the fact that the Magnocraft during flights always tries to keep its floor perpendicular to the local course of Earth's magnetic field. (This diagram from 8 March 1998 replaces an older and less illustrative version that tried to explain the same principle of formation of such tunnels.)
       (a) Principle of evaporation of tunnels. It shows the penetration of the native rock by a "plasma saw" of the Magnocraft which changed the direction of flight from the initial south to north, into the final illustrated here from an east to west. Symbols: 1 - the Magnocraft whose magnetic field spins and thus produces a whirling plasma saw, 2 - the spinning disk of the plasma saw which cuts into the rock and evaporates the tunnel, 3 - vapours of the rock that expand along the tunnel already evaporated, 4 - rock rubble that fell on the bottom of the tunnel behind the Magnocraft.
       (b) The breach from the tunnel. Such a breach is a crack in the native rock caused by the pressure of compressed gasses that expand towards the surface of the ground. It can later be used as an additional entrance to the tunnel. Symbols: 5 - the spewing of the rock vapours that forms a kind of miniature volcano at the breach outlet (the presence of this vapour discloses the location of the breach, 6 - the breach canal formed by the compressed vapours expanding to the surface of the ground.
       (c) An elliptical tunnel left by the Magnocraft flying in a north-south or south-north direction. Such a tunnel has an elliptical cross-section because its shape reflects the circular shape of the vehicle that flies with the base perpendicular to the environmental magnetic field - see also parts (b) and (d) of Figure V6 in [1/5]. Symbols: 7 - glossy walls and ceiling of the tunnel (the close-up of their surface must show hardened rock bubbles), 8 - the aerodynamic, although rough and craggy "apparent floor" of the tunnel, that represents the upper surface of the "rock bridge"; in horizontal tunnels this floor is flat and relatively even and dry, while in tunnels running under angle it has a shape of hardened "dunes" and "bridges" through which flows water, 9 - a "rock bridge" formed from hardened particles of native rock which bury the lower part of the tunnel (this bridge lies on the rock rubble), 10 - rock rubble that fills up the lower half of the tunnel and covers the "real floor" of the tunnel, 11 - water that accumulates in gaps between rock rubble and that forms a stream which flows under an apparent floor of the tunnel, 12 - the "real floor" of the tunnel along which water flows, 13 - the range of magnetic, thermal, and crystallographic changes in the native rock, caused by the action on this rock of plasma and field of the vehicle.
       (d) A triangular tunnel formed by the Magnocraft flying in an east-west or west-east direction. This shape results from reflecting in the rock the side outlines of the vehicle that evaporates this tunnel - see also part (a) of Figure V6 in [1/5]. Symbols: I - the angle of the vehicle's inclination reflecting the course of the force lines of the Earth's magnetic field and thus also the slanting of triangular tunnels or the degree of flattening of elliptical tunnels (or more strictly the ratio of the horizontal to the vertical axis). Symbols 7 to 13 have meaning explained in part (c) of this Figure.
* * *
       Further details about principles involved in evaporation of underground tunnels by Magnocraft, as well as attributes and examples of such tunnels, are provided in subsections G10.1.1, V5.3.1 and V8.1 from volumes 3 and 17 of monograph [1/5].

#G4. Take a notice of this tunnel:

       Here is a smooth, long, straight, geometrically shaped, and magnetized tunnel, penetrating through a body of mountain on the Island of Borneo. It displays all the attributes that must be present in tunnels formed during an underground flight of a Magnocraft-type vehicle - as these attributes are explained by the "Theory of the Magnocraft" and illustrated in Figure G31 above. The final shape of this tunnel (i.e. elliptical in the area captured on the above photograph - which is oriented north-south, while triangular in the other areas when this tunnel turns in an east-west direction) illustrates the requirement that the base of a saucer-shaped Magnocraft must all times remain perpendicular to the force lines of the local magnetic field of Earth. Together with other tunnels illustrated on Figure V6 from monograph [1/5], this underground tunnel perfectly illustrates how tunnels evaporated by a Magnocraft must look-like and what properties they are to display:

Fig. V6 (d)

Fig. V6 (d) in [1/5]: The "Deer Cave" from the Mulu Cave System in the Northern Borneo.
       The above photograph shows only around one-third of the initial length of this cave. The section that is shown on this photograph illustrates the entry to this cave at the southern end, that is open for tourists. The entire Deer Cave has a shape of an "S" letter, with the total length of around 1 kilometre. The ceiling of Deer Cave towers around 120 meters above the apparent floor. Thus dimensions of this cave correspond exactly to these expected from a cave evaporated by a stacked cigar formed from two K8 type Magnocraft (i.e. by a configuration of Magnocraft similar to the one shown in Figure G1 "c" below). The Deer Cave gnaws its path through the interior of a mountain, having two exits at opposite sides of that mountain. The photograph shows a flat apparent floor (marked "8" on Figure G31 above), rock rubble that fall down from the ceiling, and also a part of the rounded glossy ceiling - see around one-third length of the photograph, in its top-left part.
       It is worth to notice, that for important reasons explained more comprehensively in "Part #L" from this web page, there are much more on the Earth of similar tunnels "evaporated technologically by already operational Magnocraft" - e.g. the entrance to one amongst them in past existed in Poland on the "Babia Góra" (for details of this tunnel from Babia Góra see the Polish treatise [4b]). Photographs and descriptions of already identified such tunnels are provided in subsecrtion V5.3 from volume 17 of monograph [1/5], and also e.g. on "Fig. #F1" to "Fig. #F3" from the web page newzealand.htm, or. e.g. on "Fig. #11" from the web page korea.htm.

Part #H: Magnetic coupling of Magnocrafts into flying arrangements:


#H1. Arrangements of flying Magnocrafts:

       One of the most important attributes of the Magnocraft's propulsors is that they allow for easy and complete control over the produced output and over the orientation of their magnetic poles. Therefore, independently of their propelling functions, these propulsors can also be used as coupling devices, allowing for an attachment of one vehicle to the other, without disturbing the flight capabilities of any of them. Figures below show examples of Magnocraft arrangements resulting from such attachment. This coupling capability means that in one observation the Magnocraft may be seen as a single saucer-shaped space ship, whereas on other occasions witnesses may observe an almost limitless number of different shapes that these vehicles can produce after magnetic coupling together. There are numerous configurations which can be obtained through coupling together a number of Magnocraft (see Figures below). All of them can be subdivided into six separate classes described in item #H2 below and illustrated in chapter G of monograph [1/5]. Three of them illustrated below explain the essence of forming such flying arrangements. For example, one of these configurations is a cigar-shaped flying complex presented in Figure G1 (c) below. Such complex is created by stacking the convex top of one craft onto the concave base of another, and so on. The result is similar to a stack of saucers in our kitchen cupboards, one piled on top of another.
Fig. G1(b)

Fig. G1 (b) in [1/5]: An external (side) view of a spherical flying complex of Magnocraft.
       An example illustrated here is obtained by coupling base-to-base two Magnocraft type K3. Notice that the coupling of larger vehicles (i.e. types K4 to K10) will produce a more flattened shape of such complexes.

Fig. G1(c)

Fig. G1 (c) in [1/5]: An external (side) view of a stacked cigar-shaped flying complex coupled from six Magnocraft type K3.
       Such complex represents one of the most efficient configurations obtainable through the magnetic coupling of a number of discoidal Magnocraft. This configuration is formed by stacking a number of subsequent Magnocraft of the same type (illustrated is a stack consisting of six vehicles type K3) one on top of the other, like a pile of saucers stored in a kitchen cupboard. The outer dimensions of the Magnocraft type K6 are: D=35.11, H=5.85 [m] - see equations G13 and G7 in volume 3 of monograph [1/5]. After landing, the K6 type of this vehicle scorches a ring on the ground having the nominal diameter d = 24.82 [m] - see equation (G9).

Fig. G6(4)

Fig. G6 (4) in [1/5]: An example of the carrier platform.
       This configuration is formed when a number of smaller Magnocraft are suspended magnetically under the base of a bigger mother ship. The distinctive characteristic of this flying arrangement of Magnocraft is that the main propulsor of each suspended Magnocraft is facing a side propulsor from the mother ship. The forces that join all the spacecraft together are created as the effect of mutual attraction occurring between one of the side propulsors of the mother ship and the main propulsor of each Magnocraft suspended under it. The illustration shows four Magnocraft type K3 (out of the total number of eight vehicles type K3 possible to be carried by the sixteen side propulsors of a K5 type mother ship) clinging under the base of a K5 type Magnocraft.

#H2. The six classes of the Magnocraft arrangements:

       #1. Flying complexes. These are shown on Figures G7 to G8 from volume 3 of monograph [1/5], while are repeated in "Fig. #G1(b)" and "Fig. #G1(c)' above on this web page. Such configurations are obtained when in the joined vehicles: (a) main propulsors always face other main propulsors and side propulsors always face other side propulsors; (b) all propulsors (i.e. main and side) create only attractive interactions; and (c) the coupling provides only fixed contacts.
       #2. Semi-attached configurations - see Figures G9 (a) and G9(b) in monograph [1/5]. In these arrangements: (a) the facing of the propulsors is the same as in the flying complexes; (b) the attractive interactions are formed only by the main propulsors, whereas the side propulsors of both vehicles repel one another; and (c) the contact between the vehicles is only labile (i.e. occurring only at the point where two convex hemispheres touch each other). In spite of such labile contact, the configuration is permanent and steady because the combining of the attractive and repulsive interactions between vehicles joined together provides the required stability.
       #3. Detached configurations - see Figure G10 in monograph [1/5]. In these: (a) propulsors are faced in the same manner as in the physical complexes and semi-attached configurations; (b) the character of the interactions is the reverse of semi-attached configurations, i.e. the main propulsors of both vehicles repel each other, whereas the side ones attract; and (c) there is no physical contact between the coupled vehicles so they keep apart at some distance from each other. But the magnetic interactions are so strong and steady that they maintain a stable and permanent configuration. Note that in these configurations the facing outlets of the side propulsors of both spacecraft must be joined by the columns of a highly concentrated magnetic field which catches the light and therefore appears as square "black bars" - see subsection G10.4 in monograph [1/5].
       #4. Carrier platforms - see Figures G11(a) and G11(b) in monograph [1/5]. Obtained when: (a) the main propulsor of one craft faces the side propulsor of the other craft; (b) all interactions are attractive; and (c) the contact is fixed. This arrangement is the most profitable when a number of small Magnocraft are to be carried under the base of a large mothership (see Figure G11 (a) in monograph [1/5]). But it may also be used for coupling two vehicles of the same type (see Figure G11(b) in monograph [1/5]).
       #5. Flying systems - see Figure G12 in monograph [1/5]. For these: (a) the side propulsor of one Magnocraft faces the side propulsor of the other one, while their main propulsors do not face each other; (b) all interactions are attractive; and (c) the contact is fixed. In flying systems, not only single vehicles but also entire stacked cigars are coupled together. In this way whole flying cities are formed. The flying systems are the highest rank of arrangements of Magnocraft of the same type, usually formed for the duration of an interstellar voyage.
       #6. Flying clusters - see Figure G13 in monograph [1/5]. These are simply various other arrangements of Magnocraft that are subsequently clustered together with magnetic forces. In flying clusters: (a) no propulsors of any arrangement face the propulsors of another flying arrangement (i.e. in all arrangements clustered together the magnetic axes of propulsors are parallel to one another); (b) two subsequent arrangements which belong to a given cluster (put simply) attract each other with their main propulsors and repel each other with their side propulsors; and (c) there is no physical contact between subsequent arrangements forming a given cluster. An example of a typical two-dimensional cluster could be a "flying cross" shown in part #6 of Figure G6 in monograph [1/5].
       Examples of all these six classes are illustrated on "Fig. #5abcdef" from the web page named propulsion.htm. In each of the above six classes we can further distinguish particular arrangements which differ from each other in shape, number of coupled craft, their mutual orientation, etc. The discoidal Magnocraft may actually form hundreds of such arrangements; each one unique, and each one very different from the others.

Part #I: Magnocrafts of the second and third generations:


#I1. Three generations of Magnocrafts:

       On this web page is described only the most primitive, first generation of the Magnocraft. The propulsion of this generation works on principles of magnetic repulsion and attraction. But my so-called "Periodic Table of Propulsion Systems" (described in item #A2 from this web page) informs that independently from this Magnocrafts of the first generation, on Earth two even more advanced generations of my Magnocraft are going to be constructed. Their brief descriptions I am going to summarise below, while for their full descriptions I recommend to reach to separate publications that I am going to indicate. These yet more advanced starships I named the Magnocraft of the second and third generation. I also assigned to them parallel names of the "Telekinetic Vehicles" and "Time Vehicles".

#I2. Magnocrafts of the second generation - means Telekinetic Vehicles:

       Magnocrafts of the second generation are going to utilise the phenomenon of the "technically induced telekinesis" for propulsion purposes. A brief description of these telekinetic starships is provided in item #F1.2 from the web page named propulsion.htm. In turn their full description is provided in chapter LC from volume 10 of my newest monograph [1/5].

#I3. Magnocrafts of the third generation - means "Time Vehicles":

       My "Time Vehicles" are described on two different web pages, namely on the web pages timevehicle.htm and immortality.htm. The second page, namely the web page immortality.htm, describes how with the use of time vehicles people can infinitively extend the length of their lives through repetitive shifting their time back to years of their youth each time after they reach an old age. In details my "time vehicles" are also described in chapter M from volume 11 of my newest monograph [1/5].
       The principle of operation of Time Vehicles is based on my discovery that on Earth prevail simultaneously as many as two drastically different kinds of time. The first of these kinds of time is the time that on the totaliztic publications I named the "irreversible absolute time of the universe". In that time lives only our God. This time exists in nature, it elapses in a continuous manner, and in our physical world it affects only the so-called "inanimate matter" (i.e. only the chemical elements, minerals, rocks, fossils, bones of dinosaurs, charcoal, etc.) - which is aging according to its elapse. Old official human science believes that this is the only time that exists in the entire universe. Meanwhile I discovered that people actually live and age in a completely different time, which in my publications I named the "reversible software time". That software time does NOT exist in nature, but it has been artificially pre-programmed by God and introduced into the use during the biblical Great Flood - as it is explained in items #C4.1, #C4 and #C3 from my web page named immortality.htm. It elapses in short jumps. (The actual existence of jumping elapse of this artificial software time reveals to every person the popular phenomenon described in item #D1 from the abovementioned web page named immortality.htm.) Because of the existence of long gaps between subsequent its jumps, the elapse of this artificial software time is much slower than the elapse of the natural "irreversible absolute time of the universe". I do NOT have the funding nor the required conditions to measure precisely how much slower it is. However, from the information hinted to us by God in the refereed in item #C4.1 from my web page immortality.htm verse 3:8 from the biblical "2 Peter", and also repeated in the refereed in item #D7 from my web page evolution.htm verse 4 of Psalm 90 from the biblical "Book of Psalms", it can be understood, that this acting on people "reversible software time" is around 365,000 times slower than the "irreversible absolute time of the universe" in which lives our God. To the action of this artificial software time subjected are both, humans, as well as all living creatures with DNA. It allows also to built my time vehicles described, amongst others, in this item. The differences in speeds of elapse of both these times from our physical world, are also so large, that many people notice with the naked eye e.g. the astonishingly rapid ageing of rocks - see item #C4.1 in the abovementioned web page immortality.htm. The fact of existence and operation in the physical world of these two drastically different kinds of time, explains also many mysteries about which so-far people conducted disputes and even wars, while because of which the modern world is divided into sticking to the truth so-called creationists, and drowning in nonsense and lies that are spread by official science the so-called evolutionists. For example, this fact explains why the Bible and historical data reveal that God created mankind only about 6,000 years ago, while rocks and fossils (such as bones of dinosaurs or coal) date back to millions of years. Why human drawings on cave walls the official science dates back to tens of thousands of years, although the mankind was created only about 6,000 years ago. Why people have a "deja vu". Why there are prophecies and why they fulfil themselves. Why God knows the future. Etc., etc.

Part #J: How was wasted probably the only opportunity for my Magnocrafts to be build in Poland still in 20th century:


#J1. When and why I tried to undertake the research and development of the Magnocraft in the Institute of Machine Building Technology from the Technical University of Wrocław in Poland:

       In years 1970 to 1980 the Technical University of Wrocław in Poland was a completely different institution than it is at present. Into its staff at that time was injected a large portion of the graduates from my year of study - who displayed a huge creative enthusiasm and had one amongst the best professional preparations in the world. AT that time the university had also an unknown in other universities creative atmosphere combined with the untypical initiative, professional experience, and implementing capabilities. As I determined this later on the basis of my globetrotting through many universities of the world and then openly explained in item #E1 of my other web page named rok_uk.htm, when the "quality of education of graduates" is used for a criterion of assessment, then during years 1960 to 1980 the Technical University of Wrocław in Poland was one amongst the best (if not the best) of technical universities in the world. For example, the Institute of Machine Building Technology (in which I worked at that time) had everything that in my opinion was necessary to build a working prototype of the Magnocraft. This is because it had enthusiastic and highly creative research staff composed with most highly qualified Engineering scientists, it intensely cooperated with industry (e.g. myself at that time, apart from a full-time work at the university, I was simultaneously a scientific adviser in two factories, namely in "Elwro" that produced computers, and in "Polmo-Jelcz" that produced trucks and buses) - thus the scientific staff of that Institute was very experienced and hard standing on the earth, kept very high creative atmosphere and professional ethics, had excellently equipped research laboratories, had robust prototyping facilities with unheard in other universities manufacturing capabilities, also had an access to great libraries and fast as well as effective technical, technological and scientific information. The only thing that was missing in its management, was the belief in own capabilities and the knowledge of skills of its staff, as well as the project such as the "building of the Magnocraft" which would realise to its management what is the true creative and productive potential of this Institute.
       In 1986 I published my first Polish monograph [1], which comprehensively described the Magnokraft. It had the following bibliographical details: Pająk J., "Teoria Magnokraftu (monografia o dyskoidalnym statku kosmicznym napędzanym pulsującym polem magnetycznym)". 1st edition in the Polish language, March 1986, Invercargill, New Zealand, ISBN 0-9597698-5-4; 136 pages, 58 Figures. (That monograph is referred under numbers [1] and [1Fc] in the list of literature sources from chapter Y and from subsection F10 of my newest monograph [1/5]. In fact it was the "prototype" for descriptions of the Magnocraft from my newest monograph [1/5].) After having the published that monograph [1]. still in 1986, I officially approached the Scientific Council in the Institute of Machine Building Technology at the Technical University of Wrocław in Poland, asking for a permission to open in that Institute my habilitation project which topic range would cover the design and operation of the Magnocraft explained in the content of that monograph [1]. Unfortunately, in 1986 the Scientific Council of that I-24 rejected the Magnocraft as a topic that would qualify into the topic area of my habilitation and refused to grant me the right to open the habilitation procedure in that Institute. It was a great loss. After all, if at that time they would allow me to undertake the research and development of the Magnocraft in that Institute, than until the end of 20th century the Magnocraft for sure would be already build and flying in Poland. The reader probably wonders why I am so sure that that my personal attempt to build the Magnocraft at the Technical University of Wrocław in Poland would finish withy a success. Well, this is explained in the content of item #J3 below on this web page.

#J2. Prestige of the Technical University of Wrocław versus the ranking of universities according to their quality:

       As this is revealed above, my comparisons carried out during the globetrotting "in search of bread" throughout universities of the world, allowed to establish, that when as a criterion of assessment is used the "quality of education of graduates", then in years 1960 to 1980 the Technical University of Wrocław in Poland, was one amongst the best, if not the best, technical university in the world - as I justify this more comprehensively in item #E1 from a separate web page named rok_uk.htm. But I am NOT the only person who carries out the comparison of qualities of selected universities in the world. This is because at the moment when the establishing of "internet" opened for everyone a chance to easily publish whatever he or she considers to be important, various institutions in the world also addressed the topic of ranking world's universities according to the "quality" (unfortunately, typically in NOT-too-clear understanding and defining of this "quality" by a given publisher - which fact instantly raises a suspicion, that the majority of these rankings instead of objectivity is ruled rather by political or national criteria). Therefore, at this moment there is a number of such rankings which all reveal opinions of their authors about which universities in the world take which positions in their quality checks. In order to learn how many such rankings were already developed, it is enough if in any search engine, e.g. in the "", one writes keywords: world university rankings. For example, one amongst such institutions that prepare these rankings of universities, is the UK newspaper named The Times Higher Education Supplement. This newspaper for many years was publishing job advertisements that originate from various universities of the world. Thus it got to know these universities relatively well from the point of view of the academic staff that they employ. (No wonder that this newspaper keeps in its ranking practically only these universities in which some subjects are lectured in the English language, and thus which employ or employed English-speaking lecturers sought with the aid of this newspaper. Furthermore, in spite that this newspaper uses various criteria for ranking subsequent universities, one may have an impression that the ranking received by subsequent universities depend on the number of job advertisements that this university placed in that particular newspaper.) Unfortunately, the ranking of this newspaper is quite clumsy and not very well tuned - e.g. in September 2011 it still was lacking its own search engine which would allow to find the university, or the information, which someone is seeking.
       The most commonly recognised and quoted ranking of world's universities is published in the report compiled every year (starting from 2004) by the institution called the QS Ltd. (tj. Quacquarelli Symmonds Ltd.). The report of this institution is named "World University Ranking". In September 2011 it had available the first part that ranked 300 top universities in the world (rankings of remaining universities were to be published near the end of 2011). A brief article [1#J1.1] about this institution and about its ranking of the oldest university in Malaysia, entitled "UM among top 200 varsities", was published on page 18 of the Malaysian newspaper The Star, issue dated on Monday, 5 September 2011. (Note that in UM, means in the "University of Malaya" I was lecturing in years 1993 to 1996.)
       Unfortunately, rankings of subsequent universities of the world this institution carries out according to criteria which turn out to be the most vital from the point of view of maintaining the "status quo" that currently exists already - but which are completely useless from the point of view of induction of further "progress of human science, technology and qualities of living". For example, the fulfilling criteria of this institution guarantee the continuation of the to-date "monopole for knowledge" which suffocates the progress and that is jealously guarded by the old so-called "atheistic orthodox science" - described more comprehensively, amongst others, in item #A2.6 from the web page named totalizm.htm, in item #C1 of the web page named telekinetics.htm, or in item #B1 of the web page named tornado.htm. These criteria include data gathered and measured in academic peer review (censorship), employer reputation review, international faculty ratio, international student ratio, student faculty ratio, and citations per faculty member. If one analyses these criteria, then it turns out that all of them exert anti-progress influence, because each one of them increases an intellectual inertia, discourages to undertake research in new directions and topics, supports the peer pressure and influence on what a given scientist has the right to research and what results he is allowed to publish, kills creative an unconventional thinking, etc., etc. In other words, this institution (similarly like every other present institution that produces this type of rankings of universities), does NOT use for the ranking criteria which would be vital for the "progress of knowledge, technology, and quality of life on the Earth" - means criteria postulated as most vital ones by the new so-called "totaliztic science" described more comprehensively, amongst others, in items #F1 to #G2 of the web page named god_exists.htm. For example, it does NOT considers the emphasis which universities should place on teaching to students moral behaviours and ethical acting - after all "morality is the key to everything" (for more details see item #B4 on the web page named morals.htm), the level of discipline and reliability developed at the university (reflected e.g. by the ratio of students' number that having a choice of several exam dates voluntarily passed exams in the first date - to the total number of students, or the ratio of number of projects issued to the number of projects handed in on time, or by the ratio of average presence on non-examined subjects to the total number of students taking given subjects), the level of difficulty in entering the university (reflected e.g. by the ratio of candidates who tried to enter to the number of students accepted to study), level of professional and academic requirements (reflected e.g. by the ratio of numbers that started studies to the number of students that finished studies), level of creative contribution of students or graduates (reflected e.g. by the ratio of places taken on international creative student competitions to number of students participating in these competitions, or e.g. by ratio of patents and trademarks obtained during the last year by students or graduates to the total number of students or last year graduates), creative contribution of academics (reflected e.g. by the ratio of discoveries and inventions of the world's significance to the number of academics), respect to truth and tolerance to different views that are motive forces of progress (for details see item #F1 from the web page named totalizm.htm or item #K1 of the web page named morals.htm), methods and level of lecturing that induces own judgements and thinking in students (reflected e.g. by the percent of subjects which contain presentations of mutually opposite theories that explain the same phenomena or events - as examples of such opposite theories consider "origin of the universe" described by the old atheistic and orthodox "theory of the great bang" and by the new so-called Concept of Dipolar Gravity; both these mutually contradictive theories are compared, amongst others, in item #C2 from the web page cooking.htm or in item #C12 from the web page named bible.htm), etc., etc. On the other hand, many out of these "totaliztic criteria of ranking" decided that in years 1960 to 1980 the Technical University of Wrocław accomplished the world's best quality of graduates – for details see item #E1 on the web page rok_uk.htm.
       In 2011 the first places on the list of "top" universities of the world in the report of this institution QS occupied
1. Cambridge University (UK)
2. Harvard University (US)
3. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (US)
4. Yale University (US)
5. Oxford University (UK)
6. London Imperial College (UK)
The "University of Malaya" from Malaysia occupies in there 167 place. Unfortunately, in 2011 none out of Polish universities was visible amongst these most important (because first) 300 positions. Does it mean a further drop in quality of Polish universities and their "trotting in the same place" instead of leaping forward? After all, e.g. in 2010 the Technical University of Warszawa was in this ranking at 228 position, while the Engineering at the Technical University of Wrocław was in there on 351 position. (Out of the entire Technical University of Wrocław, only this Engineering was then ranked - does it mean that it solely displays the highest quality in the entire university?) So one can have an impression that since the years when I studied and worked at this university, it either make a big leap backward, or the entire world got degenerated and lost the understanding which attributes are really important in university graduates. (For both these cases there would be about the time to start some vigorous and effective initiatives to work on the improvement of the academic qualities.)
       In item #E3 of the web page named god_exists.htm and in item #A2.1 of the web page named totalizm.htm explained was the finding of the philosophy of totalizm that in order a "remaining idle" and "not doing anything" was NOT the most moral human activity, God very wisely established so-called "moral field" which causes that these people who fail to vigorously "march forward" are automatically "shifted back" by the "moral field". (Notice, that this "moral field" is just one amongst many methods and tools which God uses for motivating and inspiring people - examples of other such methods and tools can be the educational method of God named the "principle of reversals" described, amongst others, in item #B1.1 from the web page named antichrist.htm, or the "principle of extinction of most immoral" described, amongst others, in item #G1 from the web page named will.htm.) Because of the action of this "moral field", it would be with a significant benefit for the prestige of the Technical University of Wrocław (which my heart if very fond of) if the academic management set for the university an ambitious, far-sighted, and complex research project, and then consequently implement this project in the real life - for example a project of becoming the "first university in the world which implemented principles of the 'totaliztic science' " - as this is suggested in item #E2 from the web page named wroclaw_uk.htm, or the project of becoming the "most moral university in the world" (e.g. in the understanding of the definition of "morality" provided in item #B5 from the web page named morals.htm), or becoming the "first university in the world which started the project of Magnocraft’s development" - after all the idea of the Magnocraft was born in this university, etc., etc.

#J3. People and resources needed to build the first "Magnocraft" or the first "time vehicle":

       In my publications I keep explaining, that the first development of the vehicles which I invented, means the first building either the "Magnocraft", or even the straight building the first "Time Vehicle", is NOT so difficult endeavour for highly creative minds - if owners of these creative minds receive the required condition for work and the required workshop assistance. For example, I continually promote truths described in chapter M of monograph [1/5] about the feasibility of building "Time Vehicles" and about the access to immortality through such "Time Vehicles" since 1985 - means since my first discovery how time works. In turn truths about the feasibility of building "Magnocrafts" I promote continually since 1980. Also, already in those old years I could initiate the building of "Magnocrafts" or "Time Vehicles" - if I only received then the required support from other people. In such a case, by present times, means after the elapse of tens of years, "Magnocrafts" and "Time Vehicles" would already be build and working for a long time. After all, even much more complex programmes, such as "Apollo" or "Manhattan", gave concrete results already after 8 and 4 years - as I reminded this descriptively in item #K2 of the web page named immortality.htm. And we must remember that at the time when these programmes were initiated, their final goals appeared to be equally distant and equally impossible for accomplishing as today seems to be the construction of "Magnocrafts" or "Time Vehicles". We also need to remember, that the detailed knowledge on given subjects in people who implemented these historical programmes, was at the time of initiating them even much lower than the level of my own knowledge about the work of time and about principles of operation of "Time Vehicles". Furthermore, people who implemented these historic programs had NO access to so obvious confirmations of their ideas as these numerous confirmations of principles which I described in further parts of this web page and in items M1.3 to M1.8 from chapter M and in volumes 14 to 17 of monograph [1/5]. Thus, on the basis of my experience and estimates, I personally believe, that if since the beginnings of my research on the "Magnocraft" or on the "Time Vehicle" I would receive the required conditions for research, finances, and the required workshop support, then even if I worked alone, still until the time when I started the writing of monograph [1/5], these vehicles would already were constructed and worked. It would also suffice, if my efforts would be supported by even small facilities, similar to these which in past had the Institute of Machine Building Technology (i.e. I-24) from the Technical University of Wrocław in Poland in times when I worked in there at the beginning of my scientific career. In other words, I believe, that both the first "Magnocraft" and the first "Time Vehicle" in the constructive atmosphere of support for the creative development and with the workshop assistance for the building of prototypes of research stations, I just on my own would be able to build these vehicles with the means which are available in a well equipped university. Unfortunately, in the duration of my professional career almost no-one amongst my superiors shared this my professional opinion. Thus, I never got a chance to prove the truth of such my statements. Therefore in this item and subsection I am going to explain on what I am basing such estimates and how I derived such schedules of development.
       Everyone will agree, that once the technology of my "Magnocrafts" or my "Time Vehicles" will be mastered, then the production of hardware that will constitute these vehicles will be relatively simple. After all, these vehicles have almost NO moving parts, while practically the only slightly more complicated their component are magnetic propulsors in the shape of a relatively simple chambers (e.g. cubes). Thus, the entire skill of acquiring the ability to build these vehicles boils down to assembly of the required "knowledge". Therefore, for example any factory of the size of today's typical car factory, operating on the territory of any country, even as small as Poland or New Zealand, in the future will be able to flood the market by a mass of serialy manufactured "Magnocrafts" or "Time Vehicles". Anyway, already today we have a perfect illustration for this in a miniature South Korea, which can flood the entire world with their cars, successfully competing even with the superpower like the U.S.
       In a manner similar to such a factory mass producing previously developed designs of these vehicles, also the implementation facilities that should support the the first builder of these starships do not need to be a technical miracle. Virtually any well-equipped workshop performing quickly and on time whatever this first builder is to design and requests to do, should fully suffice. So in terms of hardware support of the completion of the first "Magnocrafts" or "Time Vehicles", should suffice the capabilities of virtually any well-equipped technical university, or any well-equipped institute for industrial research and development. Even tiny island statelets located somewhere at the end of the world, in technical terms might be tempted to build the first "Magnocrafts" or the first "Time Vehicles" - if only their management and staff have the necessary self-confidence and the creative capabilities.
       A bit more difficult than the prototyping facilities, is to create the appropriate working conditions, means conditions for creative development by a person or a group, of a significant body of knowledge necessary to build the first prototypes of these vehicles. After all, these conditions are NOT only constituted by paid salaries and by office buildings in which in a relative comfort could work a given builder, or a given creative team, but also by the creation of so-called "creative working atmosphere". In turn such a "creative working atmosphere" depends on many factors, e.g. on the "morality" and "professional ethics" of people making up the team (which "morality" and "professional ethics" in present "fallen times" almost everywhere are extremely low), on the attributes of the character of person who leads the team, on the mutual "liking" or "disliking" of all participants of this team, on the absence in the team of "black sheep" that with their intrigues, moods, bullying, and debilitating treatments can spoil the atmosphere of work, etc., etc. As a result, for such a creative work atmosphere could prevail in a given creative team, almost absolutely necessary is that the team was run with the "iron hand" by a single highly creative person who is not only directly involved in the creation, but in addition also has the right to appoint or to eliminate any other member of his team. From my experience stems, however, that nowadays those managers of teams NOT only avoid being directly involved in any creative work (i.e. stems that they usually play only the "managers" and are scared to show how little they know and how little are able to actually do), but for various reasons they are also deprived of the right for selecting the participants of their team, and the right and ability to eliminate those team-members who do not prove themselves to work effectively. As a result, typical today's creative teams are composites of random motley of participants, in which there are always some "black sheep" who spoil the creative working atmosphere with their intrigues and the lack of harmony with the rest of the team, and for various reasons who can NOT be removed from a given team.
       But the hardest part of building the first "Magnocraft" or the first "Time Vehicle" will be to provide the required contribution of "creative labour". This is because in order for these vehicles could become a reality, someone has to contribute the required amount of creative work into the synthesis of technical "knowledge" required for their construction, that is, into the development of their operation and designs and into the finding of these fragments of additional knowledge, which are necessary for their completion, but which remain unknown to people. In order to quantitatively estimate how much of this "creative labour" will be necessary to build the first "Magnocraft" or the first "Time Vehicle", we must firstly introduce and define the unit which is to allow us later to express quantitatively the contribution of someone's else creative labour. This unit we name the "creativity-hour" and we denote it here with the symbol [ch]. In terms of its importance we can compare it to a "working-hour" well known to all from the physical labours. After all, knowing the "working-hour" any physical work can be quantitatively assessed, e.g. by determining that the baking of one loaf of bread in given working conditions and given tools, requires putting in, this example, 2 "working-hours". In a similar way, with the definition of "creativity-hour" we can calculate or estimate that, for example designing a completely new car in today times and at favourable conditions of work requires putting into it around 3,000 "creativity-hours". We can also calculate or estimate (which I have already done in the course of my previous research) that to develop from the scratch a first "Magnocraft" in today's times, at today's level of technology, and in the most favourable conditions of work, would require putting into it about 1,000,000 "creativity-hours" (i.e. about one million [ch]), while to develop from scratch directly the first "Time Vehicle" in the conditions described here, would require putting into it about 2,000,000 "creativity-hours" (i.e. around two million [ch]).
       While defining the "creativity-hour" [ch], it is highly useful as a guideline to know the definition of the "hour of physical struggle" [hps] used for estimation of the amount of "moral energy" and described and defined in subsection JE8 from volume 8 of my monograph [1/5]. Similarly as in the case of that [hps], also this [ch] can be defined as follows: "one unit of the contribution of someone's creative technical work, called here the 'creativity-hour' or [ch], is such an amount of creativity that the average 1970 graduate from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at the Technical University of Wrocław, Poland, was able to generate in the typical conditions of work within one hour of intense and uninterrupted creative work". As the unit of creative work I deliberately and for many different reasons use here the example of the graduates from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at the Technical University of Wroclaw, Poland, which selection and education process is described in more detail in "part #E" from the abovementioned web page named rok_uk.htm. For example, I know about these graduates that they represented a large enough sample of technically highly-educated people to give a good idea of the size of the "national average" of creative capacity in inhabitants of that country to which my generation was capable. In addition, the level of creativity of my colleagues from the university I learned the best - after all, I spent with them six most important years of my life. Furthermore, this particular 1970 year of graduates from the ME at the TUoW, in my personal discernment represented the highest level of knowledge, not only in Poland, but also throughout the world. Hence, this level could then be compared with the level of creative graduates from any other university in the world in which I was lecturing.
       After defining the "creativity-hour" [ch] I am able to define how much creative work would take for myself the completion of certain creative activities. After all, I know that, for example, all the publications that I prepared myself by the time of writing of this subsection and item, means all my monographs, as well as all of my web pages (which number is considerably exceeding 200), required approximately 4,000,000 (i.e. four million) of the previously defined "creativity-hours". In other words, all my publications contain a creative contribution which is equivalent to a personal building by me from a scratch, both, the first "Magnocraft" (according to my assessment requiring the contribution of about one million of "creativity-hours"), and in addition also the first "Time Vehicle" (according to my assessment requires the contribution of two million of "creativity-hours") - and in addition I would still have a lot of "creativity-hours" to prepare publications and documentation describing exactly the operation, design and technology of building these vehicles.
       However, the problem gets complicated when we try to estimate how many other creative people it would take to build these vehicles. The point is that the creativity does NOT remain at the same level in every person and in every country. For example, in my globetrotting I noted that in spite of its messiness, rebelliousness, and rave about what is foreign while neglecting of what is their own (in accordance with the popular saying "praise other people but do not know his own"), the Polish nationals still maintain a creativity level that is many times higher than in many other nations (although there are also nations even more creative than Poles, e.g. Koreans).
       Various research carried out on computer programmers indicate, that differences in the creative output between a very good computer programmer and an average computer programmer, during the creation of not so complex product which is just an ordinary computer program, can be as high as 1:50. (These differences for the creation of a technical product with a much higher requirement for the specialized knowledge, with many times higher complexity, and with principles of operation and technology which previously remained unknown, i.e. the product such as a "Time Vehicle" or a "Magnocraft", for sure will be even greater than 1:50. Only that for a "Time Vehicle" or a "Magnocraft", so far no-one is able to measure the differences in creative output of people wo are to build it.) In other words, a similarly working program, a good programmer produces in 1 hour, while an average programmer needs for it 50 hours of work – while both these programmers have a similar education and professional experience. Similar results I noted in my creative work. For example, in the initial stage of my scientific career I prepared alone in the duration of several months a technical programming language called JAP (its name "JAP" was an abbreviation from the Polish equivalent of the expression the "Language of Automatic Programming" - in Polish reading "Język Automatycznego Programowania" - see descriptions of this language provided on pages 175-178 in Polish scientific Journal called "Mechanik" No 4/1973), but on the language of programming similar to my JAP, two large institutions worked in Poland for several subsequent years. (It is also known to me, that when these institutions developed finally such a language, it turned out to be completely useless.) Another time, which also etched in my memory, just myself in several minutes I was able to correctly predict, indicate, and explain to my colleague an exact distribution of stress in a roller bearing, the researching of which this my colleague carried out for several months. In addition, I am the inventor of the "Time Vehicle" and the "Magnocraft". In turn empirics indicates, that the inventor always is many times more creative and more motivated in matters of his invention than any other people. I personally estimate, that one hour of my creative work on my invention and on other ideas which I authorise, is worth at least around 50 "creation-hours" [ch], i.e. is worth at least around 50 hours of creative input of other typical people, with the creative force compared to the standard unit of creation [ch], but working on the idea which was given to them by someone else. In fact I know very well several tertiary educational institutions, each one of which as a whole generated much smaller creative output than I generated just alone. Thus, taking under consideration that my creative output is around 50 times higher than the defined earlier unit [ch], one can calculate how many creative people would be required for constructing the first "Magnocraft" and the first "Time Vehicle", knowing that their building is to consume respectively 1,000,000 [ch] and 2,000,000 [ch]. For example, a well motivated developmental team combined from 100 creators, each one of which would display the creative capability of not less than 1 [ch], working in the institution that has a required "creative atmosphere" and having the required prototyping support, would be able to build a "Time Vehicle" in around 7 years. In turn, if it would be possible to create slightly more capable developmental team, in which every member would be able to yield 2 [ch] from all its hours of creative work, then just a team consisting of 50 creators, would be able to build the same Time Vehicle in the same time of 7 years, or a team of 25 creators would be able to build it in the duration of 25 years. (I personally would not advice to decrease the time of building, nor unnecessarily increase the size of the team, because then starts to work the phenomenon of mutual "killing with shovels". This phenomenon can be explained in a best way by the illustrative situation of digging a hole. Namely, "if a single worker digs a hole of the size of 1 cubic metre in the duration of one hour, then it does NOT mean that 60 workers would dig the same hole in one minute". After all, these 60 workers would "mutually kill each other with shovels". Therefore, I personally believe that the developmental team should be possible smallest one, while the time given to it to complete the project should NOT be shorter than around 7 years, although also it should NOT be longer than around 14 years. People are only people and after around 10 years of working on the same project they cease to be creative and become complacent working routinely.) So as the above calculations indicate, really even single present universities or single developmental institutes (e.g. located by present car factories or aircraft factories from even smallest countries) would be able to build first "Magnocrafts" and first "Time Vehicles". The only necessary thing to make it happen, is that their creative workers and their supervisors display the continuous belief, motivation, and decisiveness regarding their ability to accomplish this goal.
       The above explanations represent an adaptation from subsection M11 in volume 11 of my newest monograph [1/5].

Part #K: Let us have also a look at photographs of Magnocrafts that are already flying above the Earth:


#K1. As it turns out Magnocrafts were already build by someone and sometimes are sighted on the Earth - although they pedantically hide their presence from people:

       The Magnocraft is entirely an Earth vehicle, i.e. it has been invented, developed, and it is proposed to be build on the Earth. But if one remembers unique attributes of this vehicle, it is enough to see headings of present newspapers, or glance at titles of various books, to realise, that vehicles identical to the Magnocraft are sighted on the Earth from the beginning of time. These already existing vehicles identical to the Magnocraft, are described in there under the name of UFOs.
       I had the honour of inventing and developing the Magnocraft solely on the basis of my professional interests in propulsion systems, i.e. without any influence or inspiration from extraterrestrial UFOs. At the beginning of my developmental work I accepted statements of the "Periodic Table of Propulsion Systems" described in item #A2 of this web page, that the Magnocraft is just going to be a flying successor for an electric motor. After all, this was what suggested to me the analogies and symmetries expressed in the Periodic Table of Propulsion Systems. In this initial stage of the development of the Magnocraft, I was completely unaware of the similarities that exist between Magnocrafts and UFOs. (To be honest, at the time when I was developing the Magnocraft, I was an ignorant in all matters concerning UFOs - similarly as ignorant about UFOs was almost every other scientist of that time.) These similarities between the Magnocraft and UFOs become obvious only when the complete design and attributes of Magnocraft were deduced. Actually these similarities were pointed out to me only by readers of my articles, who claimed that they have actually seen the Magnocraft in operation with their own eyes - only they called it differently, i.e. "UFOs". Although at that stage I did not envisage any connection of my Magnocrafts and UFOs, just in case there was one, I followed these claims of my readers and tried to identify the differences or similarities existing between both these vehicles. Soon afterwards, with the weight of the evidence that I collected, I realized that in fact there are unknown vehicles popularly called UFOs already operational on Earth, which display all the attributes that have been theoretically predicted for the Magnocraft. Subsequently the formal scientific proof stating that "UFOs are already operational Magnocraft" has been worked out and published. To the discussion of this proof is designated the separate web page named ufo_proof.htm. In turn, the full presentation of it is provided in volume 14 of my newest monograph [1/5] and in volume 13 of my older monograph [1/4].

#K2. Voting and unanimous acceptance of the formal resolution that "Magnocrafts represent the explanation for technical aspects of UFOs":

       On 24 March 2003 a formal scientific proof stating that "UFOs are already operational Magnocrafts" was subjected to a public voting and adopted as the official explanation for technical aspects of UFOs. On that day 161 representatives of all areas of life and almost every region of Poland, organised then in the internet discussion list of totalizm, voted the formal resolution which stated, amongst others, that Magnocrafts represent the explanation for technical aspects of UFOs. All of them voted unanimously for accepting this resolution. So the resolution received then the power to bind everyone. Because in the meantime there was NO any event which would abolish the validity of that resolution, it remain in power still even today. UFO investigators, as well as researchers working on the Magnocraft, have the duty to respect the validity of that resolution. With the content of that resolution readers can familiarise themselves on a number of totaliztic web pages. For example, the content of it is published in item #D2 of the web page ufo_proof.htm, in item #J2 of the web page explain.htm, in item #D2 of the web page telepathy.htm, in item #H2 of the web page ufo.htm, and on several further web pages.

#K3. Where one can see photographs of Magnocrafts that already fly:

       Comprehensively interpreted photographs of Magnocrafts that already are flying and that are repetitively sighted over the Earth by various people since the ancient times, are shown on several web pages that I am authorising. I recommend to the reader to have a look at these web pages. After all they show numerous photographs of these extraordinary vehicles and explain these photographs from the point of view and in the manner which so-far was NOT attempted by any other human researcher. The reviewing these other web pages with photographs of Magnocraft that already fly I would suggest to carry out in the following order: (1) firstly the web page ufo_proof.htm, (2) then the web page explain.htm, (3) and only then other web pages, e.g. evidence.htm, aliens.htm, etc.

#K4. Photographs and research of Magnocraft that already fly, could be a source of incomprehensible benefits for the humanity:

       The present situation on the Earth could be compared to the situation of some hypothetical civilisation for the good of which someone organised an exhibition of future accomplishments of this civilisation and the technical devices that it is going to complete in distant future. But shockingly scientists of that civilisation, who are paid by taxpayers to introduce the progress, instead of visiting this exhibition and learning from it how they should solve problems of their civilisation, rather feel offended by it and and boycott it. In this way, instead of learning from what someone shows to them, they rather pretend that nothing better can exist over whatever they already accomplished.
       The formal proof that "UFOs are Magnocrafts that are already flying" is like the pointer which indicates to people where such an "exhibition of technical accomplishments of the future" is open for investigation. After all, this formal proof establishes the so-called "postulate of interchangeability between UFOs and Magnocrafts" - which immensely significant consequences are discussed, amongst others, in item #D1 of the web page ufo_proof.htm, and also in item #F3 of the web page pajak_jan_uk.htm. One amongst such consequences is that people abducted to UFOs actually see with their own eyes tens of various technical devices, each one of which is able to solve numerous burning problems of the humanity. So it would be rather desirable that instead of ignoring the sightings of technical devices present in UFOs, our scientists started to research these devices and systematically copy them for the benefit of inhabitants of the Earth.

Part #L: Moral problems that are to be induced by the completion of working Magnocrafts:

#L1. Why God needs "imperfect people" and why "immorality" is an undesirable "by-product" of human imperfection:

       At the moment, when all the details of the silent interstellar spaceship called here the "Magnocraft" have been worked out and made available to the entire humanity through their publication in volumes 3 and 2 of monograph [1/5] (disseminated free of charge in internet), some people might believe that the humanity has a reason to start now "dancing from joy and pride". After all, herewith the humanity has already the complete design and principles of operation for an extremely advanced spaceship, which at speeds close to the speed of light is to silently carry human settlements to stars, and thus is to enable our civilization to colonize distant planetary systems. One may believe that the only thing left to people in order to get access to inexhaustible resources from space, is to build that "Magnocraft" right now. However, as it turns out, this access would have been so easy only in a "world without God". But in the "world created and wisely governed by omnipotent God", means in the world in which the humanity lives (as it is documented by the evidence presented in items #B1 to #B3 from the web page named changelings.htm), an access to each subsequent technical achievement of the mankind is made dependent by God on the level of morality of people who are to use this achievement - the best proof for which is the existence and operation of the so-called "curse of inventors" described most thoroughly in items #G1 to #G9 from the web page named eco_cars.htm. Such making the access of people to the new technical devices, dependent on their level of "morality", God introduced to the Earth, because "the greater are benefits that can be drawn from a given technical achievement, the more destructive this achievement becomes - if it falls into hands of morally immature people". In other words, because the completion of the working "Magnocraft" would open for people indescribably advanced technical capabilities, thus in the case when this interstellar spaceship fells into hands of morally immature people (i.e. people like some today's politicians, soldiers, bankers, etc.) then it would be able to inflict equally indescribable damages to the humanity. Why exactly this would happen, it will be explained in the further paragraphs of this "part #L" of the web page. But in order these explanations are to be understood by everyone, they have to lead the reader gradually into details of this morally significant topic - starting from the very beginning.
       In items #C1 to #C6 from the page named telekinetics.htm is described the new so-called "totaliztic science". It researches the reality which surrounds us from the philosophically opposite "a priori" approach, than it is done by the old official science - i.e. by that official "atheistic orthodox science" which we still must learn in schools and at universities. Due to such an opposite approach to research, this new "totaliztic science" managed to determine, amongst others, that the main goal for which God created humans is to "pursue the knowledge". A more comprehensive explanation of this divine goal of the creation of people is provided in subsections A3.2 from volume 1, and NF5 from volume 12, of my newest monograph [1/5], while it is summarized in item #B1 from the web page named antichrist.htm. Unfortunately for us, in order this goal of "pursuing the knowledge" could be achieved as efficiently as possible, God was forced to create humans "maximally imperfect" - as this is explained more thoroughly in item #B2 from the totaliztic web page named antichrist.htm. After all, people "absolutely perfect" would stop "pursuing of knowledge" - and they would only live their lives on the basis of the knowledge that they already have. The more imperfect are the people, the more effectively they can pursue the knowledge - but only if they live in a "morally" behaving community. Unfortunately, this maximal human imperfection has a "double-edged" consequences. On one hand it helps God in the most effective achieving the main goal of the creation of humankind, on the other hand the same our significant inborn "imperfection" is also a source of various problems. For example, because of it, the natural tendency of people is "laziness", a desire to do everything along the so-called "line of the least resistance", lust for power, a tendency to cheat and to lie, and all other human "immoralities". In turn, all these immoralities lead people to a constant slipping down into the clutches of a highly immoral philosophy that the new "totaliztic science" calls the "philosophy of parasitism". However, this immoral philosophy has this attribute, that people who are practicing it, NOT only that by themselves they cease the "pursuing of knowledge", but they also influence other people (over which they have any power) to stop "pursuing of knowledge" as well. Thus, in the final effect, the creation of humans "maximally imperfect" leads also to the situation that in the most immoral communities the so-called "curse of inventors" and the "inventive impotency" initiate the work - both of which are described in more details, amongst others, in items #G1 to #G9 from the abovementioned web page named eco_cars.htm. In turn, the "curse of inventors" and the "inventive impotency", after reaching a certain level of severity, can completely block out "pursuing of knowledge" in there, means can completely ruin the main goal for which God created humans.
       The consequence of this "double-edged" work of such "maximal human imperfections", is that from the God's point of view, the continuous carrying out of the "pursue of knowledge" (for which God created people), turns out to be quite a complicated and tricky problem. This is because in order people actually carry out "pursuing of knowledge", God is forced to constantly discourage them from practicing the immoral philosophy of parasitism that lies in their nature, and at the same time to constantly persuade them to live their lives in accordance with a set of specific rules developed experimentally by God - which rules at present we describe with the general term of "morality". This is because it so happens, that highly imperfect people voluntarily do NOT lead the "moral life". If they have a choice and an opportunity, the people themselves always choose an "immoral life" in accordance to the "line of the least resistance" - means the life that is consistent with the philosophy of parasitism. In turn for leading a moral life, imperfect people must be constantly forced somehow. Unfortunately, this necessity to continuously encourage people to lead a "moral life" forces God to keep inventing ever new methods of effective "persuasion". After all, as the knowledge and awareness of the people change over time, the old methods of persuading them to be moral begin to fail. Thus, God is constantly forced to invent and to add increasingly more new methods of such persuasion. In order to understand better further deductions, let us now review the to-date methods used by God to persuade people to lead a moral life - which methods with the elapse of time God was forced to invent and then in various ways introduce to the Earth.

#L2. Review of methods used to-date by God for persuading people to lead moral lives:

       Analysis of the human history described, for example, in the Bible (authorized-inspired by God Himself), as well as in other holy books, and also a review of methods of persuasion inherent in subsequent religions that God inspired on the Earth, give quite an interesting overview of the methods with the use of which in various ages God has used to persuade people to lead "moral lives" and simultaneously He has discouraged them from practicing immorality and practicing the highly immoral philosophy of parasitism. A curiosity of all these methods is that they form a pyramid structure. It means, when God was introducing to practice any next of them, He did NOT withdraw from the use any method used previously, but just added a new method to methods already in use. Therefore, when for example, soon after the Second World War God introduced to the use of increasingly atheistic society, a new method of "simulations" of physical beings called "UFOnauts" and "simulations" of their UFO vehicles, then He did NOT withdrew from the use former "devils" and "angels" which for atheists had to be replaced by these UFOnauts, but He allowed selected believers to still see old devils and angels. Of course, God introduced so many similar methods, that it would NOT be possible to describe them all even if the entire this web page is devoted to their explanations. However, in order to give to readers some idea as to what all these methods are about, below I am going to summarise briefly at least several most important amongst them. So here is a brief review of several most important methods introduced by God in the course of human history to persuade people to abandon immorality permanently and to voluntary lead their lives accordingly to the required by God "principles of morality".
       The first and simplest method of "persuading" people to lead moral lives, God introduced immediately after the creation of mankind and after the populating of the Earth. This method boiled down to the fact that God openly show Himself to the selected people and personally, severely and in a visible to everyone manner He punished those ones who tried to live immorally. Unfortunately, the "by-product" of this first method of God's persuasion was that the people of that time became very "religious" and began to be afraid of taking any own initiative - so that accidentally they do NOT offend God with this initiative and are NOT punished. As a result, these people lost their "free will" and stopped the "pursuing of knowledge" - means stopped their strive towards the main goal for which they were created in the first place. So if God did not change the way of making people to live morally, and He did NOT start to hide from people His presence and actions, such a forced upon the humanity deep faith and religiousness would cause that probably until today people would still live in caves and do not know even fires - as it is explained in item #F2 from the web page named evil.htm. Thus, after a relatively short time God was forced to find and to implement a different method of "persuasion".
       After that first method of persuasion, God experimented with the introduction of numerous its improvements and variations. Their examples are religions of ancient Greece, Rome, Hinduism, Buddhism, and Taoism, as well as the religion of New Zealand Maoris described in items #D1 and #D6 from the web page named newzealand_visit.htm. However, none of these improvements and variations caused a permanent adoption by people of principles of moral life. Thus God was forced to carry on His experiments.
       One amongst breakthroughs in subsequent methods of persuading people to lead moral lives, was the introduction of self-evident to humans "illustration" as to where "immoralities" are leading them, provided without depriving people of their "free will" through making them sure that the penalties imposed for the immoral life are served by God Himself. In this way was born the idea of "simulated" creating for people such supernatural creatures as "devils", "Satan", "serpents", "demons", etc. These creatures were introduced to the wide use by Christianity. They supposed to "tempt" people towards committing "immoralities". But when the immoralities have already been committed, these supernatural beings perversely "turned their backs to the people tempted by them," and "served to them various immoral filths" that by people were understood as "punishments for immorality". Unfortunately, such a "simulation" by God of the existence of supernatural "tempters" fulfilled its role only until the time when human knowledge has advanced to a certain level, i.e. to the level of the first locomotives and aircraft. This is because at such a high level of knowledge, further simulation of tempters with supernatural powers began to interfere with philosophical foundations of the atheistic "pursue of knowledge", and thus started to harm the principal goal for which the mankind was created. So God again was forced to additionally introduce yet further methods of persuasion.
       The latest breakthrough in the methods of persuasion, God introduced shortly after the Second World War. It also relies on imaginative "illustrating" consequences of immorality. However, is boils down to the "simulation" of the existence of physical creatures with evil philosophy, commonly called "UFOnauts". For the increasingly more atheistic humans these UFOnauts supposed to replace the former "devils" and other supernatural beings. UFOnauts are "simulated" by God as supposedly cosmic relatives of humans. Their civilizations are "simulated" as if they were copies of humanity that long ago have reached a high level of technical advancement - i.e. "simulated" as civilizations which a long time ago have build working versions of their own "Magnocrafts" (means vehicles commonly known to us as "UFOs"), but which at the same time are characterized by the practice of morally bankrupt philosophy of evil parasitism. This philosophy of UFOnauts causes that they secretly occupy the Earth and the humanity, drawing various parasitic benefits from this occupation of the Earth. Due to the "simulation" by God of just such a situation of the secretive occupation of the Earth by technically highly advanced, although morally decadent, relatives of humans, God is able to illustrate to people vividly and convincingly to what leads the practicing of immoral lives. In this way God accomplishes several benefits. For example, He can teach people moral living without giving the certainty of his existence, and thus without taking away the so-called "free will" from people.
       Of course, God still holds in "cold storage" even more drastic methods of "persuading" people to adopt permanent leading of moral lives. One already well announced to people amongst such methods, is to send to the Earth the evil creature known to us as "Antichrist". Explanation of the circumstances and reasons for sending this creature to the Earth is provided on a separate web page named antichrist.htm.
       For some readers the idea that is presented above will probably induce a shock. After all, most of us believe that God knows absolutely everything and does not need to learn nor experiment e.g. with the introduction of increasingly newer methods of "persuading" people to live morally. But those readers who carefully read totaliztic web pages, probably already know e.g. from the content of item #M1 of the web page evolution.htm - which discusses verses 18:20-21 from the Biblical "Book of Genesis", that in these verses God Himself openly admits He does NOT know everything and in various matters He still empirically examines, tests, researches learns, etc. (Notice, that from other points of view, this important Biblical verse 18:20-21 is also analyzed in item #B5 from the totaliztic web page named seismograph.htm, in item #D6 from the web page named newzealand_visit.htm, and in item #B4 from the web page named will.htm.)

#L2.1. The paradox of truth about the existence of God - the acceptance of this truth eliminates in us hunger to learn all other important truths:

       Even such a brief historical overview of the subsequent methods introduced by God in order to persuade to people to live moral lives, like the review presented in the above item #L2, reveals a remarkable paradox of the truth about the existence of God. Namely, the acceptance of the truth that "God does exist" causes in people a loss of hunger to explore other important truths of life. In other words, those people who are starting to be certain that God does exists, abruptly cease their efforts to learn almost all other truths. In this way, they become at least useless, if NOT malicious, for the primary goal for which God created human beings - i.e. for the goal of "advancement of knowledge". Thus, as it is explained e.g. in item #C3 (and in #C4) from the web page named will.htm, if the entire humanity consisted only people certain of God's existence, then perhaps today people would still live in caves and do not even know the fire. This means, that in order to actually carry out the "pursue of knowledge", in the vital interest of both, God and the whole of humanity, is to maintain the specified proportion of "atheists" on the Earth. After all, a feature of atheists is that their internal uncertainty regarding the existence of God induces in them a curiosity and a thirst for learning about all possible truths. In turn, because of this curiosity and thirst, atheists perfectly fulfil the divine goal of "pursuing of knowledge" for which God created and maintained the humanity. Only that in order to be free to carry out such a "pursue of knowledge", these atheists must live in morally behaving communities.
       Unfortunately, atheists also have a congenital defect which complicates the accomplishment of the divine goal of the "pursue of knowledge". Namely, they tend to ignore God's moral requirements, and they provide their own interpretations (supposedly "scientific") of the moral rules and laws. As a result, atheists cause the twisting of morality and the sliding of humanity into immorality and into the claws of parasitic philosophies - as explained in item #B2 from the web page named morals.htm. Thus, if for example, the humanity consisted exclusively of atheists, then soon people would become as immoral as the inhabitants of biblical cities of Sodom and Gomorrah - a foretaste of what already gives to us e.g. the comparison of what would happen on the Earth if Second Jesus now revealed its existence (as this is explained in item #G3 from the web page named prophecies.htm).
       Regrettably, through the spread of "immorality" the atheism initiates the work of a very harmful "side effect". After all, the "immorality" induces the activation of so-called "curse of inventors" and "inventive impotency". These in turn fast block and completely annihilate the possibility of the further "pursue of knowledge". In fact, the level of atheism which existed at the end of the 20th century, caused that in the early 21st century completely disappeared from the Earth the "real progress" (i.e. the kind of progress defined in item #G4 from the web page named eco_cars.htm, while depending on the implementation of entirely new ideas), and the humanity began to limit itself only to the "false progress" (i.e. to the finding of different applications to whatever is already known for a long time). As a result, in the interest of both God and the humanity, is that on the Earth is constantly present a specific proportion of people who know about the existence of God, and thus who obey principles of morality and moral life given to people by God. Those people sure of God's existence, are balancing the consequences of "side effects" of atheism (i.e. they are balancing the "immorality") which block a progress of knowledge, and they cause that constantly on the Earth are present some areas in which the prevailing level of morality allows atheists living in there to effectively "pursue of knowledge". That is why God uses a variety of methods the result of which is a dynamic co-existence on the Earth of both, people who are sure of the existence of God (who maintain the "morality" but neglect the "pursue of knowledge") and atheists (who are carrying out the "pursue of knowledge", but who neglect the "morality"). One amongst such methods is boiling down to ongoing struggle between the two camps, i.e. the camp of believers and camp of atheists, and on making sure that none of these two camps gets a lasting victory over the other one, and that their continued struggle always oscillate around the point of balance which facilitates God's goals. The efforts of the author of this web page, to officially establish the new so-called "totaliztic science", and at the same time do NOT wipe out the old "atheistic orthodox science", are trying to assist in these God's intentions.
       It is not difficult to notice, that because of the human inertia, at the turn of the 20th and 21st century, the balance of these struggles between atheists and people certain of God's existence, undesirably heavily leaned toward atheism. It is because of this dangerous leaning of the balance toward atheism, that God allows to appear now on the Earth such new features, as the formal scientific proofs for the existence of God, soul, creation, etc. (a history and a brief summary of which discusses item #G3 from the web page named god_proof.htm), as new ideas (including the idea of the "Magnocraft") - disseminated, among others, by the philosophy of totalizm and by the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, and as the idea of an official establishing of the new "totaliztic science" described in items #C1 and #C6 from the web page named telekinetics.htm - which would create a balance and a competition for the old "atheistic orthodox science". After all, these new ideas are one amongst possible roads that are leading the humanity to the restoration of that immensely important balance.

#L3. Human imperfection causes also, that almost everything that people manage to build, including Magnocrafts, is later used by them for purposes of destruction:

Motto: "If Magnocrafts are used for killing and for destroying, then the entire humanity may cease to exist within one day."

       The "simulation" by God of secretive occupation of the Earth by evil UFOnauts which practice the philosophy of evil parasitism, provides a far-sighted and very clever solution for one of problems which are caused by a high imperfection of people, i.e., for the "moral problem" that is to reveal itself to the humanity at the moment when working Magnocrafts are finally build. About this problem I already tried to warn, amongst others, in subsections G14 to G14.2 from volume 3 of my newest monograph [1/5], and also on several my web pages - e.g. on the web page named military_magnocraft.htm. This problem boils down to the fact, that the Magnocrafts' potential for destruction is so enormous, that if this vehicle is given in hands of today's morally imperfect militaries, then with it, they would probably destroy the entire humanity within just a single day. After all, maximally imperfect people still cling to their barbarous custom, that whatever they manage to build, always ultimately they use it for destruction purposes. Of course, God is well aware of this problem. Therefore, in order to prevent such a destruction of the entire humanity, God has taken up a number of very wise and far-sighted prevention measures. For example, since a long time God illustrates vividly to people what would be consequences of the use of this starship - if it fells in hands of morally immature people. So let us review here some amongst such consequences that already for a long time are far-sightedly and wisely illustrated to people by God.

#L4 How the "simulation" by God of the secretive occupation of the Earth by morally decadent UFOnauts, illustrates to the humanity consequences of immoral use of Magnocrafts for enslaving and exploiting human colonists from other star systems:

       After the completion of working Magnocrafts, the humanity accomplishes the ability to colonize other star systems. It will be able to embed in there self-sustaining colonies of humans. However, a consequence of the existence of such colonies in a situation when the humanity still has NOT, as yet, reached the ability to permanently maintain the required level of morality and moral life, in the final effect would cause that people would turn into slaves their own relatives from these stellar colonies. To the discussion of this kind of changing of own relatives-colonists into slaves, are devoted items #B1 to #B6 (and also the rest) from the web page named evil.htm.
       Of course, God is perfectly aware, that if having Magnocrafts in their disposal, the humanity would fast turn into slaves their own relatives which before would be send in cosmos to inhabit other stellar systems. Therefore, in order to illustrate to the humanity, how immoral would be such a change of relatives into slaves, since a long time God "simulates" on the Earth the situation, that the humanity itself is enslaved, occupied, robbed, and pushed down, by technically more advanced, but morally decadent, cosmic relatives of humans which since a long time already have working Magnocrafts in their disposal. These "simulated" by God, morally decadent relatives of humans, are popularly called "UFOnauts". A number of totaliztic web pages describes, how through the "simulation" of a hidden occupation of the Earth by these evil UFOnauts, God illustrates for people to what can lead the technical development carried out without a simultaneous moral advancement. At each of these web pages are systematically explained subsequent features and destructive capabilities of Magnocrafts, and then are illustrated for us (on the evidence available due to this divine "simulation" of the secretive occupation of the Earth by UFOnauts), how these features and destructive capabilities of Magnocrafts can be utilised for the most effective plunder and enslaving of the people. Let us now look at some of the most dangerous amongst such destructive characteristics and capabilities of the Magnocrafts, and let us indicate these totaliztic web pages that reveal how the use of these characteristics and capabilities for the hidden plunder and enslaving of the people is already illustrated to us by God.
       1. The ability to generate destructive tornadoes and hurricanes by the Magnocrafts. The consequences of this destructive capability of the Magnocrafts are illustrated, for example, by the evidence presented on totaliztic web pages named tornado.htm, katrina.htm and hurricane.htm.
       2. The ability of the Magnocrafts to generate tsunamis, earthquakes, landslides and other supposedly "natural" cataclysms. This ability of the Magnocrafts is illustrated by the evidence presented, for example, in totaliztic web pages named day26.htm, landslips.htm, and in parts of the web page named quake.htm.
       3. The ability to use the Magnocrafts to initiate fires, floods and other natural disasters that look like freaks of nature. This ability of the Magnocrafts is illustrated by the evidence presented, for example, on totaliztic web pages named military_magnocraft.htm and bandits.htm. In turn the body of evidence which documents the fact that these "freaks of nature" are controlled by God (and thus people can effectively defend themselves from these), is illustrated in items #I5 and #I3 from the web page named petone.htm.
       4. The ability to use the Magnocrafts for a hidden containment of the technical progress of humanity. This ability of the Magnocrafts is illustrated by the evidence presented, for example, on totaliztic web pages named shuttle.htm, wtc.htm, or even katowice_uk.htm.
       5. The ability to use the Magnocrafts to overthrow the political systems and for causing collapses of selected countries. This ability Magnocraft is illustrated by the evidence presented, for example, on pages named antichrist.htm and tapanui.htm.
       Of course, apart from the above uses of Magnocrafts for the direct destroying and enslaving, these interstellar space vehicles can also be used for a fast and unnoticeable transporting. This in turn allows the God's simulations of the secretive occupants of the Earth, to carry out mass abductions, mass rapes, and widespread exploitation of biological resources of the people - for descriptions of these refer to chapter U from volume 16 of my newest monograph [1/5]. Moreover, it also allows UFOnauts to conduct activities described for example on web pages named aliens.htm, sabotages.htm, plague.htm, predators.htm, changelings.htm, and a few others.

#L5. How the "simulation" by God of military and destructive consequences of the use of Magnocrafts (UFOs) illustrates the immorality of attempts to enslave, intimidate and shift back other humans in the development:

       Consequences of the destructive use of Magnocraft allow also for an instant erasure from the existence of entire cities and nations by militaries that have working Magnocrafts to their disposal. For the warning presentation of the huge destructive potential of Magnocrafts, I devoted, amongst others, the abovementioned subsections G14 to G14.2 from volume 3 of my newest monograph [1/5].
       Of course, God also knows perfectly well, that if getting working Magnocrafts, immoral militaries and politicians would fast annihilate many cities and countries inhabited by their enemies. Thus, in order to also illustrate vividly to the humanity, how immoral would be such an "erasure from the existence" of entire cities and nations, and also to illustrate, how easy is to destroy - if one has working Magnocrafts, since a long time God "simulates" on the Earth the situation, that selected communities, and also the entire humanity, is repetitively attacked and destroyed by owners of UFO vehicles identical to our Magnocrafts. Also, a whole range of totaliztic web pages is devoted to descriptions, how through a "simulation" of the use of UFOs to the destruction of people and their properties, God illustrates to what can lead the development of the Magnocrafts carried out without a concomitant moral development of mankind. A good example of such an open use of the Magnocrafts as a weapon of mass destruction, may be the destruction by UFOs of a small village from Ethiopia called "Saladare" - described in item #E5 from the web page named military_magnocraft.htm. Other examples of almost an open use of UFO vehicles as a "weapon of mass destruction" are described on the totaliztic web page named day26.htm; on the totaliztic web page named evidence.htm (e.g. see item #E2 in there); on the web page named wtc.htm - the entire of which is devoted to the explanation how "WTC" skyscrapers in New York were destroyed by a "simulation" of a UFO vehicle type K6; on the web page named tapanui.htm - the entire of which is devoted to the explanation how with the use of explosion of several Magnocrafts (UFOs) it is possible to shift polarity of the Earth, thus causing a "small ice epoch" and permanently changing the climate on the entire Earth; and also are described in several sections from the totaliztic web page named bandits.htm.

#L6. How the "simulation" of UFOs by God prepares also a kind of "cosmic teaching aids", by means of which the training of people for the effective "soldiers of God" will be possible in the future:

       Opposite to humans, who typically work in such a way that they try to achieve a single goal with each single one amongst their actions, everything that God does is always aimed at achieving simultaneously a whole series of superior goals with each single God's action. UFO "simulations" also are to serve for more than a single purpose. In order to give here the reader an idea as to what can be an example of another divine goal for UFOs and UFOnauts simulations, I recommend to have a look at item #B1.1 from the web page named antichrist.htm, and at item #J3 from the web page named malbork_uk.htm. Those items and web pages discuss, amongst others, prevention measures revealed by the analysis of the author of this web page, with the aid of which God most probably prepares Himself for the event that our world and our God may in the future be confronted with another world ruled by a different god. Indeed, as it can be guessed, in the event of such a confrontation, God needs to have prepared in advance a plan of action, and also a well-trained army of His own "soldiers". As it turns out, "simulations" of UFOs, UFOnauts, and planets on which these UFOnauts reside, let God, to start already in the present times the activity of undertaking and carrying out a selection and training of people for the future effective "soldiers of God". The course and results of this training since a long time have been planned to intensify when the humanity will be able to travel all over the physical universe in interstellar cities-vehicles described in item #J3 from the web page named malbork_uk.htm, and mentioned in the Bible under the name of the "New Jerusalem".

Part #M: Summary, and the final information of this web page:

#M1. Summary of this web page:

       At the beginning of this web page we reminded ourselves that in His infinitive wisdom God created everything in pairs. Therefore, amongst others, the "electric motor" has its pair in the form of the "Magnocraft" described here, while every problem has a pair in the form of a solution for this problem. On the other hand, just a careful look at today's physical world reveals what is a major problem of present people and what could provide a solution for this problem. And so, this problem is the parasitic philosophy that spreads amongst people. It is this parasitic philosophy that instigates the infinitive greed of people at the top. It is this philosophy that makes one group of nations to waste food, while remaining nations starve to death. It is also this parasitism that induces the destruction of nature and the irreversible changes of climate. In turn a solution for this problem of humanity would be the Magnocraft described on this web page - of course if people undertook the construction of it. After all, the completion of the Magnocraft would take humans to other planets and open for the humanity unlimited resources of the cosmic space. Unfortunately, from the historic research we know that only the inventor is able to build fast, chip, and without fuss, the device that he invented. When people do NOT allow this device to be built by the inventor, then other people will need incomparably more time and unproportionally more resources and investments. Thus, there are questions which would be worth to ask. For example. Is it wise to continue this ignoring the invention of the Magnocraft, which already extends over quarter of century. Is it wise to allow that the time runs out for the completion of this space vehicle by its inventor. Who benefits from the fact that in 21 century the inventor of the "Magnocraft" and the "Oscillatory Chamber", as well as the creator of the "Concept of Dipolar Gravity" and the "philosophy of totalizm" is forced to waste his potential by being kept unemployed and idle only because these who supposed to see, are purposely keeping their eyes shut. Is it rational that everyone who could do something in this matter, rather prefers to watch in television these countless reports about further errors and mistakes committed by present politicians, making himself so preoccupied with the television reality that in the real life has NO time left for supporting with action the development of such devices as the Magnocraft, or the "Time Vehicle" capable to open immortality for the enjoyment of people.

#M2. How with the web page named "skorowidz_links.htm" one can find totaliztic descriptions of topics in which he is interested:

       A whole array of topics equally interesting as these from the above web page, is also discussed from the angle that is unique to the philosophy of totalizm. All these related topics can be found and identified with the use of content index prepared especially to make easier finding these web pages and topics. The name "index" means a list of "key words" usually provided at the end of textbooks, which allows to find fast the description or the topic in which we are interested. My web pages also has such a content "index" - only that it is additionally supplied in green links which after "clicking" at them with a mouse immediately open the web page with the topic that interest the reader. This content "index" is provided on the web page named skorowidz_links.htm. It can be called from the "organising" part of "Menu 1" of every totaliztic web page. I would recommend to look at it and to begin using it systematically - after all it brings closer hundreds of totaliztic topics which can be of interest to everyone.

#M3. Emails to the author of this web page:

       Current email addresses to the author of this web page, i.e. officially to Dr Eng. Jan Pajak while courteously to Prof. Dr Eng. Jan Pajak, at which readers can post possible comments, opinions, descriptions, or information which in their opinion I should learn, are provided on the web page named pajak_jan_uk.htm (for its version in the HTML language), or the web page named pajak_jan_uk.pdf (for the version of the web page "pajak_jan_uk.pdf" in safe PDF format - which safe PDF versions of further web pages by the author can also be downloaded via links from item #B1 of the web page named text_11.htm).
       The author's right for the use of courteous title of "Professor" stems from the custom that "with professors is like with generals", namely when someone is once a professor, than he or she courteously remains a professor forever. In turn the author of this web page was a professor at 4 different universities, i.e. at 3 of them, from 1 September 1992 untill 31 October 1998, as an "Associate Professor" from English-based educational system, while on one university as a (Full) "Professor" (since 1 March 2007 till 31 December 2007 - means at the last place of employment in his professional life).
       However, please notice that because of my rather chronic lack of time, I reluctantly reply to emails which contain JUST time consuming requests, while simultaneously they document a complete ignorance of their author in the topic area which I am researching.

Fig. G1 in [4b]: Dr Jan Pajak, means myself - the author of this web page, shown on the background of New Zealand landscape.
       At the time of taking this photograph I was a lecturer in computer science in a New Zealand polytechnic. I specialised in Software Engineering while later also in Web Technologies and in Information Processing using Web Technologies. But in my original academic specialisation I have mastered quite a good level of expertise in engineering, sciences, and mathematics, towards which my education and a significant proportion of professional experience was oriented. In turn my research, financed from my private pocket and carried out continually since 1972, by embarrassed decision makers called "hobby" (I prefer to call them "free lance research") is aimed, amongst others, at the development of new ideas and new directions for technologies and for human outlooks of the future, including new futuristic propulsion systems, new energy generation and storing devices, new communication devices, new systems for remote detection of impending earthquakes, new advanced earthquake warning systems, and many more. Unfortunately, this research is named my "hobby" not by my choice, but by necessity, or "must". This is because my already around 40 years-long searches for a research institution which would accept my continually open offer of official researching these topics, so-far are unsuccessful (i.e. it well may be that at the moment there is no such institution on our planet - if by any chance you accidentally find or create one, please make sure to let me know). Also the name "hobby" completely does not fit to the subject area of this research. After all, it implies the orientation mainly towards personal gains. However, what kind of personal gains one may accomplish through development of a starship, an accumulator of energy of unlimited capacitance, or an alarming device that warns of impending earthquakes. Because so-far does not exist an institution on the Earth that would be interested in sponsoring this research, to earn somehow for its financing (and also for my own living), whenever I managed to secure a job, I mainly was carrying out a basic lecturing and research in the area that I was hired to do. In turn funds that I managed to earn, and almost the entire spare time I had in my disposal, I devoted to this "hobby" research on technologies and philosophies of the future. For more details about the course of my life and fate of a constant wanderer, see the web page pajak_jan_uk.htm - about me.

#M4. A copy of this web page is also disseminated as a brochure from series [11] in the safe format "PDF":

       This web page is also available in the form of a brochure marked [11], which is prepared in "PDF" ("Portable Document Format") - currently considered to be the most safe amongst all internet formats, as normally viruses cannot cling to PDF. This clear brochure is ready both, for printing, as well as for reading from a computer screen. It also has all its green links still active. Thus, if it is read from the computer screen connected to internet, then after clicking onto these green links, the linked web pages and illustrations will open. Unfortunately, because the volume of it is around a double of the volume of web page which this brochure publishes, the memory limitations on a significant number of free servers which I use, do NOT allow to offer it from them (so if it does NOT download from this address, because it is NOT available on this server, then you should click onto any other address from Menu 3, and then check whether in there it is available). In order to open this brochure (and/or download it to own computer), it suffices to either click on the following green link or to open from any totaliztic web site the PDF file named as in the above green link.
       If the reader wishes to check, whether some other totaliztic web page which he or she just is studying, is also available in the form of such PDF brochure, then should check whether it is listed amongst links from "part #B" of the web page named text_11.htm. This is because links from there indicate all totaliztic web pages, which are already published as such brochures from series [11] in PDF format. I wish you a fruitful reading!

#M5. Copyrights © 2014 by Dr Jan Pajak:

       Copyrights © 2014 by Dr Jan Pajak. All rights reserved. This web page is a report from outcomes of research of the author - only that is written in a popular language (so that it can be understood by readers with non-scientific orientation). Majority of ideas presented on this web page (and also in other publications by the author) are unique for the author’s research, and thus from the same angle these ideas were NOT presented by any other researcher. As such, this web page presents a number of ideas which are the intellectual property of the author. Therefore, the content of this web page is the subject to the same laws of intellectual ownership as every other scientific publication. Especially the author reserves for himself the moral credit and copyrights for the scientific theories, discoveries and inventions mentioned or utilised on this web page. Therefore, the author reserves that during repeating any idea presented on this web page (i.e. any theory, principle, explanation, deduction, interpretation, device, evidence, proof, etc.), the repeating person revealed and confirmed who is the original author of this idea (means, as it is used to say in creative circles, the repeating person provided a full moral "credit" and recognition to the author of this web page), through a clear explanation that a given idea is repeated from the web page authorised by Dr Jan Pajak, through indication of the internet address of this web page under which this idea was originally explained, and through mentioning the date of most recent update of this web page (i.e. the date indicated below).
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