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23 July 2013

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We pretend that we are "highly civilised". But really we live in especially immoral times. If, for example, Jesus appears right now amongst people, and does whatever in the Bible is described as guidelines for the exceptionally moral behaviour ordered to people by God, then everything that He would do, today would turn-out to be illegal and punishable by law. Moral standards of people were so significantly deviated and devaluated in the meantime, that even the most moral actions of Jesus Himself, today would turn to be punished by law, taken as offences by many loud but influential people, and treated with hostility by some rich people and politicians - as satirically this is illustrated in items #D1 and #C3 of the web page named antichrist.htm and item #G3 of the web page named prophecies.htm. As the result, in present immoral times Jesus probably would also meet the fate similar to that in antiquity, while in face of such obvious disobedience God would again be forced to punish, persecute, and disperse over the world the responsible nation - similarly like for the duration when Christianity prevails God is doing this with Jews. This present high immorality of people stems from the monopole and incompetence of the to-date official human science, which with its primitive tools still is unable to research and to encompass God, therefore it insinuates that "God does NOT exist" and promotes the behaviour type "enjoy life because there is NO hell" (see item #A2 below, or item #I1 on the web page named god_exists.htm). In turn, if any present scientist researches officially God (e.g. researches commands of God expressed in the Bible), then always does it with the intention of "negating" - e.g. proving that a given miracle could be fabricated, insisting that given events were just coincidental, etc. In turn, with such an attitude, these scientists are unable to take notice of many truths, which for a significant number of people later turn out to be the matter of life or death. For example, these scientists are unable to notice, that immorally acting communities God subjects to group punishments by hitting them with cataclysms - as this is explained in items #C1 and #E2 of the web page named day26.htm, or items #I5 and #I3 of this web page. Or notice, that institutions which ceased to listen to the voice of conscience are "eliminated" by God, while individual people deaf to the voice of their conscience are prematurely put to death by God - according to the "principle of extinction of most immoral" (explained, amongst others, in items #G4 and #G1 from the web page named will.htm, in item #A2.7 from the web page totalizm.htm, or in item #B1 from the web page named changelings.htm). Or understand, that every war in the final count is always lost by the aggressor - as this is explained in items #I2 and #E3 from the web page bitwa_o_milicz_uk.htm. Or realise that the so-called "scientific morality", mentioned in item #I5 from this web page, in reality is a version of "immorality" and is punished by God equally severely as every other form of immoral behaviour. (This "scientific morality" are moral rules which fulfil the scientific definition of "morality" quoted in item #B2 from the web page named morals.htm, and thus which are recommended to people by representatives of various disciplines from present official science - in spite, that they do NOT fulfil at all the definition of "true morality" ordered to people by God, which definition is provided in item #B5 from the web page morals.htm.) Through ignoring the fact, that God has its own goals to accomplish and own methods leading to these goals, these "atheistic orthodox scientists" are also unable to detect, that all communities can effectively defend themselves from cataclysms - as this is explained in items #H1, #I2 and #J1 from the web page quake.htm, that institutions may easily avoid being "eliminated", while individual people can disperse the danger of premature death by just a change of practiced philosophy into totalizm - as this is explained e.g. in items #G6 and #G7 from the web page will.htm. In the result of these ignorant behaviours of the official science, our civilisation increasingly more denies the truth about God, increasingly closer approaches an anarchy and self-destruction, as well as increasingly more is punished for its immorality with evermore destructive cataclysms, while the longevity of people, instead of increasing, lately started to decrease because of the need of premature putting to death by God of all these most immoral individuals. Fortunately for the truth, not long ago emerged a different, and competitive towards the old, new science called the "totaliztic science" (i.e. the science described in item #A2 of this web page). This new science gradually straightens errors and deviations introduced by the old so-called "atheistic orthodox science" (i.e. by this old, monopolistic, official science, which erroneous claims we still must learn in schools and at universities). In turn, one amongst topics included into this straightening of errors and deviations of the official science, is the truth of statements from the Bible. This web page in its "part #I" (especially in items #I3 and #I3.1) provides a body of evidence which confirms the truth of God's promise from the Bible that "God is NOT going to send any cataclysm to destroy or to seriously harm a town or a community in which lives at least 10 so-called 'righteous' people". This body of evidence is described below in items #I3, #I3.1 and #I5. It remains verifiable by every reader. After all, it concerns well documented facts and communities (i.e. it is based on facts described in newspaper articles available in internet, it concerns phenomena and places also described in internet - e.g. the present New Zealand township named "Petone" located in suburbia of Wellington, in which township lives, amongst others, the author of this web page, etc.). Thus, in the situation when the city of Christchurch trembled repetitively by God, would NOT even look at the public offer of the author of this web page, to stop further earthquakes in there with the method based on morality and described in items #J1 and #P5.1 from the web page named quake.htm, probably a lot of years must still elapse before any other scientifically confirmed body of evidence for the absolute truth of statements and promises from the Bible becomes also commonly available in internet. In the meantime, the township of Petone and the city of Christchurch from New Zealand perhaps will get opportunities to enter legends on morality, similarly like to legends got the city of "Nineveh" described in the Bible and the city of "Wineta" described in item #H2 from the web page named tapanui.htm.

Petone, New Zealand, 17 October 2012

Part #A: Introductory information of this web page:


#A1. What are goals of this web page:

       The goal of this web page is to document scientifically on the verifiable by every researcher, really occurring examples, that because of the permanent living of so-called "10 righteous" in the vicinity of the New Zealand township Petone, this township enjoys a "special treatment" from God - and (as the Bible promises this) it is in fact clearly protected from cataclysmic phenomena that trouble other nearby towns and cities.

#A2. The body of evidence presented on this web page could be gathered only because of the eventuation of the new "totaliztic science" with its "a priori" approach to research:

       Already as small children we all experience one amongst the most fundamental truths of our physical world, namely that "in order something we get to know really well, we must to view it, examine it, or research it from more than just a single side, point of view, approach, etc." This is why even as small children, we look at every toy and every object from front and back, from side and in overhead view, and at every possible angle of sight that is available to us. In turn when we become adult, then we do NOT buy a car, house, nor we acquire anything else (e.g. a wife) is we do NOT examine this thoroughly from at least front and back, and frequently also from every other possible side. Unfortunately, about this fundamental truth most clearly have forgotten human luminaries of the science. After all, the present official science researches the entire reality that surrounds us from just a single philosophical approach, which is called "a posteriori" means "from effects to causes". In the result, this science learn at the most only "a half" of the reality around us. After all, in order to learn also this other half of reality, the humanity will need to officially establish also the second entirely new science, which will be "competitive" towards the old, and which will undertake scientific research of the surrounding reality from a completely opposite approach, by philosophers called "a priori", means "from the cause to the effect" or "from God understood as the superior cause to the reality around us understood as the effect of actions of that God".
       So far, if any scientist researched, or researches, something officially from that "a posteriori" approach (e.g. researched or researches origins of the universe, or statements from the Bible), then his most important although hidden goal automatically becomes the "negation of God" (e.g. the attempt to prove, that the universe eventuated without the participation from God, or to prove that all statements of the Bible can be formulated without the need for the existence of God). After all, "a posteriori" approach (i.e. "from effects to causes") of the old official science is based on the assumption that "God does NOT exist", which is expressed by the so-called "Occam's Razor". This assumption represents a philosophical foundation of the present (old) official human science. (NOT without reasons this old science by some people is called the "atheistic orthodox science".) What even worse, to some "luminaries of the science" is NOT enough that the old "atheistic orthodox science" as a whole negates God, but they alone, completely privately, exploit their scientific titles, academic positions, and high salaries (financed by taxpayers), in order to undertake public campaigns aimed at convincing people to the attitude expressed by the old Polish proverb "indulge the souls because there is NO hell" (in the original Polish language "hulaj dusza piekła nie ma"). An example of just such a campaign was not long ago placing on English and New Zealand buses advertisement saying that "There's probably no God. Now stop worrying and enjoy your life" described e.g. in item #E1 from the totaliztic web page named will.htm or in item #A2 from the totaliztic web page named timevehicle.htm. In addition to this, such "luminaries of the science" that occupy positions of decision makers, exert a powerful pressure onto their subordinates and onto other scientists, so that these in everything that they do officially also "negated God". In the result, almost until today, no-one on the Earth undertook scientific research of the reality around us from that second philosophical approach called "a priori", which would allow the humanity to learn also that "second" part of truth, that is overlooked by the old official science.
       Fortunately for the truth, in 1985 was formulated a new scientific theory called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity. It has proven formally the existence of God. In turn with that proof it created philosophical and scientific foundations for a completely new science, called the "totaliztic science". This new science researches the reality around us just from that opposite to previous one, "a priori" approach (i.e. "from the cause to effects"). In that approach this new science is already able to learn also that second, overlooked by the old science, and missing half of truth about the reality around us. (E.g. with the researching of the universe it can establish scientifically how really the universe eventuated - for details of this true origins of the universe see subsections A1 to A3 from volume 1 of my newest monograph [1/5]. In turn by researching the Bible it can scientifically determine "how" and "why" God does whatever the Bible states, "which body of evidence confirms this", etc.) This web page presents results of some amongst findings of this new totaliztic science.
       In present days intensify pressures of the old official science to guarantee it an absolute "monopole" in entrenching in people exclusively atheistic views adhered by that old science. These pressures manifest themselves already in practically every area of the life. Their perfect example are increasingly more powerful persecutions of Christian believes and systems of values, expressed e.g. through an official undertaking persecution acts described, amongst others, in the article [1#C3] from item #C3 below, or described in the article [1#A2] entitled "Christians persecuted by courts, ex-archbishop says", from page B1 of the New Zealand newspaper The Dominion Post, issue dated on Tuesday, April 17, 2012; or actions described in the article [2#A2] entitled " ' No right' to wear cross at UK work", from page B3 of the New Zealand newspaper The Dominion Post, issue dated on Monday, March 12, 2012. (Intriguing that the present scientists seem to be unable to notice, that such scientific persecution of Christians and the "new age crusade" of the official science against the "belief in God", in fact represents still another confirmation for the existence of God. After all, the behaviour of that science only confirms, that towards the so-called "group intellect", which are Christians, just started to act the group version of karma and the ruling over this karma the so-called "Boomerang Principle" - described, amongst others, in item #C4.4 of the web page named morals.htm or in item #B3 of the web page named mozajski_uk.htm. This principle causes that currently Christians receive back, amongst others from atheists, the so-called "return of group karma" for the treatment that they subjected atheists to during times of medieval inquisition and burning unbelievers on stakes, similarly like various other "group intellects" also receive currently returns of karma for whatever they did in past - e.g. England receives the return of karma of colonialism, Europe receives the return of karma for its "crusades", New Zealand receives the return of karma from around 200 years ago, i.e. from times of the arrival of first white settlers to that country, USA receives the return of karma from times of slavery, etc. In turn the sole fact that this Boomerang Principle works in the real life and serves the "self-regulating" justice, is the confirmation of the existence of God, because truly only God is able to supervise and execute such "boomerang" actions of the mechanisms of morality.) Other examples of such pressures of the old science onto accepting by people atheistic views, can be the abovementioned placing advertisements on buses, thus persuading people to become atheists (i.e. advertisements of the kind "There's probably no God. Now stop worrying and enjoy your life" from London and New Zealand buses - described amongst others in item #E1 from the web page named will.htm); or official implementation of various manners of moral (atheistic) corrupting of present youth - e.g. see such manners described in item #B5.1 at abovementioned web page named will.htm, or described in item #D3 of the web page named god_exists.htm. But the most detrimental for the humanity is establishing of the "monopole of official science" in teaching in schools exclusively atheistic views. A manifestation of this monopole is, amongst others, that scientists openly forbid teaching "creationism" in schools and force that taught in there is only "evolutionism". An example of such pressures are fates of so-called "Monkey Bill" (means the right to teach creationism in schools) - described in the article [3#A2] entitled "Scientists campaign for veto on controversial Monkey Bill" from page B1 of the New Zealand newspaper The Dominion Post, issue dated on Wednesday, April 11, 2012. In turn giving up to these pressures introduces a very dangerous precedence of establishing a monopole for just a single kinds of views (i.e. atheistic). Therefore one amongst goals that the new "totaliztic science" set for itself, is to realise to people, that all monopoles, including also the "monopole for knowledge and views" of the old "atheistic orthodox science", are highly dangerous and very detrimental for people - as this is explained more comprehensively item #H1 from the web page named humanity.htm. So instead of the to-date teaching in schools just one-directional views, e.g. only the "scientific evolutionism" or in the future - only the "totaliztic creationism" (i.e. "creationism" based on the new theory of everything called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity and on the resulting from that theory the highly moral philosophy of totalizm), the new "totaliztic science" argues, that the most benefits will bring to the humanity the official teaching in schools both these views simultaneously - so that the healthy and progress bringing scientific "competition" between both of them could inspire and accelerate the discovery by people where really truth lies.
       More information about both above sciences "competitive" towards each other, i.e. about the old "atheistic orthodox science" and about the new "totaliztic science", and also about their approaches to research and capabilities, presents, amongst others, item #A2.6 from the web page named totalizm.htm, items #C1 to #C6 from the web page named telekinetics.htm, item #J2 from the web page named pajak_jan_uk.htm, item #B1 from the web page named tornado.htm, items #F1.1 to #F3 from the web page named god_exists.htm, and also several further totaliztic publications.

#A3. This web page presents results of another research completed by the new "totaliztic science", which on the basis of empirical evidence verify objectively and scientifically the truth of statements (promises of God) contained in the holy Bible authorised (inspired) by God Himself:

       Problem with our objective knowledge on the subject of God and on the subject of statements and knowledge contained in the Bible, is that in fact so-far NO-one tried to apply modern scientific methods and tools for carrying out objective and unbiased verifications of our knowledge regarding God - as I am continually trying to explain and emphasize this in my publications (e.g. see item #A2 of the web page named healing.htm). After all, religions order us to "believe them just on their word" in all matters relating to God and relating to claims of holy books. In turn the old so-called "atheistic orthodox science" concentrates mainly on spectacular "negation" of everything that concerns God (instead of researching everything objectively and impartially) - as I am explaining and emphasize this, amongst others, in the introduction to this web page. Thus, the new "totaliztic science" is the first science in the history of humanity, which with the use of modern tools of present science tries to objectively verify on the body of empirical evidence which is available to it, the truth of our knowledge on the subject of God, on statements contained in the Bible, on vital differences that must exist between the hypothetical "world deprived of God" and the world created and intelligently governed by omnipotent God in which we live (as these vital differences are described in item #B1 from the web page named changelings.htm), etc., etc.
       Until the present day the new "totaliztic science" managed to verify objectively and scientifically on the empirical evidence available to it a number of statements contained in the Bible. Listed below are topics of these verifications and links to these items on totaliztic web pages and publications, in which results of these objective verifications of the statements from the Bible were presented by the new "totaliztic science". Here they are:
       1. The promise of God from the Bible that He is NOT going to destroy any town, city, or community in which lives at least 10 so-called "righteous". This promise turns out to be immensely important for people. After all, in present times of cataclysms and disasters it gives us to hands a relatively easy for implementing method of self-defence from cataclysms. Results of the scientific verification of this immensely important promise from God are presented in items #I3 to #I5 from this web page. In turn a number of methods of defence from cataclysms, which are based on this promise from God, is described in items #I1 to #J1 of the web page named quake.htm.
       2. The discreet warning of God provided in the Bible, that is going to be killed every person which ceased to listen to the voice of his or her conscience. The consequence of this warning is, that e.g. if any parent does NOT discipline his or her children and teenagers with a proverbial "rod", then he or she allows them to develop a deafness to the voice of conscience, and in this way probably endangers them to die while still in a young age. The interpretation of examples of these God's warnings, and also the mechanism which in children deprived of disciplining with a rod can cause a premature death, is presented in item #G1 of a separate web page named will.htm. As this new "totaliztic science" established, such killing of immorally acting people (i.e. people that are deaf to the voice of their conscience) is a component of the principle of the "survival of most moral" which God consequently implements on the Earth. (Other components of the same principle of the "survival of most moral" include e.g. bankrupting by God institutions which become deaf to the voice of their conscience, or loosing wars always by the aggressors.) This principle of the "survival of most moral" in fact is implemented by God equivalent for the Darwin's principle of the "survival of fittest" - which, however, on the Earth is applying only to the world of wild animals deprived of conscience. Unfortunately, the incompetent old "atheistic orthodox science" erroneously tells the humanity, that that principle of the "survival of fittest" from the animal world is applying also to people equipped in the organ of conscience. The general principle of the "survival of most moral" is described more comprehensively in item #B1 from the web page named changelings.htm. In turn the detailed presentation of results of objective verification of God's warning described here on empirical evidence available to the new "totaliztic science" is presented in items #G1 to #G7 of the web page named will.htm.
       3. The explanation of God in the Bible, that everything that for people is "visible" was created from what to people remains "invisible". The explanation of the new "totaliztic science" that the entire visible "physical world" is formed through appropriate organising the invisible for people and intelligent so-called "counter-matter" with a natural "program", is described in (5) from item #C12 on the web page named bible.htm. This explanation is based on the detected only lately by the relatively new "Theory of Everything" called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, the invisible for people substance called "counter-matter". It is worth to also notice, that that natural "program" which organises that invisible "counter-matter" into the visible for people "matter", in the Bible is called "word" of God. In turn in times when people did NOT know the present idea of a "program", the terminology "word" perfectly illustrated of what today we call "information", and also "algorithm", and "program".
       4. The explanation from the Bible, that "women" were created as complementing and extension of "men", which in the union with men forms something much better than each one amongst these two genders taken separately, NOT just as copies of men designated for independent from men life, decision making, governing, procreation, etc. This explanation is confirmed in item #B2 from the web page named antichrist.htm.
       5. The God's command from the Bible, that people are NOT allowed to practice homosexuality. High social damages caused by homosexual practices which caused issuing this God's command, are confirmed and explained in item #B4 from the web page named antichrist.htm. In turn one amongst manners on which God discreetly punishes today (without taking away "free will" from people) every promotion of open homosexual practices, is documented with evidence from item #I3.1 below on this web page.
       As the reader can check by himself or herself on the verification procedures presented at the abovementioned links, each single statement from the Bible that was already verified scientifically by the new "totaliztic science", turns out to express an absolute "truth". In addition, the old "atheistic orthodox science" only groundlessly scoff at the Bible, negating the content of it exclusively in a speculative manner which is NOT based on any empirical evidence, and which is just a product theoretical deliberations of individual scientists. Also none scientist managed to prove conclusively, that in the Bible is contained untrue information of any misleading claim. All this taken together, obliges us to start treating and study the statements from the Bible with the respect, professionalism and objectivity that they deserve, and with which started to relate to them only the new "totaliztic science". (More on the subject of scientific confirmations of stataments from the Bible is explained in item #G7 of the web page named will.htm.)

#A4. This web page is another one in a whole series of web pages which I authorise, and which are devoted to the extraordinary places on the Earth, my living in which influenced the shaping of the philosophy of totalizm:

       To other web pages which I also authorise, and which describe human settlements in which I lives at some stage and which inhabitants influenced somehow the gradual formation of the present form of the philosophy of totalizm and the new "totaliztic science", include (click on their names below to view any of them): wszewilki_uk.htm, wszewilki_jutra_uk.htm, stawczyk_uk.htm, milicz_uk.htm, bitwa_o_milicz_uk.htm, wszewilki_milicz.htm, sw_andrzej_bobola_uk.htm, wroclaw_uk.htm, malbork_uk.htm, prophecies.htm, korea.htm. Almost the only village on the subject of which I still have NOT prepared a complete web page, although I lived in it almost for a whole school year, and although it exerted a significant influence on my philosophical awareness, is the Polish village Cielcza near Jarocin. Although I already started and published in internet an initial form of the web page about Cielcza, it still requires a bit of "fine tuning" and "polishing". But when I will be in Poland a next time, then I intend to visit also this village, refresh my memories, and then add final touches to that web page and to the description of influence that it exerted on the eventuation of the philosophy of totalizm.

Part #B: What is this "Petone":


#B1. Where Petone is located:

       Petone is a small township located around 8 kilometres to the north from the centre of Wellington - i.e. from the capitol of New Zealand. On 17th April 2012 statistics quoted the population of Petone at equal to 6609 persons - means approximately close to the number of people living in the Polish village named Cielcza, which I am mentioning in item #A3 of this web page. (However, from that date the population of Petone township probably already declined - as described in the article [1#B1] entitled "Skilled and cashed-up Kiwis flee in numbers", from page A5 of the New Zealand newspaper The Dominion Post, issue dated on Thursday, December 22, 2011. After all, the numerous monopolies, with which New Zealand has overgrown, brought to this country so many price increases, such high cost of living, and such level of bureaucracy, complexity, inefficiency and unemployment, that the life in there is becoming increasingly difficult and a growing number of New Zealanders "pats" an increasing poverty.) Actually, Petone is considered by locals as one of the suburbs of capitol Wellington. However, because to Wellington leads one road and one rail which extend along a narrow contact area between the steep slope of the mountain range visible on the horizon of photograph from "Fig. #B1a", and the bay called "Wellington Harbour" - also recognized on that photograph, actually Petone is an unconnected township separated from Wellington due to the lack of buildings along the length of up to several kilometres. (Note that the narrow passage carved into the rock-ledge on which this highway and railway tracks run, do NOT allow any buildings to be also placed in there.)
       Petone is located at the outlet from a long valley bordered by two mountain ranges and pointed towards the sea in the direction from north to south. Petone is the last township at the southern end of this valley. After Petone this valley delves into the sea and forms a kind of bay called the "Welligton Harbour". To south from Petone is located the capitol city of Wellington. It is no longer positioned in this valley, but by the peak areas of the mountain range that constitutes the western boundary of the valley - in the place where this range delves into the sea so deep that the tops of some of these mountains descend down almost to the level of sea. To the north from Petone, in the same valley is located a number of other towns, the nearest of which to Petone is "Lower Hutt". From Lower Hutt Petone is separated by quite a wide river called "Hutt River", the mouth of which to the Wellington Harbour is visible on the photograph from "Fig. #B1a". After reaching Petone the river crosses the valley diagonally, from the western to the eastern ridge of the mountain spine. Being so limited up on three sides by (1) the river, (2) the western maountain ridge, and (3) the beach of Wellington Harbour, buildings of Petone are forced to spread over the area shaped into a triangle.
       Petone is connected with Wellington with one highway and one railway line - both running along this rock-ledge at the edge of the Wellington Harbour. The easiest way to get from the airport in Wellington to Petone is by using an orange-painted bus number 91 - called "Airport Flyer". A transfer from the airport in Wellington to Petone lasts around a half of hour. About the ticket price I am not definitely clear, as it grows repetitively every short period of time. At the time of writing this paragraph a ticket costed around NZ$ 10.
       Similarly as in nearly all of New Zealand, also in Petone everything works on the principle of "old boys networks". After all, almost everyone here knows everyone else - sometimes even for several generations. Also each one calls here others by their Christian name. Since being the creator of totalizm and the researcher of philosophical trends, it is for me highly interesting to compare the work of mechanisms of life in Petone, with mechanisms that I still remember from the Polish village Cielcza - in which also everything was handled on the similar basis of "everyone knowing everyone". The reason why this induces such my curiosity is that both these human settlements are occupying almost opposite ends of the moral spectrum.

Fig. #B1a. Fig. #B1b.

Fig. #B1ab: Sights of the township of Petone from the suburb of Wellington, New Zealand. These photographs illustrate a typical appearance of the township in a nice day. Unfortunately, lately nice days appear rather rarely in the capitol Wellington, which in New Zealand is known as a "windy city". In turn because Petone is in close proximity to usually cloudy and wind-swiped Wellington, also typical weather in Petone is a windy day, cloudy sky, fog over the airport, and frequent rain. Only that in the consequence of close presence of so-called "10 righteous" (explained better in item #I2 of this web page), Petone is incomparably less frequently troubled with fogs than Wellington - what excellently illustrates the photograph from "Fig. #B1a" - which captured fog accumulating over Wellington, while Petone is free from it. (After all, opposite to clouds, fogs are a frequent cause of transportation difficulties, paralyses of airports, collisions and accidents if cars, etc. Thus, similarly like with cataclysms, also, amongst others, the intelligent "mother nature" manifests through fogs its triggered by moral mechanisms "disapprovals", "warnings", "hostile attitudes towards given communities", etc.) Thus days when the sky above Wellington and Petone is free from clouds, as on the above photographs, are more exceptions than norms. (Click on any above photo to see it enlarged.)
       Fig. #B1a (left): The general view of Petone photographed in the direction from east to west from the top of a narrow mountain range which separates the township of Petone from the settlement of Wainuiomata. Because of this mountain range, Wainuiomata does NOT lie in the same "range of destruction" as Petone. (What is that "range of destruction", explains item #G2 from the web page named day26.htm.) Thus many cataclysms which cause significant destruction in Wainuiomata, does NOT do any harm in Petone. Notice on this photograph the sea bay called the "Wellington Harbour", the mouth of river called "Hutt River", and a section of long, straight beach in Petone covered with black gravel. Along this straight section of beach I like to walk in nice days around lunch hours. I also like to sit on a bench and enjoy views from that pier in Petone running into sea, which thin outline one can see around a half of length of a straight section of the beach. around a half of left edge of the photograph is also visible on the bay a part of the Island closest to Petone, called "Somes Island" - which is also visible on photographs "Fig. #B1b" and "Fig. #I3a" from this web page. This island is a nature reserve now, while in past it was a place of quarantine (and isolation) for people accused that they bring some dangerous illness to New Zealand. One should also notice the general "atmosphere" of this photograph. After all, it perfectly illustrates the finding of the "totaliztic science" explained in item #I4 from the web page named day26.htm and in item #I5 of this web page, that the weather and nature of a given area on the earth always is a reflection of moral state of community which inhabits this area.
       Fig. #B1b (right): The appearance of sea bay called "Wellington Harbour", photographed in a nice day during one of my favourite walks at lunch time over the gravel (volcanic) beach in Petone. (I.e. these walks along the beach were my favourite manner of relaxing until the time when on this beach appeared a plague of blood sucking "sand flies" described in item #B3 below on this web page.) This black gravel beach visible in the lower part of this photograph is quite vital strategically. After all, in case of any war and an invasion at New Zealand (caused e.g. by the epoch of "great hunger" that is slowly arriving to the Earth - as described in item #H3 of web page prophecies.htm), most probably the sea landing is to aim just this beach - as it is explained in item #C2 below. Notice that on this photograph the tops of sea waves are aligned parallel to the line of beach - as it is a typical behaviour for seas. This photograph was taken when the camera lens was pointed in southern direction. Therefore apart from the nearby "Somes" island with quarantine building on the top, on the horizon the photograph captured also buildings of nearby Wellington - which city in nice days is well visible from Petone and for which Petone is one amongst suburbs. (The island of Somes is visible also on "Fig. #I3a", but over there buildings of Wellington are NOT visible, because they are covered by low clouds.) In interesting phenomenon also captured on this photograph are these wind-spread, long white clouds. From just such long, white clouds, New Zealand has its Maori (native) name "Aotearoa" - means the "Land of Long White Clouds".

#B2. Satellite photograph and map of Petone:

       A satellite phpotograph of Petone can be viewed at the address,174.886293&spn=0.015074,0.0421&t=h&z=15. In turn a map of Petone is available at the address,174.886293&spn=0.015074,0.0421&t=m&z=15. I encourage to have a look at them.

#B3. Mysteries and curiosities of the township of Petone:

       For some mysterious reasons, Petone is rather unusual township. For example, it was settled by European immigrants much earlier than the nearby Wellington - because already in 1840. At that time present Petone was called "Port Nicholson". The street where I live is called until today with the same name as the second of three ships on which the European settlers came from England to form this township.
       For this web page the most important are, of course, the extraordinary and interesting facts about Petone which are relating to morality. The most important out of these, in my opinion is the fact that in the vicinity of Petone live those required at least "10 righteous", who protect the township against all natural cataclysms and weather anomalies - as more thoroughly it is documented in items #I3, #I3.1, and #I5 of this web page. I actually counted how many of these "righteous" is nearby, and the results of my counting is described in item #I3 from the web page named day26.htm. My counting disclosed, that in the vicinity of Petone really lives at least 10 of them. This number is also confirmed by the complete absence of natural cataclysms which would hit Petone while they affect the neighboring human settlements - as documented by the empirical evidence presented in items #I3, #I3.1 and #I5 from this web page. Cataclysms and destructive weather anomalies systematically bypass Petone, in spite that, as explained in item #C2 from this web page, Petone turns out to be one of the most dangerous place in the world.
       In present times of the prevailing attitudes of greed and profits, a moral curiosity is also what about the nearby to Petone town of Upper Hutt writes the article "Mayor and council turn down $8600 salary increases", from page A1 of the New Zealand newspaper The Dominion Post, issue dated on Thursday, May 3, 2012. They represent the only known to me case in New Zealand, when some elected politicians have rejected the wage increase decreed to them by the governmental so-called "Renumeration Authority", because they know that in order to raise money for this salary increase, the inhabitants of their town who finance them, will be forced to pay increased rates - which in severe conditions of the economic depression is NOT a morally good conduct. This article created the example for other people in power, who in spite of hard times still constantly increase their own earnings by asking ordinary people to pay for them. Perhaps because of this reason, just two weeks later appeared another article entitled "Unwanted pay rise on way", from page A5 of the newspaper The Dominion Post, issue dated on Thursday, May 17, 2012, which reported that the "Renumeration Authority" has decided that the mayor and his consuls are NOT allowed to reject wage increases granted to them.
       In my opinion in Petone also are interesting extraordinarities of nature. An example of these might be the white heron shown below in "Fig. #B2". In 2011 and early 2012 its favorite place for sitting was my car that was parked on the yard in front of the apartment which I occupied then - see "Fig. #B2" below. When, after 11 years of living in there, in February and March 2012 I shifted from this flat, the heron arrived as if it wanted to say goodbye to me - see "Fig. #B2(b)". In many countries,e.g. in Korea, the white herons are symbols of spirituality. In there they are thought to be almost sacred birds, and people assign to them a number of extraordinary abilities. The view of such a white heron sitting on my car would not be unusual, if this bird was seen in New Zealand as often as e.g. sparrows, or if the breeding colony of it was located somewhere near to Petone on the North Island of New Zealand. However, according to the article "NZ's 10 most endangered species", from page A10 of the newspaper Weekend Herald (issue dated on Saturday, April 7, 2012) in the entire New Zealand are now living only 126 of such white herons. They also belong to a group of 10 most endangered species of New Zealand. What's the most interesting, the only in New Zealand breeding colony of white herons exists in the province of Westland on the banks of the streamlet named "Waitangiroto" (i.e. around 30 miles to the north from the "Franz Josef" glacier), means on a different island and in the distance of about 600 km to the south from Petone. So where did come from to Petone this lonely white heron, and why it reveled in sitting on my car? Is the appearance and strange behavior of it symbolically passing to us some message?
       Another curiosity of nature noticeable in Petone, is a pengant smell of horse urine, which spreads out from the sport and recreational area located in the center of town (near the buildings of the local Polytechnic). In the halcyon days, and typically just after the rain, the smell of this urine spreads around Petone and hits people in nostrals almost everywhere in this town. In turn during strong winds it can be felt only if one takes a walk through these grass-covered sport areas. Once, very long ago, Petone repetitively organized horse races and even built itself for this purpose a turf racing track located in the center of the town. However, these races were abandoned a while ago, and during these 12 years in which I lived in Petonie none horse race was held in there. In turn this grass race track was turned into a kind of sport and recreation area, on the grass of which during weekends local teams play a rugby or cricket matches, while on weekdays people go there for a walk or for a release of children and dogs for a run. But the extraordinary feature of this former grassy horse racing track, is that until today it is imbued with a strong smell of horse urine. It is a strange phenomenon, because I know many other similar grass race tracks for horses, on which, however, the smell cannot be feeled. For example, in Dunedin I used to live in the house adjacent to the used and highly active such a track, but it did not emit any odour. Meanwhile, in Petone this smell is simply striking. Under this race track from Petone runs the famous "geological fault" - which is described in item #C2 of this web page. So is it possible that from this "fault" escape some volcanic gases that constantly like "renew" and "intensify" this smell of the horse urine. I do not know how else to explain why this smell lasts for so long and is so strong that it even drowns out even the smelly fumes from the local huge cigarette factory, and previously also poisonous fumes from the factory Exide (both of these factories are described in item #I3 below on this web page).
       Yet another extraordinarity of nature noticeable in Petone are strange elliptical windows in heaven (aureolas), which occasionally appear in the dense layer of clouds above this town. Pictures of one of these windows, are showed (and described) in "Fig. #I3ab" below on this web page. One may wonder whether these windows also are intended to be a kind of message or inspiration to the local people.
       Probably to the extraordinarities of nature in Petone belongs also the plague of blood-sucking "sand flies" which administer very painful bites. (In the Polish language "sand-flies" are called "mustyk".) These flies are very small. Their size does not exceed the size of European "fruit flies". But their bites are relatively painful - sometimes one can feel these bites like from the European horsefly. What is even worse, sand-flies can bite through a single layer of clothing, such as socks, pants, or shirt. Thus, it is difficult to defend ourselves from them. In addition, while biting they sip into the wound a kind of venom, which causes the location of their bites to not want to heal and then itches and rots for about a month. They reproduce in the sand where their larvae feed on organic impurities contained there - hence their English name "sand-fly". In New Zealand you can be beten by them most frequently at the beach, because over there is a lot of sand - and thus also these flies. For the first time the appearance of this plague on the Petone's beach (i.e. on the beach which the reader can see in "Fig. #B1") I noted only in October 2012. Although these painful flies were always present in New Zealand, but on the Petone's beach they could be met rather rarely and thus it was possible to drive them away. Thus, in spite I previously used to walk along this beach almost every day, I was bitten by these flies no more frequently than about once a month - which rare biting I was able to withstand. However, in October 2012 (i.e. during the New Zealand spring) suddenly large swarns of these flies appeared in there. There were so many of them, that one could NOT frive these flies away from. Because of them, I was forced to stop my favourite beach walks. What is even worse, because my flat is only around 200 meters from the beach, they began to appear in the house - making life significantly less pleasant. Their appearance in my opinion is due to the fact of excessive water pollution in the "Hutt River" with organic waste - as described in the article, "No swimming: 52% NZ impure", from page A1 of newspaper The New Zealand Herald, issue dated on Wednesday, October 17, 2012. The thick like a soup water from this river flows into the "Wellington Harbour" saturating the sand from Petone's beach with organic waste matter, thus providing food fr larvae of these flies. As a result, their numbers exploded. Previously I already once witnessed a very similar mass explosion of the Malaysian relatives to the same sand flies. This happened on my favorite tropical beach in Port Dickson, Malaysia. Before 2005 I often travelled to this beach in Port Dickson to wade in the hot tropical sea at that beach of golden sands. Nothing then was biting me in there. Unfortunately, around 2005 the authorities in there decided to build a pipeline which discharged raw city sewage into the sea right on this beach. This sewage quickly saturated the sand of the beach with organic waste matter - which resulted in the emergence of explosion of swarms of local painful sand-flies. (Malaysian version of these flies is smaller than the New Zealand one, because it is only of the size of a poppy seed, so it is even harder to notice and therefore also harder to defend from it. Also its venom if more effective in anaesthetising the bite, thus its bitings are not as painful as these from New Zealand. But its venom rots the body for equally long time and it itches equally diabolically.) In turn bites of these Malaysian sand-flies scared almost all beach goers. As the result, there is currently no-one going to this beach, including myself. So in the effect of this sewage discharge into the sea, golden beaches in Port Dickson are now completely deserted - which soon later brought financial ruin to the local bussinesses. This way once buzzing with life and tourists Port Dickson now has become the sleeping town in which it is difficult to see a tourist. Likewise it may soon happen to Petone (and also to Wellington and to the rest of New Zealand). Especially, that similarly like these sand-flies, in New Zealand also rapidly grows the number of local monopolies and cartels - as this is explained in item #H2 from the web page humanity.htm. In turn these monopolies and cartels continually raise prices of everything, while diminishing the quality and productivity - which price rises and quality drops are even more painful to the wallets of tourists than sand-flies for their bodies.

Fig. #B2a. Fig. #B2b.

Fig. #B2ab: One amongst curiosities of the township of Petone - means a lonely white heron which liked to sit on my car parked by previous flat which I was hiring in Petone in years 2001 to 2012. When I was shifting out of this flat at the turn of Fabruary and March 2012, this heron arrived probably to say good bye to me or to my car. It looked into windows of the flat that I was leaving and make an impression as if it is sad and lonely for this reason. (Click on any above photograph to see it enlarged.)
       Fig. #B2a (left): A phtograph of a lonely white heron which in years 2011 and 2012 liked to sit on my car. (Please notice, that the same my old car was a witness to many strange things from our physical world. For example, it is also present in "Fig. #H2" from the web page named seismograph.htm, and in "Fig. #D1" from the web page named mozajski_uk.htm.) I took this photograph during the New Zealand winter of 2011. The mystery of this bird stems from the fact, that white herons do NOT live in the vicinity of Petone, which a nearest colony of them is on other island in the area distant by about 600 km from Petone. According to the article "NZ's 10 most endangered species", from page A10 of newspeper Weekend Herald (issue dated on Saturday, April 7, 2012), in the entire New Zealand lives just 126 of these birds. This is because white herons belong to the group of 10 birds of New Zealand most endangered with extinction. It is also worth to know, that in some other countries, e.g. in Korea, white herons are considered to be highly spiritual and symbolic birds, which are characterised by several extraordinary attributes. We may wonder what a symbolic message supposed to express the appearance and a strange behaviour of the above bird?
       Fig. #B2b (right): This white heron sitting sad and lonely on the fence near the place by which my car used to be parked, and looking at the windows and doors of emty flat in which I lived previously. (The window and door of this flat are visible on the ground level by the left edge of the photograph.) On me this heron make an impression, that it arrived knowing that I am shifting, trying to say good bye. This photograph I took on 15 March 2012.

Part #C: "Which deadly cataclysms" and "why" continually threaten to hit Petone and other human settlements from the vicinity of it:


#C1. Even the Mayor of the Christchurch city (i.e. the city which recently was destroyed by earthquakes) expressed a fear of staying in Wellington and could not wait to leave Wellington and return to almost continually shaking Christchurch:

       In the article [1C1] "Parker frightened to be in Wellington" from page A3 of New Zealand newspaper The Dominion Post, issue dated on Wednesday, February 29, 2012, was emphasized that the Major of New Zealand city of Christchurch, after the arrival to Wellington publicly expressed his fear of staying in that city, because he is afraid of an earthquake the threat of which hangs above heads of Wellingtonians. But one must remember, that Christchurch not long ago was seriously destroyed by a killer earthquake of Tuesday, 22 February 2011 (that described in item #P6 from the web page named quake.htm) - which killed 185 persons and destroyed a significant proportion of Christchurch, and which at the time of visit of this Major in Wellington was still repetitively shaken by series of aftershock earthquakes. So if the Major of Christchurch city is afraid to stay in Wellington, one can imagine how obvious, alive, and serious is the threat of earthquakes and tsunami waves over Wellington. In turn because very cataclysm which is to hit Wellington, is also going to hit the suburb of it known as Petone, these fears of the Major from Christchurch can be also extrapolated to Petone.
       In order to understand the above reluctance of the Major from city Christchurch, below in items #C2 to #C4 I am going to summarise the most important threats which hang over the township of Petone. But because both sciences described in item #A2 of this web page drastically differ in their definition as to what is this "endangering by a cataclysm", below I firstly in item #C2 describe threats which hang over Petone in the understanding of "cataclysms" adhered by the old official science. Then in item #C3 I am going to describe threats that hang above Petone in the understanding of "cataclysms" developed by the new "totaliztic science". Both categories of threats reveal that the township of Petone, and with it also all neighbourly settlements (e.g. Wellington, Lower Hutt, etc.), are probably one amongst most dangerous inhabited places in the world. Probably none other human settlements in the world are exposed to so many potential threats of cataclysms, as them. No wonder that even the Major of repetitively shaken city of Christchurch clearly expressed his fears against longer staying in Wellington.

#C2. Which cataclysms threaten the township of Petone (and also threaten other settlements from the neighbourhood of Petone, such as Wellington, Lower Hutt, etc.) - according to the definition of "cataclysms" adhered by the old "atheistic orthodox science":

       The old "atheistic orthodox science" defines that cataclysms are events that result from extreme work of laws and mechanisms of nature, which cause significant destruction or even deaths of people". In other words, according to the old official science, cause of cataclysms is slightly more powerful than normal work of mechanisms of nature, while effect of cataclysms are destructions or deaths of people. It is worth to notice here, that in such a definition of cataclysms, people are unable to defend from them nor prevent them.
       In order to reveal what typical cataclysms endanger the present humanity, below I am going to list these kinds of them which are also threatening the township of Petone, and human settlements which are neighbours of Petone, i.e. Wellington, Lower Hutt, etc. After all, the township of Petone is so seriously and so obviously endangered by numerous killer cataclysms, that some people just are afraid to settle in it, or even just shortly stay in it (it is probably because of this reason, prices of flats and houses in Petone are lower than in some other cities of New Zealand). So here is a list of various cataclysms, which are directly threatening Petone, and also threatening other human settlements similar to Petone. (Some amongst these threats are also described in item #I1 from the web page named day26.htm.)
       1. Earthquakes. Directly below houses of Petone, and also directly below buildings of Wellington, runs the most important seismic "fault" which runs around the entire Pacific - and which is described by the expression "Pacific ring of fire". This "fault" shakes practically continually. It is the same "fault" which was the reason, amongst others, of the earthquake and tsunami waves which on Friday, 11 March 2011 destroyed Japan - for their descriptions see item #C7 from the web page named seismograph.htm. It is also to repetitively remind local inhabitants about the duty of moral behaviour and obedience to commandments of God, the same "fault" every now and again is make alive by God and causes numerous earthquakes, which occasionally shake not only the township of Petone, but also neighbourly city of Wellington but which for reasons explained and documented in items #D1 and #I3 of this web page, so-far do NOT cause more serious damages in any of these human settlements. One amongst most meaningful, illustrative, and reassuring such earthquakes, was the one which shook Petone and Wellington on Tuesday 3rd July 2012, at 10:36 pm, and which is described, amongst others, in the article "Big quake rocks capital but no damage reported", from page A5 of New Zealand newspaper The Dominion Post, issue dated on Wednesday, July 4, 2012. The meaningfulness of this earthquake stems from the fact, that the force of it was 7 in the Richter's scale - means it was even larger than the force of the earthquake which devastated the city of Christchurch and which is described in item #P6 of the web page named quake.htm. Similarly as in Christchurch, it was also accompanied by a powerful "roar" of the mother earth. But in spite of this all, neither in Petone, nor in Wellington, occurred any destruction. Thus this lack of destruction can be interpreted as the reassurance from God, that "for the entire time when Petone fulfils the requirement that I specified in my promise from the Biblical "Book of Genesis", verse 18:32, it is to be protected from the destruction by any cataclysm".
       2. Tsunami waves. On 23rd January 1855 Wellington was hit by a powerful earthquake of the force 8.2 in the Richter's scale, after which the streets of that city was flooded with tsunami waves of around 3 meter high, while in the nearby coasts of "Wairarapa" experienced the tsunami of around 10 meters height. Died then a lot of people, while the majority of city buildings were destroyed. Those tragic days of Wellington are described in two articles, namely in the article "If you think it couldn't happen here ... It already has" from page A1 of the New Zealand newspaper The Dominion Post Weekend (issue dated on Saturday-Sunday, March 19, 2011), and also in the article "What happened on January 23, 1855", from page A2 of the same New Zealand newspaper The Dominion Post Weekend (issue dated on Saturday-Sunday, March 19, 2011). In other words, less than 200 years ago the city of Wellington was treated to almost similarly deadly cataclysms as not long ago was Japan, and which I discussed in items #C7 and #I1 from the web page named seismograph.htm, and also in item #M1 of the web page named telekinetics.htm.
       3. Volcano eruptions. Petone is located within the range of devastation of several temporarily dormant volcanoes, which have long been ripe for a next eruption. If, however, any amongst these volcanoes suddenly awoke from centuries of slumber and errupted, then the fate of Petone (and neighboring towns) would likely be regrettable. In addition to this, this seismic "fault" which runs under Petone also has the potential to suddenly generate a completely new and previously non-existent volcanoes. So we should not exclude the possibility, that one day in Petone will happen what already has happened in Christchurch - i.e. that people will wake up to the kind of seismic activity the existence of in which under their feet they have NOT suspected.
       4. Fallouts of volcanic ashes. Such fallouts represent the same kind of disaster that destroyed ancient Pompeii near Naples, Italy. For Petone such a disaster could be easily triggered by a powerful eruption of one amongst the nearby volcanoes.
       5. Being gassed. The so-called "faults", out of which one of the biggest in the world runs just under Petone, sometimes bring out the toxic gases. From time to time, on small scale such gases appear in the New Zealand town named Rotorua, poisoning in there individual people or single families. Probably on a small scale such gasses appear also near Petone, causing mass deaths of birds and other creatures that are trying to collect something on the ground (such mass deaths are described, amongst others, in item #C5 from the web page named newzealand.htm). However, such gases may also appear on a larger scale, filling the entire valleys and killing all the people who live in there. If such gases appeared in the valley in which the township of Petone is located, then there is a risk that they would kill all of citizens from not only Petone but also from the neighboring Wellington, Lower Hutt, etc.
       6. Outbreak (or pendamia) of a deadly disease. The constant prescribing of antibiotics for practically every ailment caused that the population of New Zealand is particularly unresistant to germs. While these germs are constantly coming - as it is explained in item #B1 from the web page named plague.htm. Thus, there is a considerable danger that a deadly plague one day attacks Zealand. In turn being located just near the capital, to which constantly are arriving people from all over New Zealand and abroad, in such a case Petone will be one of the first victims of the plague.
       7. Mass poisoning. Also cannot be excluded the risk that one day the entire population of Petone will experience a mass poisoning. After all, most of people drinks here the same water, that may be contaminated by a toxic agent - as indeed on a small scale likely to happen here (as described in item #G2.2 from the web page named healing.htm). After all, in New Zealand continuously are discharged from aircraft and poured over the fields various poisonous substances - as described in item #E1 from the web page cooking.htm. Then these substances get into the "food chain" and can land in drinking water, or in some popular foods. Moreover, in spite of protests of population and the lack of secure protection, there are also carried out experiments with genetic engineering - e.g. see the article "GM attack 'threatens NZ's edge'", from page A10 of newspaper Weekend Herald, issue dated on Saturday April 14, 2012. In turn these genetic experiemnts carried out in New Zealand have the attribute, that they chronically and repetitively keep escaping from the control of scientists.
       8. The phenomena that cause mass deaths of fish, rabbits, insects, etc. Not far from Petone take place mass deaths of various creatures, e.g. fish, rabbits, insects, etc. These deaths are described, for example, in item #C5 from the web page newzealand.htm and in (1) from item #D4 as well as in item #I1 from the web page named day26.htm. Nowhere, however, I encountered an explanation as to what causes them. But whatever is the cause of these deaths, probably it has also the potential to cause a mass deaths of people from Petone.
       9. Powerful explosions. On the edge of Petone are located powerful tanks for gasoline and other fuels. Of course, by a chance, accident, tampering, or an act of terrorism, the tanks may explode. Their explosion in turn would completely destroy the entire Petone, and probably also the nearby Wellington and Lower Hutt. Moreover, not far from Petone, i.e. in Taranaki, was detected and exploited was the natural gas. It cannot be excluded, that deposits of such natural gas are also located under Petone, while a small earthquake can cause cracking of the Earth's crust which may trigger the escape of this flammable gas to the surface. In such a case, one spark can be enough to cause an explosion that would erase Petone from the surface of the earth. After all, not so far from Petone, in the so-called. "Pike River Mine", took place just such an explosion of gas - even at the time of writing this item there were still trapped in there bodies of 29 miners. In addition, the Hutt River is currently carrying out a vast amount of organic waste, which settling causes the build-up of methane gas. In turn tis gas tends to accumulate in valleys, while at the appropriate concentration it can also explode. But Petone is located in a valley, not mentioning that every now and then also flames and sparks appear in it which are capable of inducing an explosion of gasses.
       10. Fire in the whole township. Almost all the buildings of Petone are made of wood or cardboard. There are also built close to each other. In turn such a whole township built of combustible materials, in which flammable houses almost touching each other, almost begs for a catastrophic fire that would consume it all at once. After all, such fires of the entire towns have historically happened before - the last of these was the "Black Saturday" in the state of Victoria from Australia, on 7 February 2009 - when 173 people were burned in there. So we should not exclude the possibility, that some sort of accident, coincident, sabotage, or a terrorist act, could one day lead to a fire of the entire town of Petone. Especially if this fire was initiated by some explosion discussed in the previous paragraph. In such a case, almost all residents of Petone would burn alive in their town - as recently it happened in Australia. After all, as explained in item #C4 below, Petone is built in the shape of a "trap", from which in the event of any disaster there is almost NO way to escape.
       11. Weather anomalies. In the era of global warming, the world is treated with increasingly more destructive weather anomalies. Some amongst these anomalies, especially strong winds, storms, floods, frosts, droughts, etc., for a long time have been plaguing New Zealand and attack it with an increasing fury. Thus, one day the township of Petone can also fall victim to them. Especially since it is located just off Wellington, which is well known throughout New Zealand as the "windy city", and in particular that it is situated in a valley between two mountain ridges which interaction onto clouds has the potential to trigger heavy rains and destructive floods.
       12. Flash floods. These floods are the kinds of "walls of water" that roll along the areas in which there has been a "cloudburst". They are characterized by a rapid increase in the water level. It means that water rises in them so quickly, that e.g. it floods houses after time of minutes rather than e.g. hours or days - as this happens is case of ordinary flooding (these "ordinary flooding" usually are called "surface flooding"). Therefore, these flash floods are particularly dangerous in the mountain valleys, where the entire drop of water begins to roll along a relatively narrow ravine or valley. In there these flash floods take the form of high walls of water that roll at high speed, so that they take everything in their path. People have no time to escape before water takes them. Further descriptions of these "flash floods" are also provided in items #K1.1 and #K1.9 from the web page named newzealand.htm.
       Flash floods are rather an unusual and rare phenomenon. For example, when I still lived in Poland, I have never heard of them. I learned about their existence only in New Zealand, where they were relatively more frequent than in other countries. As it is explained in the description from item #K1.9 of the web page newzealand.htm, one of these flash floods hit the valley called "Rimutaka", which is adjacent to Petone. Similarly as every New Zealand town that is located in a valley and surrounded by the ocean, also Petone is endangered to these "flash floods" that might happen due to a "water bomb" from clouds that pass through peaks of the surrounding mountains.
       13. Submerging into sea water. As orthodox scientists tell us, warming the earth causes rapid melting of glaciers. In turn the water from these glaciers raises the level of the oceans and seas. Yet even more intriguing trend reveals item #I5 from this web page. According to it, in areas where the population as a group practices the so-called "scientific morality" (i.e. the deviated morality forced onto mankind by the old "atheistic orthodox science"), the sea level rises much faster than in other places of the earth. For example, according to the article [3#I5] from that item #I5, the sea level in Wellington is growing fastest out of all the coasts of New Zealand. Petone is located not far from Wellington and low in relation to the sea level. Thus, although the sea level rises in Petone significantly slower than in Wellington, still in case when this level rises significantly, Petone will be submerged in the sea. Petone can also be submerged if an earthquake moves downwards the surface of it. After all, in the year 1840 Petone, similarly like nearby Wellington, was lifted up by the earthquake. (To this day on the streets of Wellington one can see brass plates with the inscription "1840 Shoreline" which indicate the border of a part of Wellington which in 1840 was raised up from the sea floor - such plates can be seen, amongst others, by the gate to Parliament.) Since these settlements were lifted up from the bottom of the sea by one earthquake, another earthquake can sink them into the sea - as it happened once with the city of Vineta near Świnoujscie, Poland, described in items #H2 and #G2 from the web page named tapanui.htm.
       14. Tornadoes. In the vicinity of Petone already appeared tornadoes. Not long ago one of them spread destruction in the nearby New Plymouth. So we should not exclude the possibility that one day a deadly tornado hits also Petone.
       15. Hurricanes. Hurricanes relatively frequently sweep over Petone - which is documented, amongst others, by the evidence from item #I3 of this web page. It may therefore happen that one of them will cause a noticeable devastation, or even takes human lives.
       16. Landslips. While located in the valley, Petone is exposed to catastrophic landslides. Especially since the only two roads to Petone run just below mountain slopes - hence can easily be blocked with such landslides. Also river "Hutt River" in some areas flows next to mountain slopes. It can also be blocked with such a landslide, thus creating both a flood and a flash flood.
       17. Meteorites. Just like almost any other place on the Earth, also Petone can be destroyed by an impact of meteor that has a significantly higher weight than typical meteorites. Just to such destructions from meteorites were even devoted entire fabular films.
       18. Burning the population by cosmic rays. Periodically Petone can easily found itself within the so-called. "ozone hole" that people have opened over the south pole of the earth. (This hole, as well as some other mysterious mechanisms of destruction that debilitate inhabitants of Antipodes, are described in item #G1 from the web page named newzealand_visit.htm.) An uncontrolled enlargement of this hole can eliminate the protection of the Earth and people from the deadly cosmic radiation. It may therefore happen, that some event on the Earth, for example an explosion or a faulty operation in one amongst large chemical plants, will cause a sudden and massive removal of ozone from the atmosphere. In such a case almost the entire population of New Zealand, including the residents of Petone, probably would have been burned by the deadly cosmic rays.
       19. A nuclear disaster. New Zealand does not have their own nuclear reactors or nuclear bombs, so that itself could cause a nuclear disaster of the kind described in items #M1 to #M1.3 from the web page named telekinetics.htm. However, in 2009 it turned out, that a significant part of the Australian uranium exports flows through New Zealand ports. In addition, Petone town lies on the sea shore in which operate nuclear submarines. Over Petone also fly planes and satellites of other countries than New Zealand - and not always is known what is on their deks. So it is impossible to completely exclude the possibility of an accident or a case when Petone would fall a victim of a nuclear disaster similar to that from Fukushima in Japan and from Chernobyl in the Ukraine.
       20. The catastrophe and the fall down of a flying device. To this day, people built a huge number of flying devices, many of which often passes over Petone. Orbital stations, satellites, missiles, military aircraft, passenger and transporting planes, etc. Some amongst these devices carry in themselves a lot of fuel that could explode, and sometimes even radioactive isotopes or nuclear bombs. It can not be ruled out that any of these devices one day falls down onto Petone and, for example radioactively contaminates it, or e.g. destroys it through an explosion.
       21. Anarchy, lawlessness, state collapse, robbery, famine, depopulation, etc. In times of medieval plagues some areas of Europe experienced a complete collapse of civilization, combined with anarchy, robberies, collapse of food production, hunger, loss of population, etc. For example, during the plague of cholera in 1680, one of these areas of civilization fall became the area's Lower Silesia from Polish, especially from the part which lies on the border of present-day Poland and Czech. Pushed by hunger people rushed to leave the towns and villages and wandered in search of food, robbing and destroying everything in their path. Those people who could no longer endure died where they fell. In addition, residents of neighboring areas in which there was still a relative order, organized the "cleansing military campaigns" to such anarchized area to kill the remains of these wild and hungry wanderers - so that these wanderers could NOT spread looting and anarchy to these neighbourly areas. As a result, roads and fields were there dotted with human skeletons and skulls. A hundred years later, when the order and civilization returned to that area, the local priest Wenceslas Tomaszek (in Polish "Wacław Tomaszek") collected from fields, some of these bones and skulls, and paved with them walls and ceiling of now very famous throughout the entire world and crowdly visited "Chapel of Skulls" from Czermna near Kudowa Zdrój, Poland. In this chapel has been accumulated almost 25,000 human skulls. The reason for which in the Middle Ages kept appearing these periods of anarchy, lawlessness and mass deaths, was a sudden extinction (because of a plague) of highly skilled specialists who are absolutely vital to sustain civilization governance in the area, i.e. the sudden extinction of millers, bakers, farmers, etc. As a result of such the sudden extinction, the rest of society has experienced a sudden starvation, collapse of food production, hunger deaths, depopulation, anarchy, getting wild, etc. So the remaining people resorted to roberies of food - which resulted in an additional escalation of hunger, food production decline, extinction, depopulation, bestiality, etc. But what is very intriguing, although for a completely different reason, in New Zealand begin to appear conditions dangerously similar to those that caused such medieval declines of statehood, depopulation, periods of anarchy, hunger, robberies, etc. For example, starting from 2008, New Zealand specialists absolutely indispensable to sustain civilization governance across the country increasingly more massively flee to Australia - for details see, e.g. the article "Thousands of disillusioned Kiwis pay $15 each for chance to attain the mass exodus to Oz", from page A1 of newspaper The New Zealand Herald, issue dated on Monday, April 14, 2012. So if this massive flight of highly skilled specialists is NOT stopped somehow, then the threshold number of specialists required to maintain a civilization order in the country can be undermined. In such a case it suffices that a small additional cataclysms appears, e.g. an earthquake, flood, drought, rapid frost, etc., which disturbs the proper distribution of food, and there will start a sudden food shortages, which in turn can cause an abrupt migration of population away from the cities, looting, anarchy, collapse of food production, hunger, and the rapid extinction of the entire population. So in case of the continuation of this dangerous trend which started back in 2008, the possibility cannot be completely ruled out that the situation could spiral out of control, and that New Zealand as the first in the world is to experience a modern version of these medieval periods of anarchy, lawlessness, desertification and famine. Outcomes would be in keeping with the old prophecy described in item #H1 from the web page named prophecies.htm, that the population of Earth comes down to such a low numbers, that "a person will kiss the ground when he or she sees the footsteps of another person". Of course, if by any chance such an anarchy, depopulation and starvation came to New Zealand, Petone lying next to the capital, would be the town that would be affected by these events as one of the first, and one of the most battered.
       22. Revolution. This occurs, when a significant proportion of the population of the country is starting to be so fed up with the political system or with the government which prevails in that country, that it is taking an armed struggle to remove that system or government. The best example of the revolution is that "October Revolution" in Russia of 1917. (Although it started when less than 20% of the population of the Russian Empire showed a high dissatisfaction with their political system and with their government, it was still winning.) It was also just as bloody and destructive, like a typical civil war. No country in the world is free from the danger of a revolution. After all, in order a revolution is triggered, is just enough that the government of the country alienates itself from its people. And it may look like that's what is the current situation with the Government of New Zealand. For example, the article "Low value of vote, lack of trust, key to poor election turnout", from page A6 of the New Zealand newspaper Weekend Herald (issue dated on Saturday, April 28, 2012) was informing that in the elections of 2011, more than one million citizens of New Zealand eligible to vote (approximately 25%), showed so much dislike for the present government and the current political system, that they did NOT go to vote. (Right now New Zealand has only four and a half million of inhabitants.) In other words, already now in New Zealand there is a higher percentage of citizens disaffected with their government and their political system, than there were of them in the Russian Empire at the time of the eruption of the October Revolution. So we should NOT be surprised, if one day the news agencies will have a lot to say about New Zealand.
       23. Civil war. This one occurs when one part of a country or a nation begins military operations directed against other parts of the same country or nation. As a rule, civil wars are even more bloody and destructive than the true wars. After all, during civil wars each of the warring sides attempts to completely annihilate the opposite side. (While in the war, the aggressor usually just wants to get access to natural resources of the attacked country - is it is so interested that these resources have remained relatively intact.) According to the findings of the philosophy of totalizm, in order that in a given country or nation, a civil war broke out, at least two conditions must be met. Namely: (1) there must be at least two so-called. "group intellects" with the same characteristics but with mutually conflicting ideologies, and (2) historically between the two group intellects there must be an accumulation of unbalanced "group karma" (what is that "group karma" is roughly explained in item #A2 from this web page). In the case of New Zealand, in my opinion the condition (1) is already fulfilled. As about the fulfillment of the condition (2) I did NOT complete the required analysis. After all, such analysis would require a highly time-consuming moral quantification of previous wars that have taken place between these two group intellects. However, I have an impression that, unfortunately, there is still such an unbalanced karma between these two group intellects. In turn, the possible existence of such an unbalanced karma would mean that one day may actually come to some form of a civil war between these two group intelelcts. Of course, Petone located near the capital, probably during such a civil war would be affected significantly (if not the most).
       24. War. It might seem that Petone is too far away from the rest of the world that any war could threaten this town. However, if one checks the history of the Second World War, then it becomes clear that New Zealand escaped invasion only "almost". In turn some war and still could happen again - after all, the world is full of politicians with overinflated egos and stifled conscience. So the age "big famine" that is coming to the Earth may cause a situation that a starved country or a starved nation may be tempted to gain an access to food which is mass-produced in New Zealand. In such a case of a war, if someone planned to invade a militarily rather weak New Zealand, then Petone would probably be the first victim. After all, every invasion is actually aimed firstly at the capital (in this case, at Wellington). However, Wellington location makes it strategically more justified to direct the landing forces to the beach in Petone. After all, Petone is the only beach in the vicinity of Wellington, on which any amphibious vehicles can land easily - while such a landing would be extremely difficult in the mountainous Wellington (which city probably would also be better prepared to defend itself than Petone). In turn the landing in Petone would allow for a simple cut-off of Wellington from the rest of New Zealand, thus for a cut-off from the supply of food and military reinforcement - after all, the only two highways to Wellington run right by Petone. Petone also lies in a flat valley - which is much more difficult to defend than the mountaneous Wellington. Finally, from Petone it would come much easier to surround and to attack Wellington from all sides, then it could be done from any other place of landing. In total, in the event of a war and the invasion of New Zealand, it is almost certain that Petone would be the first New Zealand's victim, and probably also the place that would suffer the most from such a war.
       To summarise the above, a number of cataclysms which can destroy the township of Petone, and with it also destroy the neighbourly city and towns (i.e. Wellington, Lower Hutt, etc.), is probably one amongst the highest in the world. This is because Petone (and with it also all neighbourly human settlements) is probably "endangered" by practically almost every cataclysm which is possible to occur on the Earth, and which endangers any other place in the world. So without a exaggeration it can be stated, that Petone is one amongst most endangered human settlements on the Earth. For what is known to me, none other human settlement on the Earth is exposed to so many various potential cataclysms, as Petone is. Thus it should NOT surprise us, that even the Major of repetitively shaken city of Christchurch expressed his fear about a longer staying in the city of Wellington, which is in close proximity from Petone.

#C3. To which further threats is exposed the township of Petone (and also other settlements from the neighbourhood of Petone, such as Wellington, Lower Hutt, etc.) - according to the definition of "cataclysms" developed by the new "totaliztic science":

       The new "totaliztic science" (i.e. the one briefly described in item #A2 from this web page), developed a definition of "cataclysms" which drastically differs from the definition adhered by the old "atheistic orthodox science". Namely, from findings of this new "totaliztic science" stems, that "cataclysm" is a name given to every act of God which "corrects the group morality of people" through spreading significant destructions or even deaths that force later a given community to undertake its moral and philosophical renewal. More information on the subject of these cataclysms that correct human morality is provided, amongst others, in items #C1 and #E2 from the web page named day26.htm. In turn definitions of "morality" and "group morality" developed by the new "totaliztic science" are provided in item #B5 from the web page morals.htm and in item #E2 from the web page totalizm.htm.
       Such drastic difference of the above definition of "cataclysms" developed by the new "totaliztic science", from the definition of "cataclysms" adhered by the old "atheistic orthodox science" and provided in item #C2 above, introduces a number of significant consequences. After all, for example, people can defend themselves from cataclysms send to them by God through the elimination of reasons for which this cataclysm is being send. Furthermore, people can already now prevent the occurrence of these cataclysms, and even hold them back with the use of promises which God gave to the humanity in this matter.
       Also, according to the above definition of "cataclysms", the new "totaliztic science" is going to define quite differently all "threats" which can bring any cataclysm on a given city or community. This is because after such defining "cataclysms", according to findings of the new "totaliztic science", the "threat" which is able to bring a "cataclysm" onto a given city or given community, is a "departure of that city or community from practicing a morel life". In other words, according to the new totaliztic science cataclysms are just effects, while causes for the appearance of cataclysms, are group-departures of given cities or communities from principles of leading moral lives. In order to illustrate here which kinds of "threats" according to the new "totaliztic science" can cause the arrival of cataclysms, below I am going to indicate on the example of the township of Petone (and settlements that surround it), what threats appear for this township. So here is a list of most important amongst them (listed in the order of estimated by the author their significance for Petone and for neighbourly settlements).
       1. The danger that the number of "righteous" decreases below the required minimum of 10. Probably the only reason why Petone (and thus also Wellington, Lower Hutt, etc.) is still NOT hit by some killer cataclysm, is that in the "range of destruction" from it still lives these required by God at least "10 righteous" - as this is described, amongst others, in items #G2 and #I1 from the web page named day26.htm. Unfortunately, in recent times an "initiative" of local authorities emerges, which in the final effect may cause the drop of these "righteous" below the required number of ten. This initiative is described in the article [1#C3] entitled "Quake fears strike Catholic churches", from page A1 of newspaper The Dominion Post Weekend, issue of Saturday, April 7, 2012. According to this article, near Petone about 25 Catholic churches may be closed, because the manner in which they were built is not compatible with the today's "building code" which is legally required in New Zealand. In turn, the failure of compatibility with this "building code" means that these churches cannot be insured - which causes that in an event of any accident authority of the Church would need to bear all the costs. However, it is obvious, that if in fact these churches will be closed for good, then priests who celebrate masses in them, will be transferred to other regions of the country, or even to other countries. This massive closures of churches in the vicinity of Wellington (and thus also Petone) were confirmed again in the article [2#C3] entitled "Number of Catholic parishes set to halve", from page A5 of newspaper The New Zealand Herald (issue dated on Tuesday, May 14, 2013). So this type of "initiatives" of local authorities, threaten that soon may happen that near Petone no longer live these required "10 righteous", so Petone is missing the complete set of 10 persons who protect Petone and the nearby towns from a cataclysmic event that threatens these settlements since a long time.
       2. Następstwa niemoralnych postępowań ludzi. W wielu miejscach Biblii zawarte są ostrzeżenia, że jeśli ludność jakiegoś miasta zacznie postępować niemoralnie, wówczas miasto to zostanie zniszczone kataklizmem. Przykłady bibilijnych miast zniszczonych w taki sposób to Sodoma i Gomora. Natomiast bibilijny przykład miasta które uchroniło się od takiego zniszczenia, a stąd dało nam przykład jak my możemy się bronić przed kataklizami, to Niniwa. (Niniwa to stolica dawnej Asyrii, zwana także "Nowym Bibilonem". Jej ruiny zlokalizowane są na obszarze dzisiejszego Iraku. Zgodnie z artykułem "Detective work proves Hanging Gardens existed, but not in Babylon", ze strony B6 gazety Weekend Herald (wydanie z soboty (Saturday), May 11, 2013), to właśnie w Niniwa miały się znajdować słynne "wiszące ogrody" w starożytności uważane za jeden z 7 "cudów świata".) Jaki jednak los może spotkać niemoralnie postepujące miasta, ilustrruje nam to NIE tylko Biblia, ale także aż cały szereg przykładów historycznych i dzisiejszych. Do takich przykładów opisanych na totaliztycznych stronach, należą średniowieczne miasto Wineta, które kiedyś istniało koło dzisiejszego Świnoujścia, a którego zniszczenie opisane jest w punktach #H2 i #G2 strony o nazwie tapanui_pl.htm, a także miasta Salamis i Saeftinghe opisane w punktach #H3 do #H4 strony tapanui_pl.htm.
       3. Następstwa niemoralnych decyzji i działań polityków. Wellington jest stolicą Nowej Zelandii. Jak zaś przystało na stolicę, to w Wellington podejmowane są najróżniejsze decyzje których następstwa dotykają potem cały kraj. Kiedy więc któreś z owych decyzji i działań nie spełniają definicji "moralnie poprawnego postępowania" (tj. nie spełnią definicji przytoczonej w punkcie #B5 strony o nazwie morals.htm), wówczas ich następstwa indukują skargi i narzekania ludzi. Z kolei takie właśnie skargi i narzekania ludzkie są powodem dla którego określone miejscowości są karane kataklizmami przez Boga - tak jak wyjaśniają to "2" i "Ad. 2" z punktu #B5 strony o nazwie seismograph.htm. Ujmując powyższe innymi słowami, to co czynią politycy w Wellington, jest powodem iż ponad Wellington i ponad Petone gromadzą się coraz cięższe chmury nadchodzącego kataklizmu.
       4. Unikanie przez lokalną społeczność oficjalnego podjęcia wdrożania którejkolwiek z bazujących na moralności metod ochrony przed kataklizmicznymi zjawiskami. Ani Petone, ani żadna inna miejscowość w Nowej Zelandii NIE podjęła jeszcze oficjalnego wdrożenia którejkolwiek z bazujących na moralności metod obrony przed kataklizmicznymi zjawiskami, w rodzaju metod opisanych w punktach #H1, #I2 i #J1 strony o nazwie quake.htm czy w punkcie #I3.1 strony o nazwie day26.htm.
       5. Unikanie przez lokalną społeczność próby choćby tylko przetestowania efektywności bazujących na moralności metod ochrony przed kataklizmami - w rodzaju metody opisanej w punkcie #J1 strony quake.htm czy metody opisanej w punkcie #I3.1 strony o nazwie day26.htm.
       6. Pogłębiające się odchodzenie od wiary w Boga i uleganie ateistycznym naciskom dzisiejszej oficjalnej nauki. Jak zaś wyjaśniłem to w punkcie #A2 niniejszej strony; jak podkreśla to artykuł "Worried scientists call for veto of Monkey Bill" (tj. "zmartwieni naukowcy nawołują do zawetowania ustawy o dozwoleniu nauki kreacjonizmu, zwanej Monkey Bill") ze strony A14 gazety The New Zealand Herald, wydanie ze środy (Wednesday), April 11, 2012; a także jak ujawnia to aż kilka innych totaliztycznych stron - dla przykladu patrz punkty #D1 i #C3 na stronie o nazwie antichrist.htm czy punkt #G3 na stronie o nazwie przepowiednie.htm, stara "ateistyczna nauka ortodoksyjna" niemal już siłą zmusza obecnie ludzi do coraz bardziej niemoralnego postępowania. Drastycznym przykładem tego procesu ulegania ateistycznej nauce, jest pojawienie się także na nowozelandzkich autobusach ogłoszenia dla Londynu opisywanego w punkcie #A2 tej strony.
       7. Niemoralne konsekwencje kapitalistycznej gospodarki. Jedyne o co kapitalizm dba, to dochód. Owa jednak pogoń za zyskiem zbyt często odbywa się kosztem zatrucia, zanieczyszczenia lub zniszczenia naturalnego środowiska, wykorzystywania i eksploatacji robotników, itd., itp. W ten sposób rośnie przepaść pomiędzy bogatymi i biednymi mieszkańcami Nowej Zelandii, rośną więc także ilości skierowanych do Boga skarg biedagów dopraszających się sprawiedliwości. Z kolei np. gleba i woda w Petone mogą zostać zatrute jakąś niechlujną fabryką, tak jak do niedawna zatruwane one były sproszkowanym ołowiem i chemicznymi wyziewami zlokalizowanej w Petone fabryki "Exide". Natomiast woda lokalnej rzeki "Hutt River" może być zatruwana produktami gospodarki rolnej, gnojówką, odchodami ludzkimi, oraz odpadami przemysłowymi, które z kolei zatrują aż dokumentnie środowisko basenu "Wellington Harbour", że oprócz owadów nic zdrowego nie będzie chciało tam się rodzić. Już obecnie okolice Petone są trapione przez chmary krwiożerczych "muszek piaskowych" (po angielsku zwanych "sand flies") na których ukąszenia wielu ludzi, włączając w to mnie, jest uczulonych. W pobliskich wodach zagnieździł się też nowy rodzaj komara - tego samego który w tropiku roznosi chorobę "żółtą febrę" oraz "dengue".
       Each one amongst these moral hazards can be escalated above the level that is punishable by God. In such a case, God can send to a given town or community any kind of cataclysms described in item #C2 of this web page. Therefore, in the interest of every town and community lies undertaking aware actions to keep each of these moral risks at as low as possible level. Unfortunately, it seems that the scientific knowledge about God is still far too low not only in Petone, but also throughout New Zealand and even in the entire world, to already take such a conscious defense against natural disasters. Thus, as so far, rather instead of intentional actions, everywhere people are defended against cataclysms only because of the action of coincidences and favourable circumstances.
       Honestly, if one compares the above list of risks and moral realities prevailing in Petone and in nearby towns, then it becomes clear that some cataclysmic phenomenon should already strike at those locations a long time ago. Thus, the only rational explanation for the fact, that such a cataclysm has NOT hit Petone yet, is a purely coincidental residence within the range of destruction from Petone of these required at least "10 righteous" which protect Petone from all possible disasters. In turn, as befits all coincidents, one day this coincidental protection can cease to exist.

#C4. Petone is configured like a "trap" - in case of a cataclysm it would be almost impossible to escape from it, nor the help would be able to come to it:

       Someone who is accustomed to the European way of urban management, in which the city councils actually make decisions and implement well thought-out plans for buildings, infrastructure, communication, water and sanitation of the city, after the arrival to New Zealand is shocked. Although New Zealand has a lot of advantages over Europe and offers a lot of good things, e.g. still the great freedom of expression, care for nature and animals, open spaces, etc., when cities are compared to those from Europe, there is a kind of "wild east" prevailing in there. Councils of New Zealand cities almost as a rule do NOT have any long-term plan, there is no communal discipline nor consistency in treatment, and almost everyone builds where and how he wants (some even more than others). As a result, in New Zealand such urban freaks like Petone in which I live are created. Means, are created cities and towns which are more similar to urban "mazes" than to user-friendly habitats. In spite of vast areas of land which these cities or towns occupy, the streets are in them narrow and winding, roads which appear to be main ones suddenly end up on a building, while to get in to such a city or town, or to exit it, one have to know perfectly well the way in and out, because ones needs to move within it like inside of a complex maze.
       Such shaping of New Zealand cities and towns into the form of complex mazes, in conjunction with the type of potential cataclysms which threaten them, turn these cities and towns into a kind "rat traps". In order to understand their trapping nature, it is enough to look at the plan of town of Petone in which I live. After all, Petone is a tiny town, from which in case of an incoming disaster should be easy to escape. However, it has the nature of a typical "trap", an effective escape of people which is really impossible. For example, it has a shape of triangle that is congruent to the the sea on the south side (i.e. the one shown on the photograph from "Fig. #B1b"). Of course, in case of a cataclysm, it is impossible to escape to the sea - especially if this disaster could involve a tsunami, earthquake, or a volcano erruption. From the east side this triangle is congruent to the deep river called the "Hutt River" - the mouth of which can be seen at photograph from "Fig. #B1a". By this river are build only two bridges, existing at both edges of Petone. However, the access to these bridges leads through winding and narrow streets. So if in the case of a cataclysm arrival someone tried to flee by car through these bridges, he or she would get stuck in congestion on these narrow and winding streets and even was unable to reach any of bridges. On the other hand, if someone try to ran on foot, then the distances to bridges are so large that he or she would not have time to reach them. Furthermore, the first of these two bridges, visible on the photograph from "Fig. #B1a" is located next to the sea. Thus, for example in a case of tsunami, such a person would be swept up in the first phase of the disaster. The last of the triangular sides of Petone is adjacent to the fenced railway tracks and to the fenced highway - which both run side by side along the west ridge of the valley in which the town of Petony is spreading. Through these fences railroad tracks and the fenced highway also from Petone lead out only two bridges, the access to which is equally tortuous and through equally narrow streets, like the access to the Hutt River bridges. Thus if someone tried to escape through them, then such an escape also would be impossible - independently whether they would flee on foot or in a car. In total, Petone is so constructed as a kind of "trap for rats" - only that in case of disaster, caught in this trap and were killed will be people, not rodents. A comparatively situation is also the situation in practically every major city of New Zealand, including the capitol Wellington.
       In addition to all this, if the disaster has struck,then neither to Petone, nor to cities from its neighborhood, e.g. to Wellington, the help has a way to arrive. After all, the with the rest of the world these urban setlements are connected by only two main roads, both narrow and piercing through steep mountains. In case, therefore, of almost any significant cataclysm, these roads are to be blocked by landslips and become impassable. After all, just such landslips even without major cataclysms are constantly plaguing a lot of New Zealand roads endangered by soil erosion.
       Interestingly, after I published this site, suddenly authorities from nearby Wellington published results of some studies, from which it follows that, if this city is hit by an earthquake over 7 on the Richter scale, then Wellington (and surely also nearby Petone) will be cut off from the road connection with the rest of the island for a period of approximately 4 months. The results of these analyzes was published, amongst others, in the article "Lifeline cut for four months", from page A1 of newspaper The Dominion Post, edition of Thursday, July 5, 2012. However, from the past experience it is known, that after a momentary sensation is stimulated, such findings are quickly deposited somewhere on the shelf and no-one is taking any action based on them.
       For as long as I can remember discussions are conducted to yet build another road, this time a safe one, because leading along one of valleys pointing at Wellington. However, these discussions almost always remain only discussions. In turn if, for example, someone had to count on dispatching helicopters during a cataclysm, then he would also be disappointed. After all, the total number of helicopters which New Zealand has, barely would be enough to provide assistance to families of government officials living in Wellington, while providing a help and rescue to ordinary people simply would not be enough of the "throughput power" of these helicopters.

#C5. In the face of threats and situations described in previous items, the "grace of God" is the only hope at which Petone can count:

       To summarise information described in previpous items #C1 to #C4, the existeing and highly real thereats from cataclysms, combined with the lack of capability to provided rescue if a cataclysm really arrives, leaves the security of Petone exclusively in "hands of God". No wonder, that those more atheistic people do NOT even try to settle in that township.

Part #D: Why, in spite of being so endangered by cataclysms, Petone still is NOT hit:


#D1. The protective power of "10 righteous" inhabiting vicinity of Petone:

       Although all the signs in heaven and earth indicate that Petone is long overdue in getting a hit from some kind of cataclysm, the fact that it still avoided a battering results from the living in the vicinity of it those required by the promise from the Bible at least "10 righteous" - about which I write in item #I2 of this web page. The number of these "righteous" living near Petone I personally counted, while the results of their counting is described in item #I3 from the page named day26.htm. As I am going to prove it with the body of evidence presented in items #I3, #I3.1 and #I5, in fact the presence of these "10 righteous" really safeguards effectively Petone from all devastating cataclysms and weather anomalies.

Part #E: "From outcomes you recognise them" - means how to distinguish between a "special treatment" and so-called "random events":


#E1. Kinds of "treatments":

       Kinds of treatments, which depending on the morality and philosophy practiced by a given community, God serves to this community, are described in item #I4 from the web page named day26.htm.
       At this point it is worth to emphasize, that in the world created and wisely governed by omni-knowledgeable and omnipotent God (in which we live), there is NO such a thing as a "coincidence" or a "random event" - what explains in more details item #B1 from the web page named changelings.htm. This is because in such the world with God everything that happens is the intentional act of God with strictly defined goal and consequences. Thus a "coincidence" or a "random event" is something, that in our world does NOT exist, but that was invented and is used by "atheistic orthodox scientists" to justify their lack of knowledge and the lack of ability to explain.

#E2. What one should seek to recognise a "special treatment":

       A "special treatment" must be distinguished from extreme weather phenomena which are normal for a given area. This is because all weathers that are occasionally repeated throughout tens of years, including in that number also times shortly after the World War Two - when people of almost every country and area on Earth behaved especially morally, are just extreme weather phenomena which are normal for a given area. However,"special treatments" are cataclysms and harms which bypassed our area, although they devastated the other areas in our vicinity, and although according to the laws of nature, they should also devastate us.

Part #F: A temporary nature of the "special treatment" for Petone, which stems from the nearby presence of "10 righteous":


#F1. When the number of "righteous" falls below 10, then the to-date "special treatment" will finish, while Petone, and with it also Wellington, probably will experience something not very nice:

       Residents of Petone are NOT "saints" and they NOT differ morally from inhabitants of other cities of New Zealand. The only thing that turns them into an exception, is accidental "coincidence" that in the so-called "range of destruction" from the township live those so called "10 righteous" required by the promise from the Bible. (As I personally believe - this living of "10 righteous" in the vicinity of Petone have been deliberately "organized" by God so that I have the opportunity to research and to scientifically document consequences of it, and to make the results of my research available to other people.) Therefore, if for some reason one of these "10 righteous" is to shift to another place, the protection of Petone is to finish and the town is going to get battering - similarly as already are battered other towns from the vicinity of it. But I personally believe, that this will not happen "during my lifetime". Therefore, in my opinion, the only way that Petone is to be covered by a permanent "special treatment" from God, would be a drastic change of the philosophy and morality by the majority of inhabitants of this township - as this is described in item #H1 from the web page named quake.htm.

Part #G: How the "temporary nature" of this "special treatment" could be changed into a "permanent state":


#G1. In order to convince God, it is necessary to "display an obedience" through a public, official, and open declaration and implementation of activities which change the philosophy:

       More on the subject of making public, official, and open own intentions and efforts, means on the subject of "display the obedience to God", is explained, amongst others, items #A2 and #G1 on the web page named quake.htm.

Part #H: Why the increase of "special treatment" for Petone lies in the interest of neighbourly human settlements:


#H1. The work on principle of the Chinese proverb that "the bigger the tree the larger area is protected by its branches":

       For as long as Petone is blessed by a "special treatment from God", also from destructive cataclysms are protected by this Petone all human settlements which are located so close to Petone, that a destruction of Petone would affect also them (and that destruction of them would affect also Petone). Thus, at the moment, Petone is protecting also the city of Wellington, as well as the town Lower Hutt. Therefore, in the interest of inhabitants of these settlements lies that the "special treatment" is extended over Petone for longest possible time, and also - if possible, that inhabitants of Petone undertook the official program of adoption of the philosophy of totalizm.

#H2. Settlements from beyond the "range of destruction" are excluded from protective effect of Petone:

       Beyond the "range of destruction" for the township of Petone lies e.g. neighbourly settlement called Wainuiomata. (Wainuiomata is located in "bad valley of Rimutaka", just by so-called "Rimutaka Forest Park" known from the action of "dark powers" described, amongst others, in item #K1.9 of the web page named newzealand.htm.) The township of Wainuiomata is separated from Petone by just a narrow mountain range from the top of which was taken the photograph shown in "Fig. #B1a". However, its random destruction would NOT affect Petone. Therefore Wainuiomata is NOT protected by moral mechanisms which protect Petone against cataclysms. As it is described in item #I3 from this web page, Wainuiomata is actually troubled by cataclysms which omitted Petone.

Part #I: Body of evidence which confirms, that really the New Zealand township of Petone receives a "special treatment" from God:


#I1. This "part #I" represents the repetition, extension and improvement on evidence presented in "part #I" from a different web page named day26.htm:

       Initially, on the occasion of subsequent update and reediting of the web page named day26.htm, I included into "part #I" of it descriptions of these cataclysms, which occurred already after my shifting to Petone, and which - accordingly to typical behaviours of nature supposed to hit Petone and to cause significant destruction in it. This is because each one amongst these cataclysms spread destruction near Petone, but it skipped through Petone without causing any damages. Then it turned out that such cataclysms is unexpectedly lot and that their pedantic descriptions begins to increase that web page "day26.htm" to undesirable large size. Therefore, on 30 March 2012 I decided to cease further extending that web page "day26.htm", while descriptions of next similar cataclysms shift to this web page and here continue them further. In this way this web page and its "part #I" was established. Apart from item #I3 of it (which is an exact repetition of descriptions of such cataclysms presented in item #I3 from the web page named day26.htm), all remaining items of this web page are to present different findings of the new "totaliztic science" than the corresponding items from the web page named "day26.htm".

#I2. Why in first place I started to accumulate and analyse scientifically the body of evidence presented in this "part #I":

       Originally the accumulation and presentation of the body of evidence provided here in this "part #I" (especially in its item #I3), I started in order to check whether God really keeps His promise contained in the Bible - with which God guarantees to people, that He will NOT destroy cities nor communities in the midst of which live permanently at least so-called "10 righteous". (That God's guarantee is described more extensively in items #I1 and #I2, while additionally I am mentioning it in items #P5.1, #A2, #G1, #H3 and #K2, of my web page named quake.htm. In turn requirements of someone's belonging to the class of these "righteous" is explained in item #G2 of my web page named day26.htm.) This is because, as my personal investigations revealed it, in the vicinity of the township of Petone, really live permanently at least 10 persons which meet the Biblical definition of "righteous". Thus, according to the promise from God, Petone should be avoided by all destructive cataclysms until the time when the number of these "righteous" drops below at least 10. As my checks documented it scientifically with the use of a body of evidence presented in item #I3 below, in fact this promise from God is fulfilled for Petone with the truly "iron consequence". In this way Petone described here is the first modern township in the world, for which was scientifically verified the fulfilment by God of the promise provided in the Bible.

#I3. Body of evidence which confirms that the nearby hosting of "10 righteous" really keeps cataclysms away from the New Zealand township of Petone (i.e. exactly as God promised this to us in the Bible):

       Below I am listing cases of cataclysmic events which affected New Zealand communities living not far from Petone. The attribute of these events is, that their characteristics, nature, and course, suggested that they should affect cataclysmically also the township of Petone. But in fact they "skipped" through this township without causing any significant damage in it. This fact in turn conforms the "special treatment" which township of Petone enjoys from God. So here are these cataclysmic events, which originally I watched, analysed scientifically, and described in item #I3 from a different web page named day26.htm:
       1. The cloud giving birth to tornadoes. A good example of just such a case was the "atmospheric phenomenon" described in the article [1#I3] entitled "Southerly buster hits Wellington, ripping off roofs, and halting trains", from page A1 of New Zealand newspaper "The Dominion Post Weekend", issue dated on Saturday-Sunday, March 13-14, 2010. This phenomenon was a lens-shaped cloud looking as a giant UFO vehicle, which flew along almost the entire New Zealand, generating a hurricane-like swirling wind which spread chaos and destruction on its path, torn trees and roofs, etc. This cloud sometimes even generated mini-tornadoes on its peripherals. This intelligently behaving weather phenomenon left a trail of destruction almost on the entire its path, including Wellington - to which it reached around 4:30 pm that Friday. But when after Wellington it reached Petone, it just friendly scared of few passers-by through breaking a several branches on trees, then it flew further. However, already in the next town after Petone (i.e. in Lower Hutt) it again started to rage, barricading the road, collapsing trees, and stopping trains.
       2. Intense rains that induced floods. Another example of destructive weather phenomenon which also illustratively confirmed this rule of omitting the settlement of Petone without causing any serious damages in there, were two-weeks prolonged disastrous rains which affected New Zealand in second half of May and the beginning of June 2010. These rains caused serious floods, landslips, evacuations of settlements, and destruction of roads, both on the northern as well as on the southern end of the long like sausages main islands of New Zealand. But in the centre of these islands, just where Petone and my flat is located, these rains only watered the dried soil without causing practically any damages. On the subject of these floods-inducing rains and their consequences, alarming articles were published in New Zealand newspapers almost every day, e.g. see the article [2#I3] "Heavy downpours to hamper clean-up operations", from page A5 of newspaper The New Zealand Herald issue dated on Wednesday, May 26, 2010; the article [3#I3] "After the floods and a landslide, now get set for bitter cold and snow", from page A3 of New Zealand newspaper The Dominion Post, issue dated on Thursday, May 27, 2010; the article [4#I3] "Nature's fury", from page A1 of newspaper The New Zealand Herald issue dated on Wednesday, June 2, 2010 (which article describes and illustrates with photographs a cataclysmic flood from the area of New Zealand called the "Bay of Plenty" - which is distant from Petone only by a length much shorter than span of the low-pressure weather system which caused these floods, however still the same weather system has NOT affected the township in which I live); or the article [5#I3] "Residents flee homes as Whakatane hit by water bomb", from page A4 of New Zealand newspaper The Dominion Post, issue dated on Thursday, June 3, 2010 (which article discusses quantitative data of catastrophically powerful rainfall in that area called the "Bay of Plenty").
       3. The earthquake from Christchurch. Still another confirmation of the protective significance of these "10 righteous", was the powerful earthquake the arrival of which I predicted already several months earlier and carefully announced it in the content of this web page. This earthquake hit the city of Christchurch on Saturday, 4th September 2010. (The description of this earthquake from Christchurch is provided in item #C5 of the separate web page named seismograph.htm - devoted to the description of the telepathic device for remote detection of impending earthquakes, and in item #P5 of the web page named quake.htm - devoted to the description of methods of defence against any cataclysms, which methods are based on work of mechanisms of morality.) As I explained this here in item #I2 above, Wellington (and thus also Petone) belongs to 3 major cities of New Zealand, one of which must be destroyed by a cataclysm, if it turns necessary that God carries out the forced moral and philosophical renewal of that country. In addition, from the scientific point of view, Wellington has incomparably higher chances of being hit by a powerful earthquake, than both remaining amongst these 3 cities, means than Auckland or Christchurch. After all, it is exactly underneath of Wellington that the deadly "Ring of Fire" is passing, while it runs rather far from Christchurch and from Auckland. Also, whichever kind of philosophy or behaviours start to dominate over the rest of New Zealand, the origins of this always can be traced to Wellington. After all, Wellington is the capital where politicians make all decision and from where all laws are issued. However - as it turned out, for experiencing series of destructive earthquakes (which started in 2010, lasted throughout the entire 2011, and still continued in 2012 - when I was updating this item), God selected Christchurch. (One can speculate that this may have something to do with the name "Christ-church" which is especially "obliging" - as this explains item #G2 on the web page named prophecies.htm.) What also is interesting, that first powerful earthquake took place when I just was on my vacation in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
       4. A week long cold storm. Starting from Saturday, 18 September 2010, for the entire next week, New Zealand was battled by the cold storm which froze to death thousands of lambs on paddocks, interrupted electricity supply, collapsed sport stadium in Invercargill, blocked numerous roads, interrupted communication, and flooded farms. During the week of that storm television was full of reports from destruction, while newspapers were filled with articles of the type "Chaos as big blow hits" from page A1 of the New Zealand newspaper Weekend Herald, issue dated on Saturday, September 18, 2010; or "Three days of storm leave trail of damage" from page A3 of the New Zealand newspaper The Dominion Post, issue dated on Monday, September 20, 2010. (This last article describes also, amongst others, the collapse of the roof of almost a new stadium in Invercargill, described also in 1 from item #E1 of the web page named rok_uk.htm.) But in spite that almost the entire New Zealand was battered by this storm, Petone in which I live almost day after day had sunny weather and just a weak wind - as if God intentionally emphasized that it is a township with very special treatment. What even more interesting, already in a nearby town named "Lower Hutt" the lightning from that storm hit and burned a house (although its female inhabitant was saved) - this lightning is described in the article "Lower Hutt woman's lucky strike", from page A1 of the newspaper The Dominion Post Weekend, issue dated on Saturday-Sunday, September 18-19, 2010.
       5. The flood of "once in 150 years" in nearby "Golden Bay". Not far from Petone, because just on the opposite side of the narrow "Cook Straight", lies an area called the "Golden Bay". Actually, if not the mountain range which hides it, then the "Golden Bay" would probably be visible from Petone. On 28th December 2010 the area of it was destroyed with a storm and a destructive flood. Mass media described this flood as appearing once per 150 years - see the article "Clean-up begins after storm inflicts worst flooding in 150 years" from page A2 of newspaper The New Zealand Herald (issue dated on Thursday, December 30, 2010). Shockingly, on the day of that cataclysmic storm and flood in the nearby "Golden Bay", in Petone sun was shining. (Notice that I am also describing this "flood of once in 150 years" in 9 from item #C5 on the web page seismograph.htm.)
       6. Deluge from the "king tide" and storm in Auckland on Sunday, 23rd January 2011. On that Sunday in Petone was just an ordinary rain, which watered nicely local soil and vegetation. It was too-insignificant to e.g. stop me from visiting a local library. But when in evening I switched on the television set, I got a shock. The entire North Island of New Zealand, including Petone in which I live, was that day covered with a hostile looking elliptical low-pressure cloud, similar in shape to storm clouds of powerful tropical typhoons. This storm flooded the city of Auckland and "Bay of Plenty" with teens of centimetres of rain water. Simultaneously the so-called "king tide" additionally increased with the sucking action of this low-pressure storm, lifted up waters of the ocean, so that these waters also flooded streets of the city. In evening television news at channels "3" and "Prime" reported was an incident of recent construction of a low wall which supposed to separate ocean waters from the city. During the construction of that wall supposedly inhabitants of nearby houses begged the engineer who supervised these works, to build much higher wall. But the engineer ignored the requests of locals, claiming that according to his calculations sea never lifts itself so high. Unfortunately, the sea did lift that day and flooded the city - interesting whether that engineer will be made accountable for such "shabby work". In the result, in television shown were streets of Auckland turned into fast rivers, sea waves raging in the city, and people standing up to knees in water inside of their own kitchens. So the same low-pressure cloud which in Petone just caused a beneficial watering of gardens, for Auckland turned out to be a source of cataclysmic deluge. Photographs from that deluge, and the map of destructions caused by it, can be viewed in the article "Nature's brutal king hit" from pages A1 and A5 of newspaper The New Zealand Herald (issue dated on Monday, January 24, 2011). This deluge from Auckland was in fact the first more serious cataclysm that affected that city. Before the deluge Auckland was only gently "warned" with electricity "blackouts" and strange failures of public transport. So it seems that either Auckland only just entered into the level of practicing the philosophy of parasitism which God is NOT prepared to tolerate any longer, or that previously that city was protected by these "10 righteous" - but just now for some reasons their number dropped down below 10 that are minimum required. Whichever of these two reasons caused that Auckland just joined cities of New Zealand "punished" by God with cataclysms, still for sure we soon will hear more on its subject.
       7. Battering of the city of Auckland and its vicinity by the tropical cyclone "Wilma". In just 6 days after the flood described in the previous item, i.e. on Saturday evening, 29th January 2011, almost the entire north of New Zealand, including the city of Auckland, was poured with water and battered with winds of the tropical cyclone named "Wilma". Reports of destructions from that cyclone are summarised in the article "Cyclone Wilma leaves sodden trail of damage in its wake" from page A4 of New Zealand newspaper The Dominion Post, issue dated on Monday, January 31, 2011. Also this time only an outer (weak) edge of the cyclone rolled over Petone. It watered soil with quite a good rain, and sawed wild seeds with string winds, but people and properties were left unharmed. As it shows, God keeps His promise, and omits Petone with cataclysms, thus confirming that this township is really protected by "10 righteous".
       8. The prophecy of Maori visionary. On Sunday, 6th February 2011, New Zealand celebrated yearly holiday of native Maoris called the "Waitangi Day". As usually on this occasion, crowds of Maoris, as well as many governmental dignitaries, took part in official celebrations. To the surprise of these crowds, Maori visionary (which is also a priest in one of New Zealand churches) took the opportunity of his formal speech during this holiday, to announce publicly his vision which he had 38 years ago. The vision which he revealed publicly was repeated that day in evening news of New Zealand television channels, and also a day later was published in the article entitled "Kaumatua's earthquake prophecy will come true ... eventually" from page A1 of the New Zealand newspaper The Dominion Post, issue dated on Monday, February 7, 2011. In his vision he saw the city of Wellington hit by a deadly earthquake. He saw how streets of the city were paved with body bags. He saw how houses on slopes of Wellington hills just disappeared. He saw how roof of the parliament building mixed with ruins of surrounding houses. He saw how waters of the Wellington harbour firstly receded, then with a fury returned to hit the city as a deadly tsunami. In his vision all this destruction is to take place in the month of June - but he did NOT know of which year. Because he undeniably believed in the supernatural truth of this vision, for 38 years each June he looked with a worry whether it fulfils. But so-far the earthquake did NOT happen. So he decided to warn other people about it in his public speech. (I personally understand his certainty, as I myself also had a vision of visiting the village of Stawczyk in a distant future - as I described it in item #J3 of the web page named wszewilki_jutra_uk.htm and in item #C4 of the web page named stawczyk_uk.htm. So I know how certain one is about the truth of whatever is shown in such visions.) Although many took highly sceptical stand regarding this Maori vision, generally almost everyone agrees that Wellington already passed the date of next such a powerful earthquake, and that there is no doubt that one day it is to come, only we do not know yet "when" it is to happen. After all, Wellington is located on a powerful geological "fault". I would add to it, that as a capitol of the country, Wellington is also a "cause" and a "brain" of every situation for which other areas of New Zealand already take hammering from God since a long time. After all, if e.g. New Zealanders do NOT discipline their children according to requirements of the Bible - as this is described in item #B5.1 of the web page will.htm, the "cause" for it are laws and orders issued in Wellington. If the entire New Zealand is infested and tormented by immoral monopoles - as this is explained in (1) from item #E1 of the web page rok_uk.htm, the "cause" of this are friendships, encouragements, and permits initiated in Wellington. Etc., etc. In other words, both - according to logic, as well as according to the prophecy of that Maori visionary, Wellington should be "punished" with a significant cataclysm even much earlier than all other places described in this item, as well as in items #C5 and #C5.1 of the web page seismograph.htm. Since such a cataclysm so-far omits Wellington (and thus also omits Petone in which I live), the only known explanation for this omitting is the protective power of the presence of these "10 righteous" in that city and in the vicinity of it, which still protect these places against unavoidable cataclysms. So in spite that probably the date of arrival of a next cataclysms to Wellington and to Petone is already overdue, still the prophecy described here is NOT going to fulfil itself until the time when for some reasons the number of "righteous" individuals which live here drops below the protective "at least 10".
       9. A powerful storm which raged over New Zealand for over a week, starting from 26 April 2011. Destructions from that storm were described in a number of articles, e.g. in [1#I3(9)] "Gale-force fury" from page A1 of newspaper The New Zealand Herald, issue dated on Wednesday, April 27, 2011. This storm is also described in caption under "Fig. #M1" from the web page telekinetics.htm, because probably it was a major reason for which its winds drifted to the beach in Petone one amongst these famous in the world "yellow ducks" which were dumped into the sea near eastern coasts of the USA, and then drifted with ocean currents over practically the entire world. This powerful storm caused a range of destruction and losses in practically every direction from Petone. When battering New Zealand it encircled a large arc the centre of which was in Petone, but the Petone itself was left by it untouched (i.e. during that storm in Petone just rained as usually and there was a typical for Petone wind). The scale of destruction from that storm can be traced from articles that appeared at that time in New Zealand press. The storm e.g. in so-called "Hawkey's Bay" flooded houses with so rapid and so powerful deluge, that people needed to be evacuated by helicopters. Their houses were flooded, their stock (cows and sheep) was drowned, roads were destroyed with landslides, bridges damaged, electric power-lines were broken, water supply disrupted, etc. - for more information see e.g. articles [2#I3(9)] "Heavy rain 'worse than Bola' wreaks havoc in Hawke's Bay", page A3 of New Zealand newspaper "The Dominion Post", issue dated on Friday, April 29, 2011; or [3#I3(9)] "Storm battering gets fierce", from page A1 of newspaper The New Zealand Herald, issue dated on Monday, May 2, 2011. What puzzles me most, is that this storm was the first which caused also a significant destruction in the opposite to Petone suburbs of Wellington (i.e. in the city to which Petone is a suburb). So clearly for some reasons recently that Wellington ceased to be protected by "10 righteous" - however, such "10 righteous" still protect Petone.
       10. The storm which to south-west from Petone flooded vicinity of the "Grey river", while to north-east from Petone (i.e. in Masterton) killed a person. In spite that this storm was passing over Petone, and that it spread noticeable destruction in both opposite directions from Petone, in Petone itself it was almost unnoticeable. The storm, and its victims, are described and illustrated in the article [1#I3(10)] entitled "Couple crushed in weather chaos" from page A1 of newspaper The New Zealand Herald, issue dated on Tuesday, November 22, 2011.
       11. The earthquake which damaged a building in Wellington, while in nearby Petone was hardly noticeable. The earthquake measuring 5.7 on the Richter’s scale hit Wellington at 19:19 on Saturday, 3 December 2011 - damaging almost a new building which was a headquarter for electricity company named "Meridian". A description of this earthquake and destruction that it caused is provided in the article [1#I3(11)] entitled "New city building damaged by quake" from page A1 of New Zealand newspaper "The Dominion Post", issue dated on Monday, December 5, 2011. Because of the damage to just this one building, it is worth to ask a question, whether this "Meridian" is e.g. responsible for an uncontrolled (immoral) increase in prices of electricity in New Zealand? - for more detailed data see the article "Power chiefs' mixed fortunes" from page C1 of the New Zealand newspaper The Dominion Post, issue dated on Thursday, October 22, 2009, or see the article "Power rises defended amid 'windfall profits'" from page A2 of the New Zealand newspaper The Dominion Post, issue dated on Friday, December 12, 2008. (Notice that facts described in these articles took place in times when because of the world's economic crisis normal New Zealanders were forced to "tighten their belts".) After all, these almost unjustifiably-high prices of electricity (i.e. the electricity which New Zealand generates almost for free with its numerous river-dams which already are paid of), are the reason for which many poorer New Zealanders are immorally subjected to suffering - for example, for retired people because they cannot afford the use of electricity for heating their flats, while for unemployed people because they cannot afford to cook their meals on electricity. In turn the number of such increasingly poorer people rapidly grows in NZ, e.g. see the article [2#I3(11)] "NZ rich-poor gap widens faster than rest of world" from page A6 of newspaper The New Zealand Herald, issue dated on Wednesday, December 7, 2011. In this situation 42% increase of over million dollar salary of the "Meridian Energy" CEO, described in the article [3#I3(11)] "Public CEOs hit paydirt" from page A1 of newspaper The New Zealand Herald, issue dated on Monday, March 26, 2012, is NOT just immoral, but also arrogant. So, is it possible that the damage only to the building of Meridian means that there were "moral reasons" for which from the entire Wellington hit by this quite strong earthquake, meaningfully only the building of Meridian was damaged? Should we now expect that next earthquakes are to damage headquarters of some other New Zealand companies which immorally induced human suffering, for example that of the monopolistic company which lifted prices of milk produced in New Zealand to such a high level, that milk become unaffordable to a majority of ordinary New Zealanders? - e.g. see the article "Price families pay for milk an outrage, says health chief" from page A7 of New Zealand newspaper The Dominion Post, issue dated on Wednesday, February 16, 2011, or the article "Milk products tipped to get even pricier" from page A2 of newspaper The New Zealand Herald, issue dated on Thursday, February 17, 2011. (Notice that New Zealand is one amongst the biggest producers of milk in the entire world. Unfortunately, inhabitants of it are ruthlessly robbed out of benefits from so high production of milk by the monopolistic institution which, according to the information provided in evening news on channel 3 of television New Zealand on Wednesday, 8 February 2012 at 6 pm to 7:30 pm, pays to farmers just 65 cents per litre of milk, but then allows the same milk to be sold in supermarkets for the price around four times higher.) More information about numerous "monopoles" which gradually "suffocate" New Zealand, is provided in item #H2 from the web page named humanity.htm and in item #D5 from the web page named fruit.htm.
       12. "Worst in 50 years" flood, which devastated the town of Nelson and the vicinity of it. This deluge is described e.g. in the article [1#I3(12)] entitled "Torrent sweeps farmer outside" from page A5 if New Zealand newspaper The Dominion Post Weekend, issue dated on Saturday, December 17, 2011. The town of Nelson is almost at "doorsteps" of Wellington and Petone, as it is located on the opposite than Wellington side of a narrow "Cook Strait". But when on Wednesday and Thursday, 14-15 December 2011, Nelson was hit by a "water bomb" and a destructive flood, in Petone hardly one could see any rain. In fact, during recent years the weather in Wellington and in vicinity of it (e.g. in Petone) become so pleasant and so "friendly" towards people, that it surprised many locals, and the untypical pleasantness of it become even commented with amazement in the evening television news from channel 3 of the New Zealand television at 6-7 pm on Tuesday, 27 December 2011. After all, in times that proceeded my shifting to Wellington, this "windy city" was known from its treacherous weather and had an opinion of the one amongst most stormy cities of New Zealand, with wet, windy and difficult to take weather.
       13. The announced improvement of situation with air pollution in Petone. The present economic depression in the world, causes that almost everywhere the so-called "protection of the environment" is pushed aside and neglected completely. After all, the immorally acting capitalists which cause the present catastrophic pollution of the air, water, soil, forests, etc., have now an excellent excuse for their immoral activities of poisoning our planet, by claiming that they are forced to "fight for survival" in difficult economic conditions, and that they do NOT have financial reserves to also take care of the natural environment and our planet (which "lack of reserves", however, do NOT stop many amongst them from accomplishing higher than usual financial profits). Thus, everywhere the pollution of the air, water, soil, forests, etc., are now rapidly escalated. Therefore I was nicely surprised by the announcement published in articles [1#I3(13)] "Residents hail Exide closure" from page A1 of newspaper The Dominion Post, issue dated on Thursday, February 16, 2012; and [2#I3(13)] "Exide plant closure plan within week" from page A6 of New Zealand newspaper The Dominion Post Weekend, issue dated on Saturday, February 18, 2012. In these articles the announcement was made that one amongst the worst smelling, unclean, and dangerous plants of New Zealand, which employed only around 40 workers but since a long time polluted ghastly the air and the environment of Petone, is to be closed completely by 31 March 2012. This plant, belonging to "Exide", processed and recycled old batteries. From its chimney and ventilators were continually streaming to Petone large jets of heavy, sticky, smelly smoke and dust, full of poisonous to human bodies, heavy elements, powdered led, and various murderous chemicals. In the result of these pollutions, inhabitants of Petone almost continually were sick on various lung illnesses, some children with degeneration were born, soil, grass, and everything that grew here was covered with a layer of poisonous substances which eventually make their way to human organisms, while collars of shirts were covered with a brown layer already after a few hours since they were worn. For as long as I live in Petone (i.e. since 2001), I am hearing how local inhabitants hopelessly fight and loose numerous legal battles for the closure of this plant. But whatever they did so-far, it went to no avail. After all, which decision maker is to listen to voices of ordinary people, when he has also the choice to listen to persuasion of capitalists and their capital - while we all know that "money talk". In the result, for all these years the factory arrogantly blew pollutants straight in the face of inhabitants of Petone, and all people knew that it is to take a miracle to close it down and to cease the further polluting. And herewith the miracle has happened right in February 2012 - as I believe, only because since fairly recent time Petone and the vicinity of it started to be inhabited by that required minimal number of 10 "righteous". The fact, that the closure of this factory had a character of supernatural intervention - NOT a morally intended action of human decision-makers, in the best way can be deduced from the information provided in the article [3#I3(13)] "Exide was wrong; NZ not a backwater" from page B4 of the New Zealand newspaper The Dominion Post (issue dated on Monday, February 20, 2012), and the article [4#I3(13)] "Council seeks more info on Exide shutdown plan" from page A4 of newspaper The New Zealand Herald (issue dated on Wednesday, March 7, 2012). These articles reveal, that the factory was NOT closed because of the pressure from public opinion or because of someone's morally correct decision. It was closed only because market mechanisms caused that Korea and Philippines started to pay much more for used New Zealand batteries than the price which for these batteries were prepared to pay owners of the Exide factory. Owners of Exide even resorted to court case in their trying to stop that lucrative export of used batteries, and to still be able to buy them for almost nothing. In turn the fact that while doing this they poisoned the environment and inhabitants of Petone and that they spread powdered led, did NOT bother neither politicians nor decision makers. These facts prove that the closure of the factory was caused by market mechanisms controlled by God and conditioned by human moralities, NOT by morally correct actions of human decision makers or politicians.
       It also appears, that God NOT only restores the cleanness to the environment of Petone, but also intends to prove soon to all people opened to truth, that this restoration of cleanness is NOT just a coincidence. This is because according to the article [5#I3(13)] "US High-Tech firm considers making furnaces in Hutt" from page C11 of New Zealand newspaper The Dominion Post, issue dated on Monday, March 3, 2012, some American firm which produces furnaces decided to open a factory in the township called "Lower Hutt" which is a close neighbour of Petone. In turn it is known, that producers of furnaces are famous in the world from spreading pollutions highly detrimental to health (i.e. chemical, ceramic, asbestos, as well as also dangerous heavy metals). So probably that firm is "pushed out" of the USA just because of the pollutions that it generates. Thus, perhaps, it choose New Zealand, which is almost deprived of anti-pollution laws, to be able to continue without problems its dangerous emissions. So God will have an excellent opportunity to prove to people who are open to truth, that also that firm is going to meet a similar fate as Exide. For me personally there will be an interesting opportunity to watch further (and to report outcomes in this web page), how God is going to handle the matter of tempering pollution ambitions of that firm. For example, is God going to cause, that the owner of that American firm rapidly gets heart attack or falls a victim of deadly accident, or bankrupts, or e.g. the firm is going to be troubled by continuous strikes, labour problems, sabotages, accidents, cataclysms, legal problems, financial crimes, etc., until finally it will be forced to leave New Zealand - if we live we will see!!! The fact is, that if someone acts contradictive to intentions of God then NO-ONE would want to be in his shoes!!!
       14. "Weather bomb" which went over Petone in weekend on 3rd and 4th March 2012. Climatologists did NOT know how to name the phenomenon which affected New Zealand in that weekend. So they called it a "weather bomb". This is because the phenomenon was something between a tornado and a hurricane. Means, it carried very strong winds - in gusts reaching 150 km per hour, a wave of cold, and simultaneously powerful rains. It moved across New Zealand along the line that links so-called "Taranaki" (with its central town of New Plymouth) and "Wairarapa" (with its central town of Masterton). So the destructive edge of that "bomb" went also over Petone. But in spite that in other towns it caused damages of millions of dollars, in Petone it just watered flowers slightly more generously than usual, and persuaded people to spend the weekend in homes for change. This non-typical "weather bomb" was described more comprehensively in articles [1#I3(14)] "Weather bomb will be like a bull in a china shop" from page B2 of New Zealand newspaper The Dominion Post Weekend, issue dated on Saturday, March 3, 2012, amd [2#I3(14)] "Millions in damage after gale battering" from page A3 of newspaper The Dominion Post, issue dated on Monday, March 5, 2012.
       The most meaningful effects of this "weather bomb" were described in the article [3#I3(14)] entitled "High winds and floods hit Wainui" from page 15 of the local newspaper The Hutt News, issue dated on Tuesday, March 6, 2012. The point is that the township Wainuiomata described in that article is located just around 2 km from Petone, while it is separated from Petone just by a narrow mountain range. Because of this vicinity to Petone, one would expect that it is to be hit by exactly the same winds and rains as Petone. But Wainuiomata does NOT belong to the same "area of destruction" as Petone. In addition, the majority of its inhabitants belong to a different moral category than inhabitants of Petone. (E.g. a noticeable proportion of inhabitants of Wainuiomata constitute inmates of the "Rimutaka Prison" located in there. In turn it is known that in prison rarely land people that act pedantically moral.) Therefore, the moral difference of Rimutaka causes, that the entire valley in which lies the township of Wainuiomata, God qualifies as a "bad valley". Almost continually it is troubled by various disasters. Thus, during the "weather bomb" discussed here, the fire brigade from Wainuiomata was called to around 20 cases of ripping off roofs by winds, breaking trampolines to garages and homes, and to flooding f houses and a school. Several people were injured by objects blown by winds. Trees and power-lines were blown by powerful gusts, while a car driver only due to a miracle escaped unharmed from a collision with one of them. Etc., etc. All these happened when in the nearby Petone almost nothing similar took place.
       So the reflection resulting from that "weather bomb" is, that Petone (and by it also Wellington) is a kind of "exception" located in the very centre of a "cataclysmic triangle". While the entire this "cataclysmic triangle" is repetitively 'lashed" by various cataclysms, Petone located in the centre of it always comes out without any harm. In turn this triangle is including as many as three provinces of New Zealand, namely so-called "Taranaki" - with the central town of New Plymouth, "Wairarapa" - with the central town of Masterton, and "Tasmania" bordered by three towns, i.e. by Nelson, Westport and Graymouth. Furthermore, just by Petone, separated only by a narrow mountain range, is located also that "bad valley of Rimutaka" which also repetitively is troubled by various disasters and cataclysms. What is the most meaningful, when one analyses cataclysms that hit that triangle, then neither geography, nor geology, nor any attributes of natural phenomena, do NOT allow to explain "why?" these cataclysms attack with a fury all three provinces of that triangle, but they always avoid hitting Petone located in the centre of it. Thus, the only cause which allows to explain the omission of Petone by cataclysms, are differences in morality of inhabitants, and the presence of these at least "10 righteous". After all, according to the descriptions from items #H3 and #H4 of the web page named quake.htm, such repetitive troubling of given communities by increasingly powerful "weather anomalies", represents warning of inhabitants of these areas by God, that their philosophy starts to reach already the punishable level of the philosophy of parasitism, and thus if these communities do NOT undertake actions aimed at changing their philosophies or at settling in their areas these required at least "10 righteous", then send to them will be even more destructive kinds of cataclysms. At this point perhaps it is worth that reader also checks, whether his place of living is NOT by any chance warned by God in just a similar manner.
       15. The destructive storm which lashed the South Island of New Zealand on 20 to 22 March 2012. This storm was described, amongst others, in articles [1#I3(15)] "Family run for their lives as gale rips off roof" from page A5 of newspaper The New Zealand Herald issue dated on Wednesday, March 21, 2012, and [2#I3(15)] "Brace for more violent weather" from page A3 of New Zealand newspaper The Dominion Post, issue dated on Wednesday, March 21, 2012. The storm caused most damages in the close to Petone province Taranaki, and also in Northland - at the northern tip of New Zealand. In the nearby New Plymouth (central town of Taranaki) its winds reached 113 km/h causing tearing trees with roots, falling powerlines and cars, and ripping off roofs. A spectacular example of destruction caused by it is shown on photographs that illustrate the article [3#I3(15)] "End of line on cards for train track" from page A5 of New Zealand newspaper The Dominion Post, issue dated on Wednesday, March 28, 2012, and article [4#I3(15)] "Slips leave 100 m of track dangling" from page A6 of newspaper The New Zealand Herald issue dated on Wednesday, March 28, 2012. These photographs show a section of railway line around 100 metres long, which is dangling high in the air over a cliff. The storm caused landslips on both sides of a deep valley which previously was crossed by the railway line. Because now there is NO solid ground to support the track, while crossing this valley in a different place would be too expensive and uneconomical, probably the entire railway line linking towns Napier and Gisborne must be liquidated because of this storm. The storm caused also a widespread floods. But in Petone the rain and wind was almost indifferent from these that normally prevail in there.
       Watching the course of newest events it is difficult to oppose the impression, that in recent times New Zealand started to receive increasingly frequent and strong battering from the "mother nature". In turn, knowing from the content of web pages quake.htm or morals.htm "for what" the "mother nature" lashes at people, it is enough to look at headings of present New Zealand newspapers, or to view television news of that country, to understand "why" this lashing of nature so intensifies lately and "what" New Zealanders should start to do to stop further escalation of it.
       That storm started to ease on Friday, 23 March 2012. So when in hours of "lunch" sun started to shine over Petone, I went for a walk along the local beach. Over there my attention again attracted the phenomenon of ideally elliptical "window in the sky" which existed then exactly over Petone in the thick layer of clouds, and which caused that sunny weather which convinced me to go for a walk. The "window" was so located on the sky, that apart from Petone no other nearby township received any sun. Such elliptical "windows" I saw over Petone already several times earlier (the most easy is to see and notice them from the local beach) - and I even frequently wondered how they could be documented photographically without the need to use an airplane or satellite which would be required to catch on a single photograph their entire size and their almost ideally elliptical shape. (Apart from Petone such precisely formed elliptical "windows in the sky" I did NOT see in any other place on the Earth.) That day it turned out that the window was so located, that with my ordinary photo-camera I managed to photograph both its rounded ends from the edge of beach along which I was walking - pointing the lens of my camera towards the south and then towards the north. In turn the shape and location of these ends of ellipsis documented how the entire ellipsis was located over Petone. Both photographs which I took then are shown in "Fig. #I3" below. They document photographically that God on His discreet manner lets to know to interested people, that Petone receives from Him a rare "special treatment". After all, while the entire North Island of New Zealand was covered with a thick layer of dense clouds - which are also visible on my photographs, over Petone there was a clear blue sky. But in order to also provide the explanation to sceptics - as God always does it, this His confirmation of a "special treatment" for Petone, He expressed onto manner that is typical for God - i.e. such which contains in itself as many as at least three (3) independent explanations described in item #C2 of this web page (and even better described in item #C2 of the web page tornado.htm).

Fig. #I3a. Fig. #I3b.

Fig. #I3ab: A photographic documentation of one amongst these "windows in the sky" (or "weather halos") taking the shape of extended ellipses, which repetitively open (are formed) over Petone. The above "elliptical window in the sky" appeared over Petone on Friday, 23 March 2012, in the easing stage of the three-day-long destructive storm which on 20 to 22 March 2012 lashed the majority of the North Island of New Zealand, and which is described in (15) from item #I3 of this web page. But "windows" similar to the above I saw already earlier several times over Petone - always curiously analysing their attributes and wondering how I could document them photographically without the use of an airplane. Apart from Petone, such precise "elliptical windows in the sky" I have NOT seen so-far in any other place on the Earth. (Click on any above photograph to see it enlarged or to shift it in other area of the screen.)
       The repetitive appearance over Petone such "windows in the sky" with smooth edges and shapes of elongated ellipsis, cannot be scientifically explained by any known atmospheric phenomenon. These "windows" have shapes of elongated ellipsis (i.e. NOT round circles). Their centres of symmetry always seem to be permanently anchored just above my flat. (Because my flat is located near local beach, only their larger halves spread over buildings of Petone, while their smaller halves spread over the local beach and over nearest to Petone part of the sea-bay called the "Wellington Harbour".) They never envelope with their range any other human settlement from the neighbourhood of Petone. Furthermore, their edges are relatively smooth, looking as if someone precisely cut them in clouds. Also they do NOT drift with wind - as this is done by the layer of clouds amongst which they are "anchored", but simply they stay motionlessly over Petone until the time they dissipate. When they dissipate, simply in the entire their volume, on previously blue sky rapidly dense clouds begin to condensate. After a short time, these clouds cease to be distinguishable from the layer of clouds in which a given "window" was formed earlier.
       The only atmospheric phenomena about which I know that also form similar, but "circular", "windows in the sky", are so-called "eyes of cyclones". Namely, in very centres of spinning weather formations called "cyclones", always exists a single ideally round "window", in which typically prevails calm and nice weather. But such "eyes of cyclones" display a number of attributes which significantly differ from attributes of these "windows in the sky" from Petone shaped like elongated ellipsis. Namely, they always are "circular", NOT elliptical. Furthermore, they are permanent, and they drift together with a given cyclone, NOT (like in Petone) appear just as motionless temporary forms "anchored" amongst moving clouds, then after around an hour they dissipate through condensation of clouds in their entire volume.
       The next appearance of the "window in sky" similar to the above, which I noticed, took place on Thursday, 12 April 2012 - also afternoon. When I noticed it, I immediately went to the point of taking photographs shown here on "Fig. #I3ab" - to also take similar photos. But when I arrived in there, the window started to generate clouds that filled it up - and it gradually disappeared. On photos that I took these clouds spoil the appearance of previously smooth, elliptical edges of the window. Interesting, whether somewhere are available for ordinary people any satellite photographs of the area of Petone from hours of around 2 to 3 pm of that day. On such photographs still should be visible the unspoiled elliptical outline of that "window in the sky".
       Fig. #I3a (left): A photograph of southern end of the elongated ellipsis of the "window in the sky" described here. It reveals how ideally elliptical are these "windows", and how they form a kind of motionless tunnel in the moving layer of dense clouds that reach almost to the ground. For example, on the right part of the photograph should be visible the panoramic view of Wellington - which city in good weather is well visible from that point of the Petone beach. But this thick layer of clouds, which reached down almost to the ground, hided completely that city. (The city of Wellington is partially visible on the photo from Fig. #C1 on the web page named cloud_ufo.htm - which also was taken approximately from the same point of Petone beach, and approximately in the same direction, as the above photograph.) Notice, that even the course of sea waves captured on this photograph significantly differ from a typical one. (Typically sea waves always align their course to be parallel to the line of beach.)
       Fig. #I3b (right): The northern end of the elongated ellipsis of the "window in the sky" described here. This end was photographed from the same point on the Petone beach, as the southern end shown on "Fig. #I3a". Only that in order to to capture it, after taking the photo "Fig. #I3a" with camera pointed towards south, I rotated the direction by 180 degrees and took the above photograph "Fig. #I3b" with the lens pointed towards north. (Unfortunately, I do NOT have an access to a helicopter, an airplane, nor a satellite, to capture this ellipsis in the overhead view and to reveal the ideally elliptical shapes of it, nor the precision with which it opened exactly over Petone.) The shape and dimensions of this ellipsis reveal, that it was so formed that sun shining through it rewarded exclusively inhabitants of Petone. NO other neighbourly human settlement was included into the range of that "window in the sky". This fact, in my opinion, was a manner in which God subtly let inhabitants of Petone know, that so-far this township enjoys an exceptionally rare "special treatment", and that this treatment may be continued - if Petone as a whole puts an effort into fulfilment of moral requirements imposed by God. Therefore, in my opinion, inhabitants of Petone have a lot to loose, if they remain passive towards initiatives of the kind described in the article [5#I3(13)] above, or described in the article [5#I3(15)] entitled "Tobacco deal turns Petone into the big smoke" from page A1 of New Zealand newspaper The Dominion Post, issue dated on Monday, March 26, 2012. (This latest article [5#I3(15)] was then corrected by letter from a reader published under the title [6#I3(15)] "Imperial Tobacco expansion is bad news" on page B4 of newspaper The Dominion Post, issue dated on Thursday, March 29, 2012. The reader calculated in his letter, that each new employee working in there to produce cigarettes will cause in New Zealand the death of 15 people and will cost New Zealand 5.4 million dollars of losses in costs of medical care for victims of tobacco addiction.)

#I3.1. Weather anomalies and cataclysms which after starting this web page "skipped over Petone" without causing any damages (although this township stood on their path), and thus which additionally confirm, that Petone enjoys a "special treatment" from God, because next to it live these at least 10 "righteous" required by the God's promise from the Bible:

       After starting this web page I ceased further updates of item #I3 from the web page named day26.htm with documentations of weather anomalies and natural disasters that appeared to likely hit the town of Petone, but which "jumped" through Petone without causing any damage to it. (I.e. I ceased further updates of item #I3 from that other web page, which item has been repeated on this web page here, also as item #I3.) Although, already after the discontinuation of this updates, New Zealand still was repeatedly "pounded" from time to time by next lots of similar weather anomalies, I was too busy with various other research topics, to have also the time to document the fact of deliberate avoidance of Petone by these anomalies. It was only on 17 October 2012 that I advanced these other research to the state in which I was able to return to documenting such weather anomalies. At that time somehow it so happened, that a few days earlier along New Zealand moved a next big storm, which, however, (as usual) jumped over Petone without causing any damage to it. So my return to the documenting in this item the further devastating weather anomalies and natural disasters I could begin by providing data for that particular storm. In such a way, this item #I3.1 becomes an extension of previous item #I3, only that it is presented only on this web page, while data item written up in here are no longer repeated on the web page named day26.htm. So here are reports from next devastating events that have rolled over Petone and battered other neighbourly places, but because of the "special treatment" which Petone enjoys from God, they have not caused any harm to Petone:
       16. The devastating storm "Vile" which swept over all of New Zealand on the weekend, 12 to 14 October 2012. The storm caused a lot of damage, toppling trees on buildings, cutting power lines, throwing the supply track on the passenger plane from the airport in Auckland, causing a massive landslide of boulders and earth on the only road leading to Milford Sound, preventing 700 international cruise ship passengers of the cruiser "Sea Princess" from returning back on the board after visiting the town of Akaroa, etc. - for more details see eg the article [1#I3.1(16)] entitled " 'Vile' storm hits country", from page 5 of the newspaper Herald on Sunday issue dated on Sunday, October 14, 2012. But as slowly are starting to notice it with the shock even the New Zealand mass media, this storm, as usual, jumped through Petone and through other settlements adjacent to Petone (e.g. through Wellington - which is the capital of New Zealand) without causing any harm to them - for the report from journalists shocked by that fact see the article [2#I3.1(16)] entitled "Capitol 'unscathed' as storm batters country", from page A1 of newspaper The Dominion Post, issue dated on Monday, October 15, 2012. According to the content of that article, the New Zealand media were slowly beginning to notice of what I already document and explain since a number of years on this web page, namely that Petone enjoys a "special treatment" on the part of God - from which treatment also benefit the human settlements from the neighbourhood of Petone - including the capital of New Zealand, means the city of Wellington. For example, in spite that Petone (and also Wellington) are historically known throughout New Zealand as a place with an exceptionally windy, rainy and nasty weather, in the article [3#I3.1(16)] entitled "Coolest little capital warm up", from page A1 of newspaper The Dominion Post, issue dated on Wednesday, October 3, 2012, someone with a surprise has explained that in the month of September 2012 the city of Wellington was the sunniest city in the entire New Zealand. (Note, however, that actually the sunniest place in New Zealand was the town of Petone. only that no-one officially records the weather for Petone, although for reasons described on this web page, today it is Petone which decides and administers what king of weather is to have the capital city of Wellington.) What also is highly interesting, the official weather forecasts prepared for Wellington and broadcast during New Zealand TV news, in recent times almost always are wrong, and almost always describe the weather, which is much worse than that which actually is to come out in there - although typically the same weather forecasts in a large percentage are correct for other places in New Zealand. (Notice that Petone is considered to be too insignificant to get its own weather forecasts broadcast on television which I watch. Fortunately for Petone, to Petone apply forecasts prepared for Wellington.) This fact almost chronic erroneous weather forecasts prepared for Wellington also demonstrates and confirms that the weather in Petone is controlled by God in a "special manner" - which completely gets out of laws and regularities known to climatologists and used by them for weather forecasting. Because this "special treatment" from God regarding the weather in Petone, affects also the weather in Wellington, it is not surprising that the forecasters are unable to predict as accurately as for other cities in New Zealand, the weather which is just coming to Wellington (means in reality to Petone).
       17. The "disaster" of a sunny, hot, summer weather from the first quarter of 2013. Readers from Europe know very well, that when summer comes, then one should also expect about three months of a sunny, hot weather, during which it is so hot that men wear shorts and women wear summer skirts, while in the middle of day people sometimes must rest in shadowy spots. Unfortunately, the New Zealand summers (which usually prevail there in months of January to March) typically are quite different. Typically during New Zealand summers rains almost every day, and the cold blasts from Antarctic typically cause that unused to them immigrants from Europe, such as myself, protect against the cold by constantly wearing long trousers and at least shirts with long sleeves. Particularly cold and rainy weather, typically prevailed in Petone, which township is a suburb of Wellington - well-known in the entire New Zealand as the "city of winds" ("windy city"). Actually, during the first few years since I moved to Petone on 12 February 2001, I had no opportunity in there to wear a short-sleeved shirt or short trousers. In turn cold winds blew in there so powerfully, that one day they torn away from my hands the door of my car just opened, and then ripped away this door from its hinges. However, at the moment when in vicinity of the township Petone settled finally these "10 righteous" (to which I'm referring in item #I2 of this web page, and which represent the number of "righteous" minimally required by God in every community), the weather situation began to change rapidly in there. Probably God decided, that for giving hospitality to these "10 righteous", an example of moral behaviour of which influenced rest of the population, the entire township of Petone should be rewarded with a warm, sunny summer - after all, this township has its own beach, the possession of which its citizens should be able to enjoy. So starting from around 2005, each subsequent year the weather in Petone started to become increasingly more sunny, until the summer of 2013 has become as warm and sunny as I remember it from days of my youth in Poland. In 2013, for three consecutive months, from January to March, in Petone sun was almost constantly shining and there were no these cold winds from the Antarctic - which I know from previous years. In turn starting from 8 February, until 16 March 2013, in Petone NO rain fell at all. It was only on Saturday, March 16, when the first rains returned to the entire New Zealand - which rains, of course, immediately caused various problems (e.g. see the article [1#I3.1(17)] "Flooding in Wairarapa", from page A5 of newspaper The Dominion Post, issue dated on Wednesday, March 20, 2013). The normal for the entire New Zealand combination of almost everyday rains with cold winds from Antarctic God restored in a typical for Him manner, i.e. together with a message discreetly coded into it - by starting it in a highly symbolic day, because as from Easter Sunday of 31 March 2013. In turn that mixture of rains and winds restored greens to dry pastures, and smiles to faces of these farmers who live from cattle and sheep grazing. Of course, that great summery weather, for residents of Petone was a kind of "gift from God", blessing, and the subject of joy. Since it extended to a significant part of the rest of New Zealand, it became also a "gift from God" and blessing for a number of other places of New Zealand - especially for those ones which are known from orchards and from fruit production. For example, the owners of vineyards revealed, that in 2013 the grape harvest is appearing to be the best since at least 30 years - for details see the article [2#I3.1(17)] "Grape growers revelling in the hot, dry conditions", from page A23 of newspaper The New Zealand Herald, issue dated on Thursday, March 21, 2013.
       However, while being a "divine reward" for Petone and for some selected communities, the same sunny weather turned out to be also a "divine punishment" for a large number of other areas of New Zealand - especially for those ones whose farmers lived from cows or sheep grazing. Unlike the farmers of Europe, typical farmers of New Zealand are NOT prepared for the situation that rains stop raining, while a dry and sunny weather dries out their pastures and slows sewage outflow in streams and rivers from which their cattle drink water. After all, New Zealand does NOT have a problem of insufficient rain, but it does have a problem of the lack of infrastructure prepared by people, which would hold the clean water that falls in the rain from becoming polluted and from flowing into the sea unused. In New Zealand only sparse farmers have prepared pools or wells that would provide their flock with clean water to drink. Almost no farms have systems for the manure management and for the reuse of other livestock's effluents. Also rarely farmers have accumulated feed or hay for a case of drought or snow. As a result, these three months of hot, sunny, summery weather, started to be regarded in New Zealand as a kind of national disaster - after all the grazing of cattle and sheep is the basis for the country's economy. Throughout the entire North Island a state of drought disaster was declared. Newspapers published maps of driest areas - for example see the article [3#I3.1(17)] entitled "Forecast: Rain many days away", from page A7 of newspaper The New Zealand Herald, issue dated on Monday, March 11, 2013. In turn the television began to show grasslands of farmers scorched by sun and devoid of any trees.
       During a careful analysis of facts which this drought disaster started to reveal, for me personally become noticeable various highly meaningful regularities that support evidentially the main thesis of this web page (i.e. the thesis that "natural disasters have a direct link with the level of morality in communities that are affected by these disasters"). For example, (A) maps of driest areas published on the occasion of this drought, revealed that the areas most affected by this drought are simultaneously areas that on the map with "centres of sin" from New Zealand have been marked as centres of sinning, means were marked on this map as areas with the highest intensity of "sinning" by population living in them - in order to see this map of "centres of sin" from New Zealand one should reach for the article [4#I3.1(17)] entitled "City of Sails in the sin-bin", from page A19 of newspaper The New Zealand Herald, issue dated on Thursday, February 28, 2013. Another meaningful regularity which hit my eyes, was (B) that these farmers, which were most disadvantaged by this sunny weather, typically have NOT planted on their estates almost any tree, while these farmers who reported that they were prepared to the drought, have trees planted along borders, roads, and in purposely created islands of shade at their pastures - so that their cattle have shadows in which can hide from the hot sun, rain, or snow. (In New Zealand cattle remains outdoor for the entire year round, while farmers do NOT build any roofed shelters for the stock.) So now it would be interesting to find out, what is the mechanism that governs over the connection between the planting of trees on the farms and the lack of problems with drought. For example, does this mechanism work through (1) the nature (i.e. whether these trees maintain moisture in the soil and thus help the cattle to survive), or through (2) character of farmers (i.e. whether trees are planted only by the industrious and provident farmers whose foresight urges them also to prepare for the eventuality of a drought), or through (3) the morality (i.e. whether God seeing the suffering of animals for which their owners do NOT deign to even prepare a shade for summer's sun, and for protection from rains, punishes those farmers most severely). Still another meaningful regularity which hit my eyes, was (C) a further confirmation of an actual work of the moral principle explained in item #E2 from the totaliztic web page named totalizm.htm, and stating that all participants of a given "group intellect" (e.g. a given country or community) are morally responsible as a group (e.g. are rewarded or punished by God as a group) for the outcomes of actions of each member of this "group intellect". In case of the drought discussed here, this group responsibility is manifested by the situation that soon all citizens of New Zealand must pay for the lack of preparation to a possibility of drought by some farmers and institutions. After all, even while the drought did NOT finish yet, already warnings appeared in mass-media, that because of this drought the price of milk and meat is going to rise further in New Zealand. For an example of just such a warning, see the article [5#I3.1(17)] entitled "Drought tipped to push up milk and red meat prices", from page A1 of newspaper The Dominion Post, issue dated on Monday, March 18, 2013. In turn the appearance of this type of warnings, may induce various questions. For example the question, whether by any chance God intentionally so pre-planned this sunny summer just in such a manner, that the summer NOT only become a reward for communities which deserved it (e.g. for Petone, or for communities that live from orchards and vineyards), but also become a punishment for those communities, which through their passiveness support the immorally acting monopolistic institutions which are responsible for hunger and shortages that affect the ever increasing proportion of citizens of this prosperous country. Or the question, whether by a chance this sunny summer was a kind of the first warning for those monopolistic institutions, which through their market policies caused, that in spite New Zealand is one of the world's largest producers of milk and red meat, it is simultaneously the country in which prices of milk and meat related to income of people are among the most expensive in the world (if not the most expensive) - i.e. frequently these are even more expensive than in countries to which milk products and red meat are exported from New Zealand.
       In the evening of Wednesday, 17th April 2013, in the parliament from Wellington a vote was held in which 77 members of parliament voted "for" and 44 - "against", the introduction of the law which makes New Zealand the 13th country in the world in which homosexuals can officially marry, enjoy the same rights which are granted to traditional marriages of women with men, and due to this openly cultivate their perversion. More information about this law can be found in the article [7#I3.1(17)] "Gay marriages likely within months", from page A1 of newspaper The Dominion Post, issue dated on Thursday, April 18, 2013. In fact, together with the so-called "anti-smacking law" described in item #B5.1 of my the web page named will.htm, this new law for homosexuals is another law that has been "forced upon" the public of New Zealand. This is because a few hours before that parliamentary vote, the television programme "Campbell Live" conducted a telephone vote on the same matter, in which 78% of participants were against the law that allow homosexuals to marry, with only 22% participants supporting such marriages. Thus, the law passed by politicians clearly goes against the overwhelming will of the people that these politicians are supposed to represent. On the occasion of the official adoption of this law, one of the members of parliament gave a speech into which he included a joke trying to imply to listeners that for sure a drought which New Zealand just experienced has not been sent down by God as a punishment for passing this law. However, I would have argued with the intention of that joke. From my research it is clear, that every action of God is always so carried out, that it simultaneously accomplishes a whole range of different goals. I also know what is the stand of God expressed in the Bible regarding homosexuality, and how much socially harmful (and therefore immoral) are open homosexual behaviours - which opinion and harmfulness I tried to explain in item #B4 from the web page named antichrist.htm. Not without reasons the city of Sodom, the immoral practices of inhabitants of which gave the name to "sodomy" (means to the male version of homosexual copulation), was burned by God for an example, while the fate of it was immortalized in the Bible as a warning, and the example of the punishment for people who practice this form of debauchery and deviation. That biblical case quite unambiguously suggests to us, that in typical for God discreet manners, which do not violate anyone's "free will", at every opportunity God not only gave in past, but with the godly consistency also gives, and will give us hints, clearly visible to those who pay attention to God's messages, that He disapproves everything that promotes immorality, means He disapproves also moves of New Zealand politicians who generated laws that turn this (until recently) God fearing country into a today's equivalent of biblical Sodom. Besides, I am NOT the only person who adheres to such views - for other example, see also the article [8#I3.1(17)] "Church group claims Chch quakes 'warning from God' ", from pages 3 and 4 of the local newspaper The Hutt News, issue dated on Tuesday (Tuesday), April 16, 2013.
       18. Series of downpours and so-called "flash floods" that began to plague New Zealand since the adoption on 17 April 2013 the law that allows homosexuals to marry. As it is already explained in (17) above, in the evening of Wednesday, April 17, 2013, the Parliament of New Zealand passed a law that allows an official gay marriages. However, also so happened, that soon after the passing of this law, over the New Zealand started to gather heavy waves of storm clouds, that just two days later led to a series of rare and unusual so-called "flash floods" (see descriptions of these floods in item #C2 above on this web page). From these "flash floods", as well as from tornados and lightning flashes accompanying them, suffered a number of New Zealand settlements, although all these disasters regularly bypassed the township of Petone (but the neighbourly town Nelson was hit by them). Examples of descriptions of those "flash floods" the reader will find e.g. in the article [1#I3.1(18)] entitled "Wild weather sweeps across NZ", from page A5 of the newspaper The New Zealand Herald, issue dated on Monday, April 22, 2013, or in the article [2#I3.1(18)] "Waihi Beach braced for another deluge", from page A2 of newspaper The Dominion Post, issue dated on Monday, April 22, 2013, or in the article [3#I3.1(18)] "Relief to Nelson residents as torrential rain get to ease", from page A5 of the newspaper The New Zealand Herald, issue dated on Tuesday, April 23, 2013.
       These storm rains and flash floods still hung over New Zealand's towns when on 1 May 2013 I was preparing these descriptions. For example, in the television evening news on April 30, 2013, was shown such a "flash flood" that took place on that day in Christchurch. (It is worth mentioning here, that the member of parliament elected in Christchurch, voted "for" the adoption of the law discussed here.) Of course, for the scientific exactitude, when I was preparing this report on 1 May 2013, I initiated also searches for some written information about that flash flood from Christchurch - so that the reader could read it on his or her own. The information [4#I3.1(18)] on this topic, prepared at 16:24 on 30/04/2013, I have found in internet, where it was available under the title "Hail, thunderstorms batter Canterbury". But in spite my thorough searches in newspapers that I typically read, I have NOT found in them even a smallest mention of that flash flood from Christchurch. This silence of newspapers on the subject of flood is very strange. After all, these newspapers describe exactly floods and events from every other city, but the flood from Christchurch is NOT even mentioned in them - in spite that the entire New Zealand with a huge interest watches what happens in that city. Is it possible, that the censorship intentionally blocked descriptions of that flash flood from Christchurch, to NOT feed any further the belief growing fast in New Zealand and expressed, amongst others, in the article [8#I3.1(17)] referred above, that God clearly does NOT approve behaviours manifested by some groups of people acting in that city? In six days later, i.e. on Monday, 6 May 2013, the evening television news showed again scenes of a violent flooding in Christchurch, what took place in there that day. Again the next day I could not find any information about this flood in the newspapers that I typically read. But in these newspapers was an extensive article [5#I3.1(18)] entitled "Sunny spell forecast as country recovers from heavy dose of rain", from page A3 of newspaper The New Zealand Herald, issue dated on Tuesday, May 7, 2013. It described the similarly violent flash floods that on that Monday May 6, 2013, took place in the cities of Auckland and Wellington. In both floods described therein, the most puzzling is the violent flood from Wellington (i.e. in the city hosting the New Zealand parliament), described and illustrated also in the article [6#I3.1(18)] entitled "Wellington residents wake to find their streets under water", from page A2 of newspaper The Dominion Post, issue dated on Tuesday, May 7, 2013. After all, Wellington is located only around 8 km from Petone, and is in the same valley and by the same sea bay as Petone - means Wellington should have almost the same rain as Petone has. However, although in Petone also was raining a little - as it usually does at this time of the year, in Wellington rain were so violent that water chocked drains and caused the flooding. Is it possible, that with this rapid rain that flooded the city of New Zealand's parliament, God again passed to us an urgent message or even a warning? On this intriguing question the matter does NOT finish.
       In the abovementioned article [5#I3.1(18)] is also included another quite puzzling information. Namely, this article states, quote: 'Federated Farmers said the rain had managed to miss the farming areas most desperate for it. ... "Farmers are gutted to see biblical quantities of rain falling while they are lucky to scrape up more than a few millimetres." ' In other words, while places known to us already for a long time from various other cataclysms that trouble them, are flooded with rain, these farming areas that were previously affected by the drought described in 17 above, as so-far have been sprayed only with a few scant drops of rain. This situation prompts us to start asking at least the most vital questions. After all, totalizm teaches us, that the key to learning the truth is to ask right kind of questions, while without learning the truth there is no progress. So here are the most vital questions, replying to which perhaps brings solutions to own problems of the person who answers them. (1) If really weather phenomena are controlled only by accidental work of mechanisms of stupid nature - as it is telling us the official so-called "atheistic orthodox science", then how to explain this intelligently selective choice of communities and areas of the country onto which fall different quantities of rain, and also how to explain the correspondence between the quantities of rain and different kinds of cataclysms that already for a long time trouble these communities and areas? (2) What is the criterion that decides about that intelligently selective differentiation of the quantities of rainfall, i.e. what is the criterion which causes that in New Zealand can now be distinguished 3 categories of areas, namely these (like the city of Christchurch) which are flooded, these (like the township of Petone) which receive the amount of rain that normally is needed by them, and these (like paddocks of farmers affected by the drought) which receive too little rain? (3) Is this selective distribution of rains carrying a message addressed to the people whom it affects - if so then what this message is trying to tell to those communities affected with floods, and what it is trying to tell to farmers affected by the drought?
       From my research stems, that every action of God is designed to accomplish a number of different goals - including, amongst others, the communicating to interested persons the "message from God" regarding the reasons, significance, etc., of given divine action. Hence, in the light of this research, it should NOT be considered to only be a "coincidence", that these series of rare and unusual "flash floods" swept-in over New Zealand immediately after the adoption by its parliament of this law which allows to marry people who practice homosexuality that is prohibited by God. I am also sure, that if someone carefully analyzed which city and which constituencies of New Zealand have chosen Members of Parliament that voted "for" that law, and also established in what places are properties and houses owned by MPs who voted "for" that law, and later compared the data obtained to the list places victimised by these "flash floods", then probably would receive an additional explanation about that message from God. Except that, this research looks simple only on the surface, while in practice it is very difficult - after all, to the MPs are assigned only the names of their constituencies, which names typically do NOT say which cities or towns belong to these constituencies, and also it is NOT known which member of parliament where owns any house or property - as it is NOT easy to determine because of the so-called. "privacy laws". Thus, unfortunately, in spite that it is widely known how each member of parliament has voted - because their votes were published e.g. in the article [5#I3.1(18)] "How they voted - final reading", from page A8 of newspaper The New Zealand Herald, issue dated on Thursday, April 18, 2013, I do NOT have myself neither the time, nor the resources, nor the official status required to carry out such a research. On the other hand, apart from me probably no-one else in New Zealand is interested in an objective conducting such research without aiming it at the deliberate denial (as officially always seem to deny God the atheistic orthodox scientists).
       In item #T1 from the separate web page named humanity.htm, is described a feature of all immoral human activities, causing that if these immoral activities are NOT stopped on time, then they are to be escalated to the level at which they cause the disaster that is pre-programmed into them. As it turns out, problems triggered by the law that allows homosexuals to marry, have already started to escalate, although only not entire month has passed since this law was introduced. This is because, as describes it the article [8#I3.1(18)] entitled "Gay man rejected as priest goes to court", from page A2 of newspaper The New Zealand Herald (issue dated on Monday, May 6, 2013), a homosexual man put the bishop of Auckland to court, accusing him of discrimination and of causing a humiliation, because this bishop refused to admit him to the seminary - while that homosexual man claims that he feels the vocation to become a priest. So now New Zealand courts and lawyers have a serious problem on their heads. On the one hand they should punish discrimination and humiliation, but on the other hand they should NOT dictate to religions who must or should not be a priest. In turn, another article [9#I3.1(18)] entitled "Family First finds unlikely ally in charitable status fight", from page A10 of newspaper The New Zealand Herald (issue dated on Tuesday, May 7, 2013), describes that the government decided to dissolve the charity organization called "Family First", because in order to protect families this organization opposes the law that allow homosexuals to marry, and also fights the "anti-smacking law" enforced by the government and described in item #B5.1 from the web page named will.htm.
       19. Ten days of floods, blizzards and storms. Starting from Thursday, June 13, 2013, onto New Zealand a wave of 10 days of especially nasty weather pounced. Firstly poured unusually-heavy rains, which in some areas during just a few hours dumped the amount of water which typically does NOT fall in there even during the entire wet month of June. These rains quickly turned a lot of parts of the country into huge lakes. Water flooded homes, covered roads, tore bridges, washed railways, cut off the supply of electricity to many settlements, slipped whole mountain slopes, and near the town of Nelson a powerful ground landslip swept the dwelling house and killed its inhabitant - see the article [1#I3.1(19)] entitled "Woman dies as slip destroys home", from page A3 of newspaper The New Zealand Herald (issue dated on Monday, June 17, 2013). Immediately after the flood, a wave of cold temperatures, snow and powerful winds also came - see the article [2#I3.1(19)] entitled "Polar blast to follow the flooding", from page A5 of newspaper The Dominion Post, (issue dated on Tuesday, June 18, 2013). Winds were so powerful, that they swept away the roofs of houses and uprooted old trees. In the capital city of Wellington, wind gusts reached the speed of 202 km/h Thus, in the Wellington wind left about 30,000 homes without electricity, tore the sea ferry from its anchor, stopped public trasnsport, while wind-driven waves collapsed concrete barrier walls, destroyed a number of coastal buildings, washed out sections of coastal rail-line, and tore up several-meter-long asphalt slabs - e.g. see the article [3#I3.1(19)] entitled "Freezing Antarctic blast could be worst in decades", from page A3 of newspaper The Dominion Post, (issue dated on Friday, June 21, 2013). In turn the snow-falls of over a metre depth cut off a number of human settlements from the rest of the country, buried pastures, imprisoned in snow sheep and cows - so that it was necessary to dig them out individually, deprived of electricity even more homes, and closed schools. The bad weather abruptly ended on Sunday, June 23, 2013, when onto the practically entire New Zealand returned a calm and sunny weather.
       In spite of damages that suffered other localities, as usual Petone came out almost unscathed. The town has NOT experienced neither flooding nor snowfall. Winds carried only a bit of rubbish onto footpaths and courtyards, but the wind does this always, so it is difficult to discern the difference between outcomes for Petone of these 10 days of exceptionally bad weather, and the windy weather that is typical for this town.
       In events of this 10-day long attack of the bad weather onto New Zealand, again one can notice intriguing regularities, which seem to admonish people to understand, that there is a link between the group morality of a given community, and events which affect this community (notice here the religious significance of the number 10). For example, the most affected communities once again proved to be the same, that are famous for different reasons and previously had already been troubled by various cataclysms - for example Christchurch, Nelson, or Dunedin. (For example, Dunedin is known for student drinking binge, and is known e.g. for its war with the sea that eats its footpaths.) Furthermore, this supposedly blind bad weather, as if deliberately unharmed selected areas of the country - for example, the township of Petone, and almost the whole province of Southland with the city of Invercargill - in spite that both Petone and Invercargill were on the way of this 10-day long bad weather. What is most interesting, although this bad weather missed Petone, it seriously harmed the nearby capital-city of Wellington, for which Petone is a suburb. Besides, it was NOT the first weather anomaly which harmed Wellington while missed Petone. After all, starting from the time when the parliament in Wellington passed this law that allows homosexuals to marry (described in sub-item 17 above), virtually every arrival of a bad weather hits now into Wellington with the entire power of its fury, while at the same time it omits Petone.
       20. Another 10 days of stormy weather that plagued Wellington. Just a few days after the disappearance of the series of snowstorms and windstorms described in the previous sub-item, the New Zealand came under the next 10 days of torrential rain and gale-force winds. Although this next wave of bad weather harmed many places, the strongest it affected the capitol city of Wellington. Quite a symbolic meaning for me had a satellite image of New Zealand that was shown in TV news in one of the final days of its duration. On this picture the weather looked like a kind of narrow spear thrown up from the Antarctic, which struck in Wellington. That 10-day wave of bad weather in Wellington tore off power to many homes, in the port a sea ferry broke up from its anchor, it also caused severe landslides, toppled many trees, washed railroad tracks, stopped passenger flights at the airport, etc. In the worst (final) its period, the squally wind reached the speed 165 km/h near Wellington. Descriptions of some amongst consequences of this wave of bad weather are presented in the article [1#I3.1(20)] entitled "Storm lashes capital again", from page A1 of newspaper The Dominion Post (issue dated on Monday, July 15, 2013). The sun and mild weather returned to Wellington and to Petone only on Tuesday, July 16, 2013.
       Again, a rarity of these 10 days of stormy weather was, that when it hammered Wellington, in Petone it was not much different from just a typical days of rainy and windy weather. Also in contrast to Wellington, in Petone this wave of bad weather did not cause any damage. The strange thing in all this is, that Petone lies so close to Wellington, that when Petone is protected by God against consequences of any Act of God, the protective effect of Petone should also extend to Wellington. In fact, up to the date of enactment in Wellington of the law described in sub-item 17 above, when any weather-anomaly jumped through Petone without causing any damage, typically it also jumped similarly through Wellington. However, after the adoption of this law, this situation has changed. Namely, virtually any Act of God which now appears in New Zealand, with a great fury hits also in Wellington, but it jumps only through Petone without causing any damage. I wonder, whether this means that God gives us in this way a discreet message about what is His position on this law passed in Wellington? I wonder also, whether these periods of bad weather lasting typically for 10 days, count on purpose this particular number of days, as if they carry a message for us?
       21. The series of earthquakes that struck Wellington starting from Friday, 19 July 2013. Calm and sunny weather prevailed in Wellington only for 3 days. Already as early as at 9:06 am on Friday, 19 July 2013, Wellington was hit by the earthquake of the strength of 5.7 on the Richter scale. This earthquake was clearly felt also in Petone, although in Petone it did NOT cause any harm. After that first shock, Wellington began to be shaken with a long series of earthquakes, the strongest of which, with a power of 6.5 on the Richter scale, occurred at 17:09 on Sunday, July 21, 2013. As a result of these earthquakes, the capital city of Wellington suffered significant damages. Descriptions of these damages one can read from pages A1 to A7 of newspaper The New Zealand Herald (issue dated on Monday, July 22, 2013) - especially see in there the article [1#I3.1(21)] from pages A2 to A3 entitled "Residents terrified as tremors rock capital" (which article gives a list of damages that occurred in the capital city of New Zealand). Similar descriptions of the destruction in Wellington are also provided on pages A1 to A5 of newspaper The Dominion Post (issue dated on Monday, July 22, 2013) - especially see in there the article [2#I3.1(21)] from page A4 entitled "Quake equal to 100 nuclear bombs" (which article explains that this earthquake in Wellington of about the strength of 6.5, actually was carrying much more destructive energy than the one which on 22 February 2011 destroyed the city of Christchurch, and which is described in item #P6 from my web page named quake.htm - only that the shocks that hit Wellington were less severe in their characteristics).
       The extraordinary aspect of those earthquakes which in Wellington caused a widespread destruction, was that in Petone I have not noticed any damage. It is strange, because in fact these earthquakes caused damages in practically every direction from Petone, but NOT in Petone itself. For example, independently from the neighbouring Wellington located only about 8 kilometres south from Petone, from this earthquakes suffered also the adjacent to Petone township of Wainuiomata lying just a few kilometres east of Petone, as well as the neighbouring Lower Hutt which borders with Petone on the northern side. In addition, these earthquakes were significant. They were accompanied by a loud rumble and roar. For example, when on Petone began that earthquake of Sunday at 17:09, we both with my wife immediately ran out from the flat to the garden. I noticed then that our building and also the surrounding trees and houses, were waving like boats in choppy water. The earth rocked so hard under our feet, that my wife could not stand up and had to sit on the bench. It is strange that the brick building of our flat has not disintegrated. Although I myself managed to stand up at my feet, the telepathic noise emitted by the earthquake was so strong, that it caused in my head a kind of shock, confusion, and the blocking of ability to think - it is no wonder that these telepathic waves are able to remotely initiate the earthquake warning device described in parts #D to #H from my web page named seismograph.htm.
       As a scientist who objectively researches the methods of God, I am most puzzled by the question "when God sends a cataclysm, then whether into the subjects and kinds of damage that this cataclysm is to cause, God writes a discreet message about the reasons why this cataclysms was send?" Of course, for a majority of cataclysms there is no way to to get the widely available data to be able to satisfactorily answer this question. However, for the earthquake described here I have an access to the required data. After all, the earthquake struck the city of Wellington lying almost on the threshold of my flat. So now I am to share with the reader the facts that I managed to notice. The first of these facts is the information shown on the television immediately after that Sunday's earthquake of the strength of 6.5. It revealed that one of the most affected buildings in Wellington was a former library from parliament. So if God gives us a message, then one of the keywords of this message reads "parliament". Significantly affected in Wellington were also other libraries. One of them was flooded with water. In turn the collection from another library (that one at the Faculty of Law from the Wellington's University) has been removed off the shelves and mixed. Thus another keywords which can be added to this discreet message would read e.g. "law" and "mixing of ideas and laws." The most frequent damages to Wellington ware glasses from windows that broke in windows of individual buildings. Hence, the next keywords of this discreet messages could presumably be "distortion or destruction of human perspectives and views." Significantly has also been hit the export sea-port in Wellington, a significant section of which fell into the sea. Thus, the message discussed here would probably contain also keywords "export" or "sending in the world." In a number of Wellington streets cracks and sinkholes have appeared. Thus keywords of the messages discussed here probably would include a "losing ground under our feet" or "losing stability". To summarize here the symbolic meaning of only the above-described subjects and types of damage, one could argue, that if into this earthquake is attached any discreetly passed message, then this message says something along the lines "the law from parliament which distorts human views, removes the ground under people's legs, and is exported to the rest of the world". So the question for which the reply should be further sought in characteristics and effects of the earthquake described here, and also in characteristics and consequences of other natural disasters which recently have been repeatedly plaguing the capital city of Wellington, is whether the reason for these Acts of God is the adoption by parliament from Wellington of this law described in sub-item 17 above, which law is contrary to what God commands us in the Bible?

#I4. The "feelings" from weather anomalies as "signs" that a given community has its "10 righteous", or e.g. that as a whole it practices totalizm:

Motto: "Local nature always tunes itself to the dominating philosophy of local people. In other words, if we clearly separate the characteristics of climate from the behaviour of nature and weather, then the behaviour of nature and weather in a given area always exactly reflects the philosophy practiced by the human population living in that area."

       According to my findings to-date, there are clear "signs" which relatively reliably indicate to us the state of morality and the philosophy of people who inhabit a given city or area. These "signs" quite clearly inform every interested person whether a given community as a whole: (a) practices totalizm, or (b) it practices parasitism but it has its "10 righteous", or (c) it practices parasitism and it does NOT have amongst themselves any "righteous". These "signs" take shape of kinds of "feelings" that protrude from the behaviours of weather and nature in a given area. Such "feelings" of the weather and nature can represent either: (a) "tenderness", or like (b) "kindness" or "official friendliness" (in the style of that ones which are shown e.g. by "stewardesses" in airplanes), or straight (c) "hostility". Means, the behaviours of local weather and nature always are like behaviours of woman in love whom with her actions lets the objects of her love know unambiguously what she thinks about his current conduct. Namely, if the so-called "weather anomalies" always show "tenderness" towards the local community, then this is a sign that this community as a whole practices totalizm. This "tender" treatment manifests itself in many ways. For example, even in the cold climate, such as that in Poland, the rain can be "warm" - so that e.g. children in there will like to play in the rain, because it is as plasant as a warm shower. Or it manifests itself by this, that when e.g. a given community is on the path of some destructive weather anomaly, such as large snow, hail, frost, wind, rain, heat, draught, etc., then the consequence of this anomaly is still a lack of destruction - no matter what force this anomaly has. In turn when the weather and nature display a "kind" or "friendly" although like an "official" treatment, which is typical when this community practices parasitism but still has its "10 righteous", then the consequence of a given weather anomaly is a minimum damage possible for a given force of it. In turn when the weather and nature on a given area displays a "hostility" towards the local population, what is always a sign that a given community practices the philosophy of parasitism and does NOT have its own "10 righteous", then practically every kind of weather, even this the best one, inflicts to the local population the maximum of damages and suffering that for the power of this weather it is able to cause. Also when rains in there, then the rain is always cold and unpleasant. Frequently instead of the rain, large and destructive hailstones are to fall in there. It is also worth to know, that in present times of internet weather forecasts, everyone can check remotely for himself or herself, what kind of a "sign" the weather and nature of that area sends into the world about people who live in there. (E.g. in times of writing this item in April 2010, the current weather of New Zealand one could learn from web pages and Only that to check this "sign" it is necessary to compare the weather with events that it causes - and this requires quite a long research (thus most easy is to check it by visiting a given area in time of the most bad weather). And it is really worth to check this sign - if e.g. we intend to settle in that area. After all, this sign defines exactly how local people are to treat us and thus how we are going to feel in there. This is because the philosophy of people most clearly and most drastically reveals itself in their attitudes towards weaker then they are, towards emigrants, and towards "strangers" who arrived from other areas.
       An example of extraordinarily "friendly" behaviour of weather and nature which I experienced in person, was my native village in Poland named Wszewilki, in times of my youth (i.e. 1946 to 1964). In these times the village of Wszewilki was definitely a "totaliztic" village which as a whole decisively practiced the philosophy of totalizm. Interestingly, when any destructive weather phenomenon appeared near Wszewilki, always by some strange "coincidence" it missed that village at a distance, not causing any damage. In turn when some unpleasant weather arrived, then it always happened somehow in such a way that this weather did NOT harm anyone and only introduced some additional excitement to lives of inhabitants of Wszewilki. Other quite unusual example was my stay in the New Zealand city named "Invercargill" in years 1983 to 1987. At that time the inhabitants of that city as a whole also practiced the philosophy of totalizm (although they did NOT know about this). So in spite that in New Zealand the city of "Invercargill" is famous as one with supposedly the worst weather amongst all cities of the country, in time when I lived in there this apparently "bad" weather was so "tender" towards people, that I was NOT perceiving at all that the weather in there is any worse than anywhere else. In fact I perceived the weather in there as quite pleasant.
       An example of "friendly" although almost "official" behaviour of weather and nature is the township of Petone described here (in the vicinity of which lives these at least "10 righteous"). As repetitively it is confirmed by local events, e.g. the television forecasts of especially bad weather almost never fulfil for Petone - although typically they fulfil for nearby towns. Furthermore, all weather anomalies always in Petone itself inflict a minimum of damages possible for given their power - although already in nearby towns they cause maximum damages. Come to this, that local meteorological services behave as if they feel embarrassed to announce a prognosis of bad weather for Petone, because their possible warnings about any weather anomalies endangering the township already in advance are destined to turn wrong.
       If a given community deserves this with a kind of philosophy which it practices, then instead of displaying a "friendliness", weather anomalies can also display an open "hostility". In years 1999 and 2000 I lived in a small town called Timaru. It was in there that I could clearly notice such a "hostility" of weather. In the result, even in maximally good weather conditions, such as sunny days and complete lack of wind, the nature still managed to maximise in there the troubling of local people - e.g. through increasing the dust level in the air and inducing allergic and asthmatic reactions (e.g. see the article "Timaru now smog capital" from pages 1 and 3 of local newspaper The Timaru Herald, issue dated on Sunday, 8 July 2000). Another place where the nature lets its "hostility" clearly know to people, is the so-called "Rimutaka Forest Park" about which I wrote more in item #K1.9 from the web page newzealand.htm. Near that particular park is located one amongst the largest prisons of New Zealand - in which their sentences are serving people with the extremely parasitic philosophy. In spite that this park is separated only by a narrow mountain range from Petone (thus it does NOT belong to the same "area of destruction" as Petone does), the nature treats people in there completely opposite to how it treats people in Petone - in fact it acts in there openly "hostile" towards people and perfectly well reflecting the philosophy of inmates locked in the Rimutaka Prison.

#I5. If inhabitants of some area deserve this with their moral behaviour and group practicing the philosophy of totalizm, then the nature work for their benefit even when it supposed to harm them (with immoral communities happens exactly opposite):

Motto: "Hostility of friendliness of local nature always is proportional to the level of group immorality or group morality of the people which inhabit a given location."

       How friendly can be the nature to most moral communities which as a group practice the intuitive form of the philosophy of totalizm, it is revealed by research reported in a humble article [1#I5] entitled "Islands in Pacific are growing, study says", from page A6 of newspaper The New Zealand Herald issue dated on Thursday, June 3, 2010. This article reports outcomes of empirical research on islands of two archipelagos of Pacific, namely Tuvalu and Kiribati. The problem which these islands have is such, that the warming of climate induced recently by people and by industry, leads to continuous rise of water levels in oceans. In turn, the raise in water levels in oceans, according to claims of the old "atheistic orthodox science", should lead to flooding of all low islands and low coasts - such as these two archipelagos of Tuvalu and Kiribati (e.g. see the article "Sea level to rise 13 cm in a century", from page 8 of the Malaysian newspaper New Straits Times issue dated on Friday, July 23, 2010). But, as it turns out, 7 islands from Tuvalu and 3 islands from Kiribati in fact grew larger during the last 60 years - i.e. in times when their aerial and satellite photographs were taken. This their growing happened in spite that the level of ocean increased in there by 12 cm - thus gradually flooding many other low-level coral islands from the Pacific. In other words, if inhabitants of given islands deserve it through practicing the moral principles ordered to us by God, and described more exactly, amongst others, by the philosophy of totalizm, then their islands instead of sinking because of the warming of climate and the increase in ocean levels, rather begin to emerge from the sea.
       The above phenomenon from islands of Tuvalu and Kiribati is just one small example from the vast body of evidence which confirms the discovery of the new "totaliztic science" published in item #I4 from the web page named day26.htm and stating that "behaviours of nature on a given area always are a reflection of the "group morality" of people inhabiting that area and thus affected by these behaviours". (What is that "group morality" it is explained more comprehensively in item #E2 from the web page named totalizm.htm.) Unfortunately, the old "atheistic orthodox science" (i.e. that official science which we still learn in schools and at universities, while which countless drawbacks are discussed wider in item #A2 from this web page) interprets completely wrong the phenomena that contain this body of evidence. Through artificial reinforcing the atheism in their explanations, this official science overlooks, or intentionally ignores and omits, the relationship between these phenomena and the level of "group morality" amongst people affected by them - the awareness of which relationship turns out to be the most vital requirement for the progress of people. After all, in order to interpret correctly these phenomena and revel their evidential value as consequences of work of moral mechanisms, this official science would need to firstly abandon its atheism. But the abandoning of atheism by the present official science is NOT possible anymore. This is because atheism is the philosophical foundation on which this science rides similarly like a train rides along its rails - which foundation more exactly is described by items #F1.1 and #F2 from the web page named god_exists.htm. In the result, if the humanity do NOT abandon the to-date "monopole for knowledge" of this old science, e.g. through an official establishing the competitive and new "totaliztic science" which is based on evidence and findings of the relatively new "theory of everything" called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity (the abandoning of which monopoly is strongly recommended in item #C1 of the web page named telekinetics.htm), then scientists will never undertake the objective research of the fact that nature demonstrates to inhabitants of a given area the hostility or friendliness which is proportional to the level of "group immorality" or "group morality" of the people inhabiting that area. After all, the "present science behaves like a speeding train which by itself is already unable to stop even if to everyone is clear, that rails on which it raids lead to a cliff and to a disaster". For this reason, without abolishing the present monopole of the "atheistic orthodox science", the evidence which documents findings of the new "totaliztic science" ' described here, never will be allowed to be officially presented on any scientific publication or officially discussed in the programme of any scientific conference. In turn, without scientific recognising of the fact that the behaviour of nature is ruled by the "group morality" of people living in a given area, it is impossible for the science to develop and implement effective methods of defence from natural cataclysms - such as methods of defence described on the web page quake.htm, while confirmed empirically, amongst others, with evidence from item #I3 herewith on this web page.
       Let us return to the body of evidence from abovementioned islands of Tuvalu and Kiribati. It documents, that on islands which practice a right kind of "group morality", the relative level of sea water (i.e. the level of water related to the land level) behaves opposite to the trend from the rest of world, means goes down (while in the rest of world the relative level of sea water is rising up). The execution of this phenomenon by moral mechanisms is additionally confirmed by a different kind of evidence, which documents also a completely opposite trend. Namely, there is also a body of evidence which documents, that in areas populated by immorally behaving people, the relative level of sea displays an opposite trend from that on the islands of Tuvalu and Kiribati - means the sea level rises in there many times faster than in the rest of world, and threatens with a not-too-distant flooding of the land. Unfortunately, this body of evidence probably will NOT be documented for areas in which the population already practices, since a long time, the highly immoral philosophy of parasitism. After all, scientists from countries paralysed by the philosophy of parasitism are incapable of carrying any complex and new experimental research because of the so-called "inventive impotency" which prevails amongst them, and which is described, amongst others, in items #H1 and #G1 from the web page named eco_cars.htm. (Scientists affected by such "inventive impotency" are, at the most, capable of producing "scientific spoilage" through cutting with scissors sections from old articles, and publishing them as new articles after gluing them together.) Thus, about the fact, that the "nature" really in such areas is hostile towards the local population, one can deduce only indirectly from reports on numerously raging in there killing earthquakes, tsunamis, tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, draughts, heat waves, fires, frosts, etc. (and also social unrests, wars, revolutions, acts of terror and terrorism, catastrophes, forms of exploitation, bankruptcies, economic depressions, acts of social injustice, crimes, etc.). It so happens, however, that in the world exist also areas, the population of which practices increasingly widely the "scientific morality" (i.e. practices this kind of deviated morality described in the introduction to this web page, which is forced to societies by ignorant claims of present atheistic scientists, while is reinforced later by laws introduced to everyday life by politicians which are deaf to voices of their conscience). In turn, how much this "scientific morality" differs from the "true morality" required from people by God, in a satirical way is illustrated in item #G3 on the web page named prophecies.htm. However, the present atheistic scientists already managed to convince a number of societies and nations, that this deviated "scientific morality" so ignorantly formed by them, is supposedly a "true morality". Unfortunately, empirics reveals, that by God this "scientific morality" is treated as a version of "immorality" - means it is severely punished. (Amongst others, when it is practiced by entire "group intellects" - it is punished by deadly cataclysms and by bankruptcies, while if it practiced by "individual intellects" - it is punished by premature deaths - such as these documented in items #G1 to #G7 from the web page will.htm.) The reason is that this "scientific morality" increasingly more departs from the "true morality" ordered to people by God - and defined in item #B5 from the web page named morals.htm. However, as so-far this "scientific morality" is NOT paralysing yet experimental research to the same extend as it is done by practicing the highly immoral philosophy of parasitism. Therefore scientists from such areas sometimes are still able to carry out selected highly conservative (and thus still fashionable) experimental research, including into this various complex research on relative increase in sea level. Outcomes of just such research are even gradually published. Thus totaliztically oriented investigators can analyse them and check for themselves whether really in areas which inhabitants practice such "scientific morality" the relative sea level does increase much faster than in the remaining areas of the world. An example of just such outcomes is reported, amongst others, in the article [2#I5] entitled "Sharp sea level rise in 'hot spot' threatens US cities" from page A11 of New Zealand newspaper The Dominion Post, issue dated on Wednesday, June 27, 2012. That article discusses results of alarming research on the increase of relative sea level on eastern coasts of the USA - which turn out to be already now 3 to 4 times larger than the medium increase of the relative level of sea water in the rest of world. This in turn means, that such cities of the USA, as New York, Boston, or Philadelphia, are endangered by not-too-distant sea floods or even by complete sinking in seas. What more interesting, according to this article, also California, which lies on the opposite (western) coast of the USA, also experiences recently non-typically large relative increase of sea level. Other example of similar outcomes is reported in the article [3#I5] entitled "Time and tide" from page A1 of the New Zealand newspaper The Dominion Post, issue dated on Friday, July 13, 2012. This article discusses two different reports which confirmed, that on coasts of the city of Wellington (i.e. the capitol of New Zealand) the relative sea level is fastest rising from all coasts of New Zealand. Isn't this a good reason for inhabitants of such areas to start asking themselves questions, as to where leads them the practicing of this "scientific morality", and whether the "mother nature" is NOT using by any chance this accelerated rise in sea level to communicate, that it does NOT approve the "group morality" of people inhabiting these areas, and that it is to show an increasing hostility towards behaviours of people which results from practicing that kind of "group morality".
       How such a global increase in level of seas may finish for inhabitants of areas which fail to practice the "group morality" ordered to people by God (i.e. which do NOT adopt on time a version of the philosophy of totalizm), it is excellently illustrated by cases described in history. For example, on coasts of the Baltic Sea, legends are told about the mythological city-island from the Baltic Sea, which in Polish is called "Wineta" (in German it is called Vineta while in Latin and English it is called "Veneta"), which is described, amongst others, in items #G2 and #H2 of the web page tapanui.htm. Inhabitants of that island practiced advanced form of the philosophy of parasitism, adhering to immorality, gluttony (including cannibalism), greed, sexual deviations, impiousness, cheating, etc. Thus, the community of that island was punished as a whole and this island sunk in waters of the Baltic Sea, while all its inhabitants died. The same happened also to equally immoral and highly decadent inhabitants of the ancient city of Salamis from the island of Cyprus in the Mediterranean Sea - which fate is reminded, amongst others, in items #G1 and #H3 from the web page tapanui.htm while more comprehensively is described in subsection V5.2 from volume 17 of my newest monograph [1/5] and in subsection #D3 from monograph [5/4]. Thus, it should be no surprise to anyone, when also various present most immoral communities are drowned or destroyed as well - similarly as this already happened to the inhabitants of the immoral island of Vineta near the Polish city of Świnoujście and to inhabitants of the morally deviated city of Salamis from Cyprus - if these present communities do NOT abandon their open practicing of the highly immoral philosophy of parasitism (as this practicing is well-rooted already in a significant number of countries which can easily be identified from those continually troubling them earthquakes, tsunamis, tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, heat waves, draughts, fires, wars, revolutions, terrors, terrorisms, etc.), or abandon their open practicing the "scientific morality" - which, however, already departed drastically from the true morality required from people by God. Actually beginnings of this drowning and destruction we already can notice at present. Thus, there is no need for a special imagination or knowledge, to deduce what is to happen if given communities do NOT adopt in time that required "group morality" described in item #E2 of the web page named totalizm.htm and recommended to all people for a pedantic practicing by the philosophy of totalizm (the formal definition of which "group morality" is provided in item #B5 of the web page morals.htm). After all, without practicing the correct morality, such cataclysms and catastrophes will intensify in there until they reach the level which is able to wipe out completely these communities, nations and countries that stubbornly stick to wrong moralities through practicing the kind of "group morality" recommended to them by the old "atheistic orthodox science" (instead of practicing the "group morality" ordered to all of us by God and recommended e.g. by our conscience or by principles of the philosophy of totalizm), and thus that are most stubborn in increasingly deep immoral behaviours and in promotion of immoral behaviours around the world.

Part #J: Summary, and the final information of this web page:


#J1. Summary of this web page:

       Even the most atheistically oriented researchers must admit, that the analysis of evidence presented in "part #I" of this web page, in fact confirms that permanent living of so-called "10 righteous" in the vicinity of the New Zealand township of Petone, clearly protects this township from the fury of present cataclysmic phenomena of weather and nature.

#J2. How with the web page named "skorowidz_links.htm" one can find totaliztic descriptions of topics in which he is interested:

       A whole array of topics equally interesting as these from the above web page, is also discussed from the angle that is unique to the philosophy of totalizm. All these related topics can be found and identified with the use of content index prepared especially to make easier finding these web pages and topics. The name "index" means a list of "key words" usually provided at the end of textbooks, which allows to find fast the description or the topic in which we are interested. My web pages also has such a content "index" - only that it is additionally supplied in green links which after "clicking" at them with a mouse immediately open the web page with the topic that interest the reader. This content "index" is provided on the web page named skorowidz_links.htm. It can be called from the "organising" part of "Menu 1" of every totaliztic web page. I would recommend to look at it and to begin using it systematically - after all it brings closer hundreds of totaliztic topics which can be of interest to everyone.

#J3. Emails to the author of this web page:

       Current email addresses to the author of this web page, i.e. officially to Dr Eng. Jan Pajak while courteously to Prof. Dr Eng. Jan Pajak, at which readers can post possible comments, opinions, descriptions, or information which in their opinion I should learn, are provided on the web page named pajak_jan_uk.htm (for its version in the HTML language), or the web page named pajak_jan_uk.pdf (for the version of the web page "pajak_jan_uk.pdf" in safe PDF format - which safe PDF versions of further web pages by the author can also be downloaded via links from item #B1 of the web page named text_11.htm).
       The author's right for the use of courteous title of "Professor" stems from the custom that "with professors is like with generals", namely when someone is once a professor, than he or she courteously remains a professor forever. In turn the author of this web page was a professor on 4 different universities, i.e. on 3 of them, from 1 September 1992 till 31 October 1998, as an "Associate Professor" from English-based educational system, while on one university as a (Full) "Professor" (since 1 March 2007 till 31 December 2007 - means at the last place of employment in my professional life).

#J4. A copy of this web page is also disseminated as a brochure from series [11] in the safe format "PDF":

       This web page is also available in the form of a brochure marked [11], which is prepared in "PDF" ("Portable Document Format") - currently considered to be the most safe amongst all internet formats, as normally viruses cannot cling to PDF. This clear brochure is ready both, for printing, as well as for reading from a computer screen. It also has all its green links still active. Thus, if it is read from the computer screen connected to internet, then after clicking onto these green links, the linked web pages and illustrations will open. Unfortunately, because the volume of it is around a double of the volume of web page which this brochure publishes, the memory limitations on a significant number of free servers which I use, do NOT allow to offer it from them (so if it does NOT download from this address, because it is NOT available on this server, then you should click onto any other address from Menu 3, and then check whether in there it is available). In order to open this brochure (and/or download it to own computer), it suffices to either click on the following green link or to open from any totaliztic web site the PDF file named as in the above green link.
       If the reader wishes to check, whether some other totaliztic web page which he or she just is studying, is also available in the form of such PDF brochure, then should check whether it is listed amongst links from "part #B" of the web page named text_11.htm. This is because links from there indicate all totaliztic web pages, which are already published as such brochures from series [11] in PDF format. I wish you a fruitful reading!

#J5. Copyrights © 2013 by Dr Jan Pajak:

       Copyrights © 2013 by Dr Jan Pajak. All rights reserved. This web page is a report from outcomes of research of the author - only that is written in a popular language (so that it can be understood by readers with non-scientific orientation). Ideas presented on this web page (and also in other publications by the author) are unique for the author’s research, and thus from the same angle these ideas were NOT presented by any other researcher. As such, this web page presents ideas which are the intellectual property of the author. Therefore, the content of this web page is the subject to the same laws of intellectual ownership as every other scientific publication. Especially the author reserves for himself the credit-rights for the scientific discoveries and inventions described on this web page. Therefore, the author reserves that during repeating any idea presented on this web page (i.e. any theory, principle, deduction, interpretation, device, evidence, proof, etc.), the repeating person gives a full credit to the author of this web page, through clearly explaining that the author of a given idea is Dr Jan Pajak, through indicating the internet address of this web page under which this idea was published, and through mentioning the date of most recent update of this web page (i.e. the date indicated below).
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